What the Hell – outtake


I hopped in Eric’s car and we zoomed out of the diner parking lot.  I knew there were at least two people inside looking unhappy at the sheer glee on our faces, but I didn’t give a damn.  I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do… but I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do for him.

We drove out to Daddy’s cabin.  It had become our special spot.  I loved the dark field and the way the moon and stars reflected on the water like it was a ripply mirror.  He cut the engine and leaned over to kiss me and I couldn’t hold back the sigh caused by how fucking awesome his lips felt on mine.  I felt the little rumble of a growl in his chest and wanted to cheer.  He had more experience than I did, but damn if I wasn’t able to hold my own with him.  The Camero was nice, but not exactly known for its roomy seats.  The time came where we just needed more room.  He pulled the quilt out of his trunk and spread it out while I adjusted the little clothes I was wearing and caught my breath.

I knew I could hook up my iPod to his car stereo and I wanted to give him a little show.  We had danced together at the beach, and he had seen my tryout earlier, but I wanted to give him his own private lap dance.  I connected my iPod to the jack in his car and cranked the volume.  Finding the song I wanted, I hit pause and flashed his headlights to get his attention.

I came over and I told him to sit on the hood.  The headlights of his car were like spotlights and I swallowed the little bit of nervousness I had.  I hit play and the first thing coming out of the speakers were erotic moans.  Yeah, I think I picked the right song for this.  Moaning, heavy drums and slow, sensual vocals.  I stood in front of Eric and tried to steady myself.  I had never done, or even tried this before, so I was going to have to go on instinct here.

I swayed my hips to the beat with my eyes closed.  I ran my hands up my sides and through my hair until they were over my head.  The song started slow and built up gradually.  No need to force it.  When  the first chorus started, I whipped off the button down I had been wearing over my sports bra and tossed it at him.  I chanced a glance through my lashes and he looked spellbound.  Definitely better than bored.

The beats got heavier and faster.  My moves got faster, my head whipping my hair around.  I moved to get closer to him, sitting stock still, barely blinking.  Keeping my hips moving slowly, I reached forward and ran my fingers through his silky blond hair and down his neck, over his shoulders, and stopped at his chest.  Tugging on his shirt, I pulled him forward until his feet rested on the ground instead of his bumper. I used him for balance as I dipped and slithered against his long, lean body.  My back to his chest, I slowly slid down his body, running my hands down his sides this time.  I  could feel his excitement against my ass, then spine as I lowered myself in front of him.

As the song was finishing, it slowed down again and I backed away, slowing back down to just dancing again, but dancing only for him.  Once the song ended and another one started, I approached him slowly.  “Did you like that?”

I asked, weirdly feeling shy about the little performance I had just given him.


I was in heaven.  Or was this hell?  Either way, I had an absolute goddess in front of me, moving that sinful, beautiful body for me to one of the sexiest songs I had ever heard and I didn’t want to miss a single second of it.  I knew I was in for something good when she told me to sit on my hood and I could see that she had hooked up her I-pod to my stereo.  I had no idea what she was thinking of doing, but I hadn’t had a problem with a single one of her ideas before and knew I’d probably like this one as well.

When she started moving, it took me back to her earlier statement: that I got to see her dance moves when she was naked and thought it would be too much to hope for.  She only got rid of her button down shirt while she was dancing, but that was enough.  I wasn’t paying attention to what she was or wasn’t wearing; all I saw was how she moved.

When she started touching me, running her hands through my hair and working those nimble, naughty fingers down to my chest, it was work to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head and keep them focused on her.  That was a lost cause once she started rubbing her amazing ass against me and, there was no other word for it, slithering against me.  I couldn’t see anything anymore, could only feel her hands and body all over me.  When the music slowed down and she moved away to finish her dance, I almost wanted to weep.

But when she shyly asked if I had liked it, I didn’t have enough blood left in my head to form words.  I grabbed her and pulled her to me, to let her feel how I had liked it.  I had danced with other girls, even had them try to do the whole dirty, bump-n-grind thing, and not a single one of them had affected me the way this little blond “nobody” just had.  I dipped my head and kissed her hard, not wanted to be parted from her warmth until I absolutely had to be.

She clasped her hands behind my neck and returned the kiss with equal passion until she was wrapped around me.  Her legs were locked around my waist and I supported her butt as I carried her over to the quilt, never releasing her mouth from mine.  Despite the fact that her dad and brother used the area for fishing, this was our spot now.  I sat down on the quilt and she unlocked her legs to straddle my lap, though I refused to let go of her ass.  I kneaded and caressed, savoring the feel of her supple flesh under my fingertips.  My hands fit easily under her tiny shorts and panties, so there was no barrier between my skin and hers.

She ground her hips, making me moan into her mouth.  She slid her lips to my neck and licked, nipped and sucked and the tender skin until we were both panting.  Her hands snuck under my t-shirt and she grazed my sides and chest with her fingernails, giving me goosebumps.  I shivered and she lifted the fabric from my body, tossing it in the direction of the car where her own shirt had been discarded on the ground.  I took the opportunity to remove her bra so I could worship the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.  Ever.

I wanted to thank her for her performance properly.  I flipped us over, so I hovered over her, seeing her dark blue eyes hazy with lust.  I ducked down and nipped at her neck, her earlobes, her lips before working myself lower.  Her nipples were hard and tight, and I couldn’t resist latching on and sucking them into my eager mouth.  My teeth, tongue, and lips raked over those pink buds and I heard her softly moaning my name, felt her tangling her hands in my hair to keep me from moving.  But I had a more pleasurable destination in mind.  I kissed and licked my way down her abdomen slowly, using the time to work her out of the shorts and panties blocking my intended path.  She lifted her butt to assist me in my venture, and giggled, feeling my smile against her skin.

I sank lower and blew a breath over her center, seeing the downy blond hair glistening.  She shivered and moaned my name again, louder than before.  I peppered her thighs with wet kisses, purposely avoiding the area where she wanted me the most.  I nipped at her hip and whispered into her hip, “Tell me what you want, Susannah,” emphasizing her name.  Her moans were taking a whiny edge.

“Please, Eric, I want your mouth on me.”

I smiled again against her hip.  “My mouth is already on you,” I whispered, kissing her leg.

She groaned with frustration.  “Smartass.  I want you to fuck me with your tongue and fingers until your name is echoing off the fucking cliffs!”

Well you couldn’t get much more specific than that and I aimed to please. I ran my tongue slowly through her lowers lips and paused to take in her taste.  Still like fucking peaches.  I didn’t know how she did it.  I groaned against her clit and she writhed from the vibrations.  That felt good.  I lapped at her again and again, humming softly every time I reached her nub and thoroughly enjoyed her breathy cries and whimpers.  I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her pussy and felt her tighten around it.  I replaced my tongue with two fingers and latched onto her clit, sucking and flicking it.  I found the sweet spot inside her and showed it no mercy.  I felt her walls fluttering and suddenly, my fingers were locked inside her as she stiffened, her thigh muscles shook, her back arched, and her cry of “GOD, ERRIIICC, FUCK” was, indeed, echoing off the cliffs surrounding the lake.

I let her ride out her orgasm on my hand.  When her walls relaxed enough for me to withdraw my fingers, I pulled them out slowly and licked them clean, still marveling over her taste.  I kissed my way up her body to kiss her mouth.  Her tongue eagerly plunged between my lips, seeking out mine.  I knew she could taste herself on me and I could tell she didn’t care.  “I want you inside me, Eric,” she mumbled.

“I don’t have anything, do you?” I groaned into her neck.  I wanted more than anything to fuck her speechless, but I was forgetting my Boy Scout teachings.

“I’m on the shot, have been for months.  I’m clean.  Are you?”

It never crossed my mind to be offended in the slightest.  “Just had my physical.  Clean as can be.”

“Then what the fuck are you waiting for?”

My cock was so hard I could feel my heartbeat pulsing through it and could only imagine how awesome she would feel without that latex barrier between us.  I pulled my shorts down as fast as I could and pushed into her, both of us moaning at the sensation.  She was so hot and wet and tight, ugh.  I had to calm myself down, or I wasn’t going to be able to last long enough to get her off again.  I seeing her come undone under me (or on top of me) was one of life’s pleasures and I fully intended to make it happen.

I took her hands and pinned them above her head.  She lifted her hips so her ass was on my hips and her legs locked around my waist.  At that angle, I could feel her over every inch of my dick and it was an incredible feeling.  I started out slowly, just wanting to enjoy the feel of her.  She was an active participant, meeting each thrust and rolling her hips once I was all the way inside her.  I swear to God, the woman was made just for me.

I wanted to feel her from a different angle before I completely lost it.  I pulled out and chuckled at her groan of displeasure.  “Hands and knees, lover,” I growled into her ear and released her hands.  She scrambled to get herself into position and looked over her shoulder at me, biting her lower lip so adorably.  I grasped her hips, hips that had so enchanted me earlier with the way they twisted and swayed, and plunged into her again.  Her back arched immediately and she cried out.  I felt her tighten around me and it felt incredible.  I knew at this angle, I would be able to hit her g-spot with every thrust.  My hips slammed into her ass with abandon and her pants, cries, and shrieks of pleasure continued to echo.  I felt myself swelling inside her and right before I lost it, her pussy clenched down on me I could feel her shaking.  I couldn’t hold back any longer and held her hips tightly as I released inside her, my voice bellowing her name adding to the echos.

She sank to her stomach with me inside of her.  Her walls were still quivering around me and I let her come down from the aftershocks.  He body was glistening with sweat in the moonlight.  The length of my body allowed me to kiss and lick her neck as she panted.  I pulled out when I felt her finally relax and reclined at her side.  She curled up against me, her head on my chest and her arm draped across my stomach.  As her breathing regulated, she tilted her head and kissed my shoulder.  “You should know that was the most amazing orgasm that I have ever had,” she whispered.

I couldn’t help but feel manly pride after a comment like that.  I kissed the top of her head.  “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I have skills you can’t even imagine,” I said lightly.

“I can imagine.  I look forward to giving you the chance of perfecting those skills, cowboy.  But you should probably get me back to my car.  I have to get some rest before our date tomorrow night.  Which I’m looking forward to, by the way.”

“Me too.  Let’s go.”

We dressed in comfortable silence and I dropped her off at her car in the Merlotte’s parking lot.  She leaned in and kissed me fiercely before hopping out of my car and into hers.  I couldn’t wait for our date night.

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