For all the hot mommas…

I promised a chapter today and I’m gonna go one better.  I’m sitting at my favorite table at my favorite Starbucks and think that I should add another chapter later specifically for Mother’s Day.  It’s a lot of interaction between Sookie and Addie and seems appropriate for the day.


I should stress now that Sookie is NOT a typical mom.  She and Addie have a very close and open relationship; what else would you expect when one of the pair is a telepath?  She’s more open to the supernatural and understands that her daughter has special abilities that need to be nurtured, not suppressed.  While she’s not your average mother, by no means is she a bad mother.  My personal opinion is that she’s an amazing mom to raise her daughter the way she has.


I also kept my promise to make up for the lack of Viking-goodness in the previous chapter.  However, the title of the next chapter should give you an idea of how and where he appears *smirk*.


Love to everyone with kiddies or mommas today.

TLRH enter 3

2 responses to “For all the hot mommas…

  1. Hope you’re enjoying YOUR day! Was thinking of you while I was getting up & wondering if you’d made it to Starbucks. Awesome way to spend the morning. Just thinking, what is a typical mom?

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