The Long Road Home – Chapter 14 – Want to Want Me

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The night after the benefit, after sating his bloodlust with the redhead, brunette, and two blondes from the donor service, Lex still felt unsatisfied.  He glamoured the girls to forget him and leave before taking a shower to erase the traces of their perfumes and cosmetics from his person.  While housekeeping came to change his sheets in his playroom, he sat on his balcony, enjoying the moonlight in only a towel.  Faintly in the background, he heard the door close behind the maid as she left.


When he came in, he double-checked the timer on his light-blocking shades in preparation for dawn.  Although all of the glass in the vampire suites blocked UV light, the ancient sheriff was still more comfortable and felt safer in the dark.  He settled back to relax before sunrise forced him to die for the day.  Just before he slipped into the oblivion of down-time, he felt her.


His curiosity was still asleep; of that, Lex was positive.  As he had nearly every night for the past ten nights, he felt her uncertainty, her anticipation, and her anxiety.  Lust.  Wave after wave of lust rushed through him; he hardened as though the feelings were his own.  He didn’t feel as though he had nearly ruined four donors just hours earlier.  His little fairy was able to spin him up like few others had since his turning.


In the prince’s mind’s eye, he could see her.  The lithe body nude, her golden skin glistening with perspiration.  Her wheat colored hair would be in a tangled halo on her pillow.  The supple, long legs would twist and kick as she writhed in her sleep.  Hands that would subconsciously enflame her arousal – caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples, sliding her fingers through her slippery folds…


Without realizing, Lex had been stroking himself to the fantasy voyeurism of his fairy.  More than almost anything, he wanted Addie Michelle Brennan lost in the throes of passion underneath him, on top of him… just with him.  Feeling his impending release was one of the few sensations that had not changed when he was turned.  His stomach clenched and his balls tightened in the hand that was squeezing and tugging them in time with his strokes.  His blood several blocks away boiled in an orgasmic crescendo and he came with her, spending his frustration in his hand and on his stomach.  He had just enough time to clean himself and return to bed before dawn took him until dusk.

The next evening, Lex had barely finished his shower when the leggy blonde stomped into his penthouse.  “Tempering!” she exclaimed.


Dripping and only wearing a towel, the sheriff stared.  “What?”


“Tempering,” she repeated and stepped closer.


The previous evening’s dream had knocked her for a loop.  She was becoming used to waking up sweating and shaking.  Despite his fangs always being down, he had never bitten her in her dreams.  She didn’t know what possessed her in the limo, but after pricking her finger with a safety pin and leaving a blood-scented napkin for him to find, her dream version of him took that step.  When her cries of pleasure woke herself up, her throat was dry from panting, her muscles ached from her sleeping contortions, her fingernails had ripped through the sheets, and her panties were ruined.  “You barely notice my scent anymore, right?”


The prince caught on.  “For a few seconds when you first enter a room, but for the most part I’m used to it when you’re on ‘medium’.  To be honest, I’d like you to keep testing those ‘higher settings’ with me.”


Addie paced while she replied.  “After last night, it’s pretty clear that we want the same things, and you have to agree that I have several reasons to be nervous.  I know at your age, you don’t need to feed every night.  If we try this thing… if I give you my blood and my body… will you give up the donors?”


Lex was surprised that he had no impulse to laugh.  Other women in his past had attempted to entice him into monogamy; he’d glamoured them to believe he was sincere.  The prince had never believed in self-denial.  If he wanted a different woman every hour of every night, who besides his maker had the right to tell him he couldn’t?  “What would I get in return?  How do I know I’m not trading a filet mignon for a Happy Meal burger?”  He’d heard one of his security Weres make the comparison and once it was explained, he felt it fit this situation.


The hybrid bit her lip as she grinned.  This was one test she was prepared for.  From the pocket of her sinfully tight shorts, she retrieved the previous night’s pin.  With a quick jab and a wince, a small bead of scarlet bloomed on the tip of her left pinky.  The color and scent of the fresh blood so mesmerized him that he barely registered her painting the drop over his lower lip.  Reflexively, his tongue ran out and he shuddered.


The small sample of her blood only made him want more.  It was by far the best thing he had ever tasted.  Fruit wine was the first comparison he could make – sweet but sharp and certainly intoxicating.  He felt as though he could gorge for years and never be satisfied and that thought gave him pause.  He could easily kill her.


“I don’t think I want to be tempered to that.  It’s too unique.  Like your scent… like you.  Exceptional… but far too dangerous.”


The girl stiffened.  “I’m not dangerous!”


“But I am.”  The sheriff glared hard at her offended expression.  “You grew up exposed to the benign side of vampires.  You would not have seen the hunter… the killer that lurks in all of us.  Every vampire is a predator.  If you insist on ignoring everything else, acknowledge that single fact.  Like your small town vampires, I’m very careful to only let you see certain sides of me.  I am old enough that I have seen and done nearly everything.  Not many things manage to surprise or perplex me; you managed to do both at our first meeting.  Everyone wants something from me.  Women want sex, drainers and addicts want my blood, other vampires want my money or a share of my power.  You are the first to approach me wanting… well… nothing.  Yes, you asked for permission to speak freely with my area’s vampires, but that was merely a courtesy.  I gave you my protection because you neither asked for nor expected it.  I told you my stories, gave you my history, because you gave me your time and companionship without conditions or expectations.  For the past several months, I’ve been trying to solve the mystery of what you are.  It’s quite a bitter pill to swallow that Northman’s infuriating progeny, a vampire with less than two hundred years to her name, solved the puzzle first.”


Addie didn’t know what to think.  What had changed since the previous night?  Was her blood a drug to him like his was to the pathetic bloodheads she saw on the news?  She hadn’t ever wanted a man the way she wanted the vampire in front of her.  She also wasn’t ignorant of his kind’s darker nature.  James, Willa, and Keith were always careful around her, but Parker and Niall were never ones to beat around the bush about any possible threat against her.  She’d also read her momma’s notebooks about Area Five’s sheriff.


He had never hidden his nature either.  He killed werewolves with his bare hands.  A flamboyant Greek boy-toy and child of an ancient king was staked in the name of vengeance.  He’d drained a fairy, nearly staked the Soldier, and ripped a witch’s heart out after punching through the man’s ribs.  He staked the ancient, psychotic king, ending a centuries-long vendetta.  Momma hadn’t even wanted to guess at the atrocities that had taken place at the Godforsaken Camp, Auschwitz for the Undead, created while Willa’s father was governor.


No, she knew he had it in him to be a threat to her.  His three children were walking proof that he’d killed.  But despite his nature, despite all the warnings… just because Lex could hurt her didn’t mean he would.  She took another step closer to him.  “I trust you,” she said quietly, simply.


“Why?” he asked just as softly.  “How do you know I won’t hurt you?”


Another step closer.  “Because you’re worried that you will.  That fear will help keep you in control.  I. Trust. You,” she repeated.


Lex’s eyes rolled back a little; he could smell the honeyed wine again.  “What do you want from me, Addie?  What changed your mind?”


The girl blushingly grinned.  “I want what you offered last night.  Besides my mother, you’re the best friend I have and she’s the only person I trust more.  I’m not a donor and I’m not a whore.  I told you my conditions in the courtyard: I don’t share.  If you want this… want me… I’m it.  No more donors, no glamoured party girls… just me.  Am I enough for you?”


The sheriff could still taste her blood at the corner of his mouth and didn’t know if he deserved her trust.  Her blood was a temptation like he’d never known.  But it had been many decades since he’d had a virgin.  They always pleased the student in him.  To learn where to touch to get a sigh, a moan, or goosebumps.  How the texture of a tongue can feel different when on the neck compared to lapping at a nipple.  The way a body heats up when aroused.  How blood rushes to the body’s erogenous zones, making them more sensitive.


Addie’s arousal the previous night was one of the sweetest scents imaginable.  As he’d toyed with the edges of her knickers, he’d wanted nothing more than to explore beneath the satin and lace with his tongue.  She was quite responsive for a woman who had made it through her teen years untouched.  Lex could imagine the flavor of her purity… the sample he’d be able to steal when the thin layer of tissue broke… the flash of blood mixed with her natural honey… the mere thought made him hard.


Her passion… her body… her blood… to experience the co-ed staring at him, he’d be willing to take a break from the fangbangers and socialites.  He told the girl the truth – as it was for the moment.  “I can’t answer that honestly… yet.  Your blood is exquisite and the gods know I want to fuck you.  Are we physically compatible?  We don’t know yet.  You have no previous experience to draw from where there is very little that I haven’t done.  But am I willing to give up cold fast-food while I learn about appreciating a bloody-rare filet?  Abso-fucking-lutely.”


Addie couldn’t help but chuckle at the recycled comparison.  Before she regained her composure, he was rightthere.  Directly in front of her, filling her vision.  He really was beautiful.  His skin retained a bit of the olive-bronze coloring he’d had when he was brought over.  The blue-black curls, dark blue eyes, and the tall, warrior’s build were all reminiscent of how the history books described his infamous father.  He had never dressed after she stormed in; his lower half still wrapped in only a dark green towel.  His shoulders and chest had been muscular and well-formed when he was eighteen.  Abdominal and back muscles were well defined.  His torso was nearly hairless but for a fine ebony trail leading down from his navel. The towel hung loosely around hips that were narrow and emphasized by a V that she suddenly wanted to lick.  None of this was entirely new to her as he dressed for comfort in his home – open button-downs or totally shirtless with low-rise jeans.  But bare-chested in denim just couldn’t hold a candle to damp, wrapped in a relatively insignificant swath of terry-cloth.


The ancient prince tilted his head to look down at her.  At five-feet-ten, eight inches taller than her petite mother, finding a man that had to look down to her was a rare pleasure.  He cupped her chin and stroked her cheek with his thumb before leaning down to brush her lips with his.


It was gentler than she’d imagined and made her stomach flutter in the way she’d hoped her first kiss would.  Still soft, he carefully nipped at her bottom lip before pressing his mouth to hers.  Her arms instinctively rose and wrapped around his neck, nestling her fingers into his curls.  When he ran his tongue over the seam of her lips, she heard him moan in surprise and pull her closer.  He was not expecting the sweet taste of her skin to combine so pleasantly with the cream, ginger, and vanilla from the chai tea she’d had earlier that evening, pulling more echoes from his past.


When his tongue caressed hers, she’d had no idea what to expect.  She was prepared to break the kiss if he’d had the coppery taste of blood.  He didn’t.  It was black cherries again, straddling sweet and tart.  She wanted more.


The combination of feeling his blunt teeth nip at her lip and his cool, damp chest pressed against her gave her goosebumps and made her nipples hard and tight.  One large hand held her waist from when he’d pulled her closer; the other was restless against her back.  He indecisively moved from combing through her hair to using his fingertips to trace the bumps of her spine to cupping and rubbing over her ass, occasionally squeezing a good handful.


Lex’s mouth plundered the student’s – tasting her lips, swiping quickly over her teeth, massaging her tongue with his own.  He couldn’t get enough of the creamy ginger flavor.  Every minute the fruity-flowery-fresh-savory scent of her fairy essence waved over him, getting stronger and headier, making him almost dizzy for the first time in twenty centuries.


While wanting to revel in this experience, as anything new at his age was a rarity, he couldn’t help the random thoughts that flew through his head at such a time.  Addie’s supernatural bouquet was one of the most intoxicating scents he’d ever come across, but also one of the strangest.  He didn’t think he was becoming tempered to her unique essence, as he still wanted to fuck her for days, bite and drink her, and rub himself all over her until she smelled so much like him that even humans would be able to tell that she belonged to him.  But if she controlled it, lowered her mask slowly… gradually… it gave him time to reign in his impulses.  That was important to him.


As truthful as his Casanova reputation was, he was also a generous and considerate lover.  He had deflowered hundreds of virgins in his more-than-two-thousand years and knew that a woman’s first time was rarely pleasurable and often painful.  His centuries of experience could only serve to make it more mind-blowing and less… unpleasant.


He was brought back to the present by hot, slender fingers running down his body.  They paused at his lower back before sweeping just the tips under the towel.  He almost chuckled at her gasp under his lips, but before it could fully materialize, her fingernails grazed up his sides, across his chest, and down his stomach, mapping his torso by touch.  Their mouths never stopped – kissing, nipping, licking – learning and indulging in the other’s taste.


His fangs pulsed and ached in his gums, but his well-honed self-control kept them from dropping.  However, even the strongest willpower fails nature and physiology.  His cock felt solid as granite under his towel and Lex had no shame, pressing his hips toward the girl, letting her feel how she affected him.  Addie responded with a soft moan and started sliding her knee up his inner thigh, grazing his erection.


The former prince cupped the co-ed’s ass and lifted her so that her legs could wrap around his hips.  He broke his unspoken rule for himself and bypassed his playroom.  Addie Brennan would be the first mortal to see the day-chamber of Alexander Helios Ptolemy Antony.


He tugged at her snug t-shirt.  While he had no problem tearing it to shreds to get to what was underneath, the ruination of a garment that both highlighted and flattered her stunning tits would be a grave loss indeed.  Using an arm around his shoulders to balance herself, Addie struggled with the troublesome cotton until it hung limply from her elbow as she was unwilling to release her grip unless necessary.


Once the shirt was over her head, his restless mouth slid from her lips, across her jaw, to nip at her sensitive neck.  How she even tasted like sunlight he was sure he’d never know.  The mystery didn’t stop him from savoring the warmth, the glow, the sheer incandescence of the force he’d been deprived of since that last afternoon with Iotape.  The prince was positive that this woman was made with him in mind.  Nothing he had discovered of her so far was a turn-off or deal-breaker.  Even her temper, as frustrating as it could be, was fiery and passionate.


Addie was adrift on sensation.  His cool skin was absorbing her body heat and his raven curls were soft and silky under her fingers.  Her skin erupted in a wake of gooseflesh behind his touch.  The salty, ocean-like scent of his soap on his skin made her head swim.  She could watch entranced by the way the dark blue of his eyes darkened to midnight when she yanked her shirt over her head. She felt she could subsist for months on the sound of his barely-audible growls, vibrating through his chest into hers.  His taste… God above, his taste was addictive.  For the dark cherry flavor of his tongue and lips, she supposed she would have committed any number of atrocious deeds.  How fortunate for her then, that he chose to gift it to her rather than further corrupt her already-sketchy morals.


With her legs still wrapped around his waist, her shirt dangling from her arm, and his mouth teasing her neck, Addie felt her back being pressed against a wall.  She opened her eyes to a room in the penthouse she’d never seen before.  Sand colored carpet and pale terra cotta walls.  The furniture – bed, dresser, desk, and nightstands – was some kind of red-stained dark wood.  Various accent pieces – the chaise lounge at the end of the bed, a chair by the window looking out over the skyline, the light-blocking drapes of said window – didn’t match any certain color scheme.  Pale blue, vibrant green, tropical orange… none of it seemed like it should have fit.  For some reason though, Addie liked the façade of disorder when Lex was anything but chaotic.


The vampire forced himself to stop ravishing her neck.  Her eyes focused and her vision was filled with him.  He stared into her green eyes as though her thoughts could be read through her irises.  Moments later she heard the tell-tale snick of his fangs making their first appearance of the night.  “If you want this, tell me again that you’re Mine.  Say it when no one else can hear.  Say it because you mean it.  Not because you want my protection or to intimidate vampires that threaten you.  Tell me.”


Addie knew from her mother’s writing that “Mine” was a very powerful, very big-deal kind of thing.  It was one thing to say it to Northman and his child or to a feeding-lounge owner intent on getting too friendly for her comfort.  This was something else entirely.  It was utter submission to another being, something Addie wasn’t comfortable with… especially when the other being had a weakness for her blood and could easily kill her accidentally.


But… she trusted him more than anyone who hadn’t given birth to her.  Physical attraction was no problem.  She absolutely adored the way he could make her feel.  No one else had made her feel so desirable without coming off as slimy and lecherous.  Was she willing to give up some of her autonomy to continue experiencing the sensations that he made her feel?  “I’m yours, Lex,” she whispered, not fully confident in the claim.  He frowned at her apprehension and more securely she stated, “I’m yours as much as someone like me will allow herself to be claimed like a possession.  That’s the best I can offer.”


Lex’s head pulled back to study her better.  “Mine is far more than possession, little one.  My keys.  My car.  My penthouse.  Those are possessions.  My companies.  My area.  My subjects.  Those are investments worth my protection.  My mother and father.  My brothers and sister.  My maker.  My children.  Those who share my blood, whether they still walk the Earth or exist only in my memory.  Those I care for more than any possession or investment.  So tell me, My fairy, in which category do you think I place you?”


If he hadn’t given her his blood, she would have said investment, but his implication was clear and she was overwhelmed by his obvious sincerity.  “I’m yours,” she repeated with more conviction than before.  “I’m not scared by this, but I am nervous.  You can’t bite me.  Promise, Lex.”


It was all he could do to not take her then and there.  She said it; she was His.  He also knew that nerves could lead to fear, which led to flight.  He wasn’t about to give her up now.  He would soothe and calm her, ease her into the world of physical pleasure. Teach her to enjoy a man’s (his) touch, educate her how to please a man (him) with her hands and mouth.  Use his fingers and tongue to stretch her virgin sheath, making it easier to accommodate (his) penetration.  He would teach her the way Iotape taught him.  Encourage the woman who was part-bashful schoolgirl and part-confident spitfire to embrace the fairy part of her essential spirit to become what every man (him) was, whether fully aware or subconsciously, looking for.


His maker and his contemporaries, all who were faded from this plane of existence, mentored younger vampires as part of their world’s tradition.  One of the elders – his name forgotten long ago – had been on Earth for a thousand years when Lex had barely seen two decades.  “Intercourse with a fairy,” he’d begun his monologue, “is not for the faint-of-heart or weak-willed.  The fae are Zeus’ greatest creation and Apollo’s way to torture our kind.  They smell of the sunlight we are denied and their blood is nectar and ambrosia.  If you have the strength to keep your fangs in check, even a fairy that has not known a man will become a memory that warms your blood on a cold and lonely night.”  Lex had been intrigued by the details of the story but by the time his path crossed with one of those pointy-eared, tricky, aromatic, delicious creatures, his only thoughts were devour and drain.  His will hadn’t been strong enough to choose lust over bloodlust.


But this luscious hybrid wrapped around his waist?  Oh, she certainly tested his will.  He knew himself well enough to know that he could pose a danger to her.  The “lessons” he planned on giving her would serve a dual purpose. Initiate her to the art of giving and receiving pleasure as well as, as Addie had stated earlier in the evening, tempering him to her intoxicating and often overwhelming allure when her mask came down.


Addie’s clear green eyes were piercing him when he came back to himself, her brow furrowed in adorable confusion.  “Do you promise, Lex?”


“I promise that tonight, your worries are unfounded.  My appetite is well-sated and I will not be making love, sleeping with, or fucking you… tonight.  You are Mine, Addie Michelle, and it is my duty to take care of you.  As egotistical as it may sound, you are lucky that your innocence was not ripped from you by some hormone-driven redneck who only cared for his own satisfaction.  I have the time, patience, and talent to excite you,” he kissed her earlobe, “satisfy you,” he nipped at the side of her neck, “and pleasure you.”  He ran his tongue from her cleavage to her collarbone, making the girl shiver in his arms.


“I will also teach you how to excite, please, and satisfy your partner.  While innocence and naiveté are charming and novel for a short while, your sense of adventure, your natural beauty, and your fiery personality are what draws others to you.”  The former prince leaned in close to breathe his next words in the student’s ear.  “Some have known the most profound gratification from giving pleasure to their lover.  Getting off on the power to make another lose control.  Feeling superior with every passionate moan or whimper that you induce.  Experiencing an orgasm equal to your lover’s when they come, calling your name or, even better, are left speechless.”  He straightened his back and couldn’t help but smirk at his hybrid’s crimson flushed face and heavy breathing.  “I can give you all of that, Addie, just for being Mine.  You have four weeks until you graduate.  Shall we come to an accord?”


Addie felt like her overheated brain was playing catch-up with his rapid-fire, seemingly unconnected statements.  “Umm… I have finals to study for and my thesis presentation to prepare.  Also, Momma’s coming into town for graduation.  At this point, classes are just a review of stuff we already learned.  Er… an accord for what?”


“I will order bagged blood from a service so I have no need to call for a donor while keeping my thirst at bay so yours is no more tempting than usual.  Also, I will assist in your exam prep.  In return, for the next four weeks, you will move into the guest room of your choosing.  You will have access to all the amenities that the hotel has to offer, until sundown.  From dusk to midnight, you will study with my assistance or rehearse your thesis presentation.  At midnight however, your time becomes Mine.”


Her head was spinning.  “You… you’re asking me to move in with you?”


There was a darkness to his chuckle.  “No, mia fata.  I’m proposing a mutually beneficial, temporary roommate situation.  You will be provided with exemplary room and board.  You will also have free and clear access to me and my first-hand expertise in your area of study.  I will have the chance to become conditioned to your essence because I don’t think I will ever be immune and I don’t believe I want to be.  At midnight, we will begin your… training.”  The fangs that had retracted during their conversation made a reappearance.


“T-training? stuttered the girl, still pinned between the wall and the sheriff, her legs wrapped around him.


“Would you prefer the term ‘lessons’ instead?  I will take hours each night to work you to a fever pitch, learning your body, your sensitivities, your individual erogenous zones.  I will teach you how to touch a man, both generally and personally.  I will take you to heights of pleasure that you’ve never dreamed of knowing.  My blood will tell me how to excite you; I have felt you come in your sleep to dreams of me.  Only when the time is right… only once it will be pain-free and pleasurable will we take that last step.  I will not take your virginity tonight, Addie.”


It would be hard for her to describe how she felt.  Part of her was relieved, but an equal part was disappointed.  The internal pep talk she’d been giving herself since waking up was for naught.


But the prince wasn’t done.  His fangs were still down, his eyes the darkest blue she’d ever seen, and a rigid staff dug into the underside of her left thigh.  “However…” his large hand slid between her back and the wall.  With an almost-imperceptible flick, the beige lace bra hung loose from her chest.  He removed her arms from his shoulders and brushed at the straps; the garment came to rest between their bodies to be disregarded and forgotten.  Addie warred with her natural shyness and fought to keep from covering herself.  Lex’s tongue ran over a pearly-white fang.  “… your tits are exquisite.  I can only imagine how sensitive those pretty peach nipples are.”  He blew a cool breath over them and watched the skin wrinkle and pucker tight.  When she shivered and closed her eyes, he clicked his tongue.  “It’s positively sinful that you’ve lived for twenty-one years without having your body worshipped.


“But,” he continued, pausing to lick one of the pebbled buds, “I can’t feel too bad because I get to be your first.  Your first lick,” he ran his tongue up her carotid artery – collarbone to jaw.  “Your first nibble.”  Lex scraped his blunt front teeth over the nipple he hadn’t licked before turning them around and vamping to his bed, where he laid her back against his down-stuffed pillows.


As if moving hadn’t interrupted him, the sheriff continued, teasing his way down her bare torso.  “I’ll be the first to leave my mark on this golden body.  I’ll be the first to take advantage of the fact that your very skin tastes like the sun on a summer afternoon.”  He breathed in deeply and would have shuddered with want if he had been younger or less controlled.  As it was, the scent of her fae-tinged arousal deepened his voice to a lusty growl.  “The first to taste you.  The first to stretch you with my fingers.  The first to feel you come as you ride my tongue.”


Addie could barely breathe.  She never thought she would like “dirty talk”, but she felt as though she were on fire due to Lex’s descriptive seduction.  He kissed and nipped his way back up her body, taking care not to scratch her with his fangs.  Lex lightly bit her earlobe before continuing his erotic monologue.  “I’ll be the first to feel these silky little hands sliding over my body.  Every inch of me is yours to explore, love.  The first to feel your nimble, skillful fingers stroking me until I want to burst.  The first to feel your tongue wrap around my dick, losing my mind to the sweet suction of your mouth.  Finally, I’ll be the first to feel your heavenly virgin pussy clench hot and tight around my cock, pulling me in deeper and deeper until you’ve taken every fucking inch of me into you.”


The imagery combined with her memories of the first blood dream made her whimper with longing.  She wanted to feel him like he was describing, but she knew he was steadfast in taking it slowly.  Wriggling under him, she silently urged him to do something… anything… to relieve the ache between her thighs.


He gave her one of his rare, sweet smiles and leaned in to kiss her gently.  Kneeling between her knees, he slowly, deliberately, trailed a hand down from her jaw to cup her left breast.    His eyes never left her face as he palmed the soft mound.  Calloused fingertips traced her areola before lightly pinching the nipple.  Addie squirmed and arched at the sensation that was completely different from when she did it to herself.  Lex experimented with different twists or levels of pressure while he leaned down to suck on the neglected tip.  The girl squeaked when she gasped and her hands flew to the back of the vampire’s head, not wanting him to ever stop what he was doing.


He groaned against her skin when her fingers tugged his hair.  She tasted like honey, wheat, wine, and sunlight and he couldn’t wait to lick every inch of her body.  Her hips pumped up helplessly against him in her search for some kind of friction.  His unoccupied hand snaked between them to the button of her shorts.  With mastery, he unfastened the denim; she lifted her hips helpfully to get the damn things off. When the shorts hit the floor, the perfume of her arousal increased. Lex couldn’t help the hitch in his throat when the scent enveloped him.


He was determined to keep the towel securely around his hips as some kind of barrier to keep his primal instincts from going in a direction his fairy was not yet ready for, despite her unspoken disappointment earlier.  His mouth and fingers switched breasts and he flicked his eyes upward.  Addie’s eyes were clenched tight as she fought for breath, almost incapacitated by the new sensations her body was feeling.  She whined nonsensically with the need to feel the pleasure that woke her up nightly while she was fully conscious.  Dislodging her fingers from the vampire’s hair, she shimmied her beige bikinis down her legs, kicking her legs until they, with her shorts, lay uselessly on the floor.


Lex was resolute that he would control her pleasure and brushed her hand aside.  He wrapped his tongue around her nipple and drew it sharply between his teeth, making her mewl and dig her nails into his shoulder.  His roughened fingers swiped through her folds, wetting them with her nectar.  He could feel her hot little clit pulsing against his hand and knew she needed some kind of relief.  He massaged her pearl and grinned against her breast when she keened loudly and arched her back.  Releasing her tit from his mouth but keeping his other hand engaged, he slid back up her body, disregarding her moan of disappointment.  “One night I’m going to fuck you so hard, princess.  I’m going to sink into you, taking you until neither of us can see straight.  I will fucking worship every inch of your body with every inch of mine,” he declared with a significant thrust of his safely swathed hips against hers.  “Over and over, my little fairy, in every position you can imagine and some that haven’t been thought of yet.  Let go for me, love.  Let me see you come.”


His cool breath making erotic promises while his fingers teased and stroked her to the sworn “fever pitch” were too much.  With a helpless scream, she felt absolute bliss sizzle through every nerve in her body.  Seeing his hybrid nearly paralyzed in pleasure, he proved his earlier claim and was relieved his towel hadn’t been dislodged.  Knowing that he was responsible for her loss of control and being just as affected by his carnal vows had him spilling his seed into the green cotton between their bodies.  Not needing to catch his breath as she did, he lifted himself off her so he was kneeling between her knees once again.


“Consider that your first lesson, love.  Imagine feeling that… every night… multiple times… from now until you graduate.  Since you never answered before… do we have an accord?”


Her body was still recovering as she tried to process his words.  Accord? Lessons?  What?  Addie took several deep breaths as her heartbeat regulated and no longer felt as though it would beat through her ribs.  “Uh… yeah,” she managed to mumble as an overwhelming sleepiness started to take over her body.  “You’ve got a deal.”


Her scent predictably increased once she fell asleep and Lex was pleased that he didn’t seem as enslaved to it as before.  Perhaps her tempering idea had merit.  He licked the fingers that had been at work between her thighs and moaned.  That would be one lesson he would have to teach soon; he wanted that salty-sweet-shimmering taste flooding his mouth.  He carried her unconscious form to the nearest guest room, called his security team to give her full clearance indefinitely, and left a note for her with the security codes for and a card to access the elevator and his penthouse.  His day-chamber had far more security measures in place that she didn’t need to know.


Lex enclosed himself in the room where he spent his day-death and booted up his computer.  Other than simple missives from his children, the only other email was from Northman, letting him know that he’d gotten a promising voicemail from Rochol and that NuBlood was being prepared for testing.  As such, he would be extending his lease on the suite he’d reserved for himself and his progeny.  As long as he didn’t have to deal with the infuriating former whore and her annoyingly superior maker, Lex had no qualms with them lining his pockets.


Business done, orgasm achieved (double points on that goal), and temporary living arrangements for his hybrid agreed upon, he felt satisfied with his accomplishments for the night.  It seemed far too early for the eastern horizon to be lightening.  The vampire closed his blinds, rushed through a shower to remove the stickiness from his groin, and made it to his bed, able to inhale the sweat and sex of an aroused fairy before sunrise took him from the land of the living.


10 responses to “The Long Road Home – Chapter 14 – Want to Want Me

  1. Well worth stalking my WordPress app at least three times a day. Amazing chapter! The suspense is killing me, waiting for Eric to see Sookie again. I have been waiting patiently for chapter 16. It’s almost here:-):-):-):-)

  2. This chapter is proof that foreplay starts with words..and he certainly knows what to say doesn’t he? At the risk of being redundant, I say again, I love the characters you created in this story. Of course I look forward to Eric and Sookie being re-united (and Pam’s reaction which I’m sure will be priceless). Yet Addie & Lex have become real in this world as well.

  3. OMG…..that was so hot. As much as I am looking forward to Sookie and Eric meeting again , I could happily continue reading about these two . Boy am I looking forward to the ” lessons “

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