The Long Road Home – Chapter 9 – These Dreams

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Addie’s Fae guard was a complication that Sookie hadn’t anticipated, though she could admit that it was necessary.  As her daughter got older and learned to use her talent for persuasion more effectively, Sookie was glad that she’d raised her daughter the way she had.  She was a good girl, not interested in going to wild parties or catching a boy’s attention like other girls her age.


Parker tried constantly to gain Sookie’s affection.  She was proven to have a talented child (and with a mere Halfling!).  After Warlow’s massacre of the portal-club, fertile females of the Sky Clan were extinct.  Sookie may have been a hybrid, but she was fertile and of royal Sky Clan blood.  He was determined to breed with her.


Sookie wasn’t receptive to his advances.  The sudden loss of yet another man that she loved created a small fissure in her heart.  It caused her to withdraw from everyone but her daughter.  She wasn’t entirely sure why she continued telling Addie stories about her past with Eric, but part of her wanted her daughter prepared.  Vampires might want to devour fairies, but some fairies, usually hybrids, and definitely Stackhouses were especially attracted to the very thing that might kill them.  Sookie had longed for a silent mind; Addie wanted someone with a lifetime of experiences.  Even as a teenager, she was never interested in or attracted to her schoolmates.


When her daughter left home for college, Sookie wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to learn her daughter had fallen for a professor thirty years her senior.  However, she was concerned to hear Addie gush like a groupie after meeting Lex Anthony.  Fortunately, she knew her daughter only acted that way because she was talking to her mother.  No one else got to see that side of her.


For reassurance, she insisted on speaking with the DC sheriff after Addie made her standing appointment with the former prince.  He was courteous, respectful, and understanding of her concern.  He was impressed with her understanding of vampire customs and practices.  She was relieved by his promise to protect her baby to the best of his ability, despite Parker’s sneer and his muttering that “damn bloodsuckers can’t be trusted”.


Finally, feeling as though she could get an hour or two of sleep, Sookie padded slowly to the faux armoire in her living room.  When she passed the mirror over the fireplace, she stopped.  In July, she would be forty-nine years old.  Truthfully, after vampires came into her life, she hadn’t expected to live that long.


Since her husband died and she inherited his light, Sookie hadn’t aged a day.  No strands of white or gray disrupted the gold of her hair.  Her figure remained slim and petite, with only the curve of her hips giving any clue that her body had at one time carried and nurtured another life.  The skin on her face remained clear and taut, the only lines caused by her previously stressful life giving any clue to her true age.  She certainly didn’t look old enough to have a twenty-one year old daughter.


Sighing, she turned away from her reflection and opened the armoire.  With a private grin, she rolled her eyes at herself.  She had been so angry when she discovered this addition to her ancestral home; never could she have foreseen the day it would become her peaceful retreat.  Sookie carefully descended the ladder, lowered the fur coverlet, curled onto her side, and waited for Morpheus to claim her.


“I still believe you’d adapt well to this life,” the deep, lightly accented voice said from behind her.  “Your temperament is still perfect.”


She snuggled back to feel the cool, hard chest against her.  “I’m already up most of the night worrying about Addie.  Other than losing the ability to fret when the sun is out, I don’t suppose much would change.”


A long, pale arm wrapped around her and its massive hand gently cupped her breast.  “Why did you never seek me out after Bill’s death?  I confessed that I care for you, more than most vampires and any other human.  I thought that would mean something to you.”  Sookie could hear the hurt and confusion in his voice.


“You know it did.  Enough of your blood was still in me for you to tell that.  Enough to track me too.  I went to Fangtasia, Eric.  I wanted to return the sentiment.  You had to know I was there.  But rather than look at me or acknowledge my presence in any way, you picked a redheaded fangbanger from the bar and took her to your office.  I assumed that was your way of telling me your choice.”  She turned in his arms so she could face him.


The setting was entirely reminiscent of her first blood dream, only the bed was far smaller and Lorena wasn’t lurking in the shadows.  The long, lean lines of Eric’s unclothed body still made her mouth water – the man was porcelain-colored perfection.  His dark blond hair was soft and messy like it had been when he’d had amnesia.  The eyes were different though.


In her dream, they had been sparkling sapphire, full of lust.  When he stayed with her while cursed, they were a softer blue with silver flecks.  They told her of his frustration at his situation, but also of his trust in her.  Since the night she chose neither Eric nor Bill, they appeared to her an icy gray – the perfect color to express his displeasure at her lack of decision.  They met her own mocha-colored ones and seemed to flicker through the various mood-dependent tones.


“You know I still have to feed, Sookie.  At that time it was more necessary than usual.  The Hep-V was cured, but I was still regaining my strength.  That redhead was the only willing donor that was not drunk or stoned, passably clean, and healthy.”  He ducked his head down to quickly kiss her lips before continuing.  “I did not acknowledge you because I didn’t want to be tempted.  I needed to feed before seeing you again.  When I returned and you were gone, I assumed that you rejected me.  Again.”  The ice and steel were back in his eyes.  “I still didn’t fuck her.”


Sookie closed her eyes and shook her head.  “I thought you taking her to your office was your way of saying that although you may care for me, you didn’t want me anymore.”


Eric’s large palm, rough with thousand-year old calluses, cupped her cheek.  “Lover, I can’t think of a single moment since you walked into my bar wearing that pretty white sundress that I haven’t wanted you.  There were times I didn’t especially like you, but want you?  Always.”


Sookie nuzzled her face into his hand, reveling in his touch.  “How is this happening?  I haven’t had your blood in almost twenty-five years.  I thought the dreams stopped long ago.”


His chest vibrated with his deep chuckle.  “This isn’t me, Lover.  Our blood tie has faded to the point where I can only tell if you’re alive and even for that I have to concentrate.  Sookie, having me here like this,” he gestured to his bare body, “is all on you.  Your subconscious is trying to tell you something.”


Her dream-self considered what he said, accepted it, and moved on, wanting more to enjoy his closeness than get into her deep psychological issues.  “I missed you, did you know?  Our story became the fairy tales I told my daughter.  I don’t know why, but she liked those stories more than anything Walt Disney came up with.”


He pulled her close again and slowly ran his hand down her side.  “Perhaps she is like her mother, predisposed to finding comfort in the supernatural.  Tell me, was she enchanted by the dashing Eric Northman?”


Sookie giggled and arched even closer.  “She might have been if I ever said your name.  I was always either ‘the fairy’ or ‘the hybrid’.  You were always ‘the sheriff’.  Sticking to titles rather than names helped keep it in the realm of make-believe,” she admitted.  At his mock pout she giggled again.  “Don’t tell me you need more than one Stackhouse fairy-hybrid lusting after you, Northman.”


The sapphire blue blazed back into his eyes as he smirked.  “Do you lust after me, Sookie?  Still?  Is that why I’m here?”


She ran her thumb over his lips.  “I tried so hard to forget you.  I’d think I was successful and then that damned infomercial would play or the news would show you and Pam ringing the bell on Wall Street and it would start again.  It was easier when Caelum was still here but even then… I couldn’t even watch that History Channel show about Vikings without wishing you were next to me to tell me what was accurate and what wasn’t.”


“Oh Sookie, Sookie, Sookie,” he crooned teasingly.  “If your idea of a sexy time is fact-checking docudramas then I can only imagine how deprived you felt during your marriage.  Even when I was a blank slate wandering down the highway with no clue who I was, I was still able to determine what you needed.  I don’t have the slightest idea how you managed to marry a human.”  Growing bored with the conversation, he started kissing and nipping his way down her neck and across her shoulders.


“Not a human,” she panted, gasping when his fangs scraped lightly over her collarbone.  “Another hybrid.”


“Don’t care anymore,” he mumbled from between her breasts.  “Have you here now.”  His lips travelled lower and lower, causing her to sigh and whimper.  When his soft hair tickled the insides of her thighs, she looked down to see him giving her a naughty grin around his fangs.  “Watch me, Lover.”


Keeping his jewel-toned eyes locked on her, he ducked his mouth to her center and swiped his tongue through her folds.  Sookie had been celibate since her husband died and the intimate contact woke up nerves that had long been sleeping.  Unconsciously, her eyes rolled back and her fingers tangled into his hair, tugging him closer to where she wanted him.


She could feel Eric’s lips form another smile against her before bending to her control.  Despite the short length of their affair, no one – not Bill, Warlow, Alcide, or Caelum – knew how to play Sookie’s body like Eric.  One of his hands slid up her body, stopping at her right breast to tease and pluck her nipple.  The fingers of his unoccupied hand joined with his lips, teeth, and tongue do drive the telepath out of her mind.


The weight of his broad shoulders on her thighs held her in place in spite of her writhing and arching.  Nothing Eric had seen in his long life compared to how Sookie looked mid-orgasm.  He curled his long fingers inside her, seeking the spot that would bring her quickly.  When he found the rough, spongy spot, his fingertips caressed it as his tongue flicked and swiped at her nub.  The combined sensations caused sparks of ecstasy to shoot off the ball of tension that was building in her gut.  “Pleasepleaseplease…” she whined softly, wanting him to give her the release she’d been deprived of for so long.


Never one to be a selfish lover, Eric strove to give his woman what she wanted.  His fingers thrust in and out, brushing her internal spot on each drive.  His other hand left her breast and adjusted her right leg to a different angle.  When he felt her walls start to pulse and become even wetter, his mouth left her folds to work her inner thigh.  Knowing her body well, as her breath shuddered and heart raced, just as she fell over the edge, his fangs stabbed into her femoral artery.  The familiar pinch and slight burning pain ratcheted her ecstasy higher and all conscious thought evaporated from her brain.


“Eric… Eric…”  Sookie rasped, her voice weak and throat raw.  When she was fully recovered from her high, the surroundings closed in on her.  The stark cinder-block walls and utilitarian bed seemed colder than usual.  She wrapped the fur tighter around her shivering body and mourned the past.  Before succumbing to sleep again, she promised herself that she would stop existing in her notebooks and start living her life again.  She still had her friends, even if she had pulled away from them over the past several years.  Her brother, his wife, and their children were always there for her… even if they were a somewhat self-involved family unit.  Most importantly, no matter the distance, she and her daughter would always be close without exception.


Upon awakening, she sighed then stretched, sat up, and looked at the clock she had brought into the cubby for her own convenience.  Sookie yawned and grabbed her phone, suddenly desperate to speak with Addie.  Call it parental intuition or a fairy-hybrid connection, but she instinctively knew that her little girl needed her.


7 responses to “The Long Road Home – Chapter 9 – These Dreams

  1. It is a shame that Eric can’t dream. It would been helpful for it to been a shared dream. Parker is going to be a problem eventually for both Sookie and Addie. Great chapter. Wow. Thank you

  2. I agree, a shared dream would be perfect, and you dispelled any doubt about her love for him in this chapter.

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