Chapter 16


I watch the cars pull away and once the driveway is empty, I head back to the back yard and recline in one of the random lounge chairs scattered around the lawn.  My mind is foggy, but I’ve never had a problem holding my liquor.  I learned a lot about the various acquaintances that came to the party, but I really only paid attention to Sookie.

I learned that she has made out with at least one girl while she was in college, has never dated someone younger than her, has had sex in the back seat of a car/bed of a truck, lost her virginity before her seventeenth birthday, and doesn’t know the fun that can be had by using handcuffs “in an unorthodox manner”.  I’m most intrigued by Amelia’s last statement about a “freebie”, but explanations aren’t required by the game.  I wonder if this was something in the past or an arrangement she currently has with Sam.  Even mentally, I can’t help but sneer when saying his name.

I sigh and look around.  This is my least favorite part of throwing a party – the aftermath.  Cups and bottles dot the tables and patches of grass, despite the multiple trash can set out to collect them.  I heft myself out of the chaise and start collecting them in an effort to lessen my work in the morning.  I run into the kitchen and grab some foil to store some of the leftover food before it can attract wild animals and recap the liquor bottles that aren’t empty so I can stock them in the game room wet bar.  I’ve done as much as I can and head back inside.

I want to get the stickiness of the sunscreen and sweat off my skin, so I strip and jump into the shower.  The warm water relaxes my muscles and I think about the success of the party.  As always, Sookie isn’t far from my thoughts.  It was hard enough to keep from staring at her in the little white sundress she wore to the party, but keeping my thoughts wholesome while she romped around in that midnight blue bikini… I’d never been so fond of that color before.  My dick hardens as I remember how her long legs looked and how the stretchy material clung to her mouthwatering curves.  The tiny bathing suit also showed me things I hadn’t seen before and hadn’t thought to ask.

She and Kennedy both had their navels pierced and she had a dangling charm from the barbell with her Zodiac sign, Cancer.  She also had the tip of a tattoo peeking out from the top of her bikini bottom.  Seeing my curious gaze, she modestly peeled back the material and explained.  “Phi Sigma Sigma.  My sorority.  Right before graduation, all my sisters and I decided to just do it.  I wanted it, but small and in a place where not many would see it.  Sam doesn’t like it.  He said that joining a fraternity or sorority is just paying for friends.”

“That may be the case for those without the skills to have friends otherwise, but the way I see it, it’s just a social organization,” I reply, thinking that her boyfriend is one of the socially retarded who would have been “paying for friends”.

She winked.  “That, and the Greeks had the best residence halls on campus.  It was worth the dues to get to live there.”

Even if I gained nothing else from the party, seeing Sookie in a purely social setting was fun.  Every other time we’d gone out, she kept a façade of professionalism.  Seeing her let her hair down was an eye-opener to how she acts when she’s completely off the clock.

I will my growing hard-on down and pull on some basketball shorts.  It’s the perfect temperature at nights to leave the AC off and open the windows for some fresh air.  It’ll be too hot in a few weeks to do this, even at night.  I hear a car door creak open and slam shut.  My first thought was: who else had the code to get past the gate?  I didn’t have a chance to have a second thought before I hear a soft knock at my door.

I take a cautious look through the peephole and am surprised to see Sookie standing on the porch with a determined look in her eye.  I sweep my eyes to the clock and see it’s later than I thought and wonder what she’s doing back.  I open the door and smile down at the delicious blond.

She doesn’t say a word, just slowly steps forward, making me take equal steps backward to keep her from knocking into me.  Once she clears the threshold, she closes the door behind her, sweeps her eyes over my face, stands on her toes, wraps her arms around my neck, and pulls me down for a ferocious kiss.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but far be it for me to argue.  I slide my hands down to her waist and pull her closer, returning her kiss with fervor.  This is no fluttery kiss like in the parking lot of Anchor House.  Her teeth nip softly at my bottom lip before she runs her tongue over the barely-felt sting.  I open my mouth for her and let her sweep her tongue over mine.  She still tastes like vodka and fruit.

I decide not to question her sudden change in character.  I’ve wanted her too long to deny myself this chance when it’s given.  I manage to steer us to the overstuffed sofa in the living room and lay her down on the huge cushions.  I hover over her, holding the entirety of my weight off her with my forearms.  Looking down at her, her eyes are glittery and only slightly glassy.  She grins and threads her fingers into my hair, pulling me down for another, longer, equally passionate kiss.

We go on like that, kissing and teasing each other’s mouths and neck for what could be minutes… it could be hours.  When I drag my teeth over a certain spot on her neck, she moans and I make it a point to memorize that spot by doing it over and over.  She tilts her head to give me easier access, which I take distinct advantage of.

Her whimpers turn me on like nothing I can remember before.  She’s an innocent vixen or a devilish angel… some unique dichotomy that I’ve never seen when it’s not an act.  I rest one of my hands at her hip and slide it slowly up her side, brushing the underside of her breast, waiting for a green light.  She does more than give it to me; she wriggles out of the top of her sundress and releases the ties of her bikini behind her neck before pulling me back for another kiss.

I pull back so I can see the bounty that’s been teasing me all day.  Round, creamy and firm, noticeably paler than the skin on her stomach and upper chest.  Dark pink little nipples tight and hard against my palm.  She groans into my mouth and I kiss my way down, wanting to taste her sun-kissed skin.  I roll my tongue over each hard little bud alternately, loving the way she squirms and pants under me.  I lift myself off her slightly and tug the sundress of her completely, her feet kicking it away.  I also rid her of the bikini top and toss it in the general direction that the sundress went.  Her bare skin against mine is better than I ever imagined it would be.

I pepper her chest and stomach with little kisses and relish her whispery little sighs.  When I get to the waistband of her bikini bottom, I flick her navel charm with my tongue.  “I need you to tell me you want this, Sookie,” I breathe, not wanting a loud voice to break the spell.  “Sookie, tell me… Sookie?  Sook?”

I look up and her eyes are closed, a soft smile on her lips, her breathing deep and regular.  She’s asleep.


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