Holy Crap

Has it really been almost a year since I’ve posted anything on here?  Really?!? Well damn y’all, I’m sorry.  I don’t even know if anyone is reading this anymore, but what the hell?  There’s something a little weird about me (like that’s news):  I can’t write when I’m happy.  I use writing as an escape and if I don’t particularly want to escape from anything, I don’t feel the need to write.  However… this little quickie wasn’t inspired by sudden melancholy.  It was from some personal exploration I finally had the courage to undertake shortly after I last posted and someone I met.  One has nothing to do with the other, but I combined them for my own lascivious purposes.


This isn’t fan-fiction, but I hope (if anyone’s still reading this) that you’ll give it a read and let me know what you think.  I tried to make it sweet, sexy, and most importantly, short.  Looking forward to thoughts…



A quickie

Yeah, I suck.  I know this and am on my way to owing my faults.  My muses are flighty bitches and I don’t really have a whole lot of motivation to type.  I only get typing days every other week and while I LOVE Starbucks, sitting in their uncomfortable wooden chairs for hours on end requires lumbar muscles I just don’t have.  Plus, because of the cold, my hands are too stiff to write half the time, so I’m also suffering from lack of material.


What a sad, sad week too.  I loved David Bowie and have several songs of his on my iPod.  But I actually got choked up at the loss of Alan Rickman.  Most people are going to remember his as Severus Snape or Hans Gruber.  To me, He will always be Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility.  His talent was astronomical and his voice was legendary. God, that voice.  It’s no wonder that Kevin Smith wanted him as the voice of God.


And on that note, I introduce a new story.  YES, I know I should be having Sookie and Eric “reconnect” in TLRH, but I have no mojo for that right now.  I have a few chapters of this typed out and edited, so I feel reasonably safe in posting it.  I hope you enjoy!

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Sorry for the extended radio silence, but…

I was sitting in my car during my break at work and was hit with an idea.  Currently, every single one of my bitchy little muses are on vacation.  In their absence, I’ve learned that Kindle Unlimited might as well be literary crack for someone who devours books like I do.  I tried thinking of a way to kick-start my creative juices and a random thought appeared: find a stock photo from a generic website and write a story around it.  Then I thought maybe some other writes out there, old and new alike, would like the challenge as well.  Maybe it could be holiday themed.  Not for Christmas/New Year’s/Festivus/Whatever You Celebrate as that’s within spitting distance, but Valentine’s Day.  I’m curious, so I’m making a call out to readers and writers alike.


I’d really like to do this challenge and I’m wondering if anyone else would be interested.  I was hoping to run in along the same lines of the I Write the Songs contest.  How many authors would participate?  Would anyone be interested in co-judging?  Finally, I was hoping that someone with artistic/design experience would volunteer their services to make banners for the winners.  This is just a lark of an idea and I’m not entirely sure if anyone besides me and the 2 other writers I’ve mentioned it to would be interested.  Either way, it’s still something I want to try to restore my muses.  I look forward to any kind of response, be it enthusiasm or a (nice, gentle) crack-o-the-whip to say “Get back to work, woman!”


I’m copying and pasting here, so if anyone is unclear, the rules for the IWtS contest  (that would be applicable here) are:

  • 2,000 – 12,000 words, unlimited for multi-chapter fics
  • Canon SVM, AU,OOC or AH
  • Can be a first chapter to a multi-chapter fic, which you can continue after the contest.  Specify if you plan to add to the story.
  • Eric and Sookie as the main pairing (psst … the more Eric the better!) Otherwise Snarky Pam, Kill Bill or torture Quinn themes are good too. Or do a bromance.  Or a Pam/Stan or Jason/ Michele, or Sophie Anne / Andre or Amelia /Trey or Bill / Lorena, or some other pairing.  Humor is as valuable as lemons any day!
  • MUST use a beta.  I WILL send back to you or to a beta before the judges if I find obvious mistakes.
  • Maximum 3 entries, collaborations welcome
  • Must be a new, not posted story
  • Include a disclaimer that you do not own the SVM characters
  • Must be 18 to post M rated story
  • Pleasedo not tweet about your story on twitter or talk about it on your blog until after posting. You can say you are going to enter but don’t say when you are submitting. We want anonymous judging please!
  • Please no rape, incest, pedophilia or graphic abuse themes (unless you are torturing Bill or Quinn. LOL)

If you want more info about the outline I’m thinking of, visit




I know that I might not be allowing for a lot of time for this, but really, I’m just kind of sending out feelers right now.  Let me know.  Also, if you go to the new page at the top, you’ll see a teaser for what I want to do, even though I didn’t use a beta.  Please feed the beast!


Writer’s Block sucks

So I’m still racking my brain for a decent way to wrap up the current chapter of TLRH.  My head is completely absent of any and all lemony inspiration and I know that this chapter needs to be effing epic.  I’ve been reading loads of fairly decent smut that is pretty well-written (and is in no way associated with Twilight fanfiction) for some ideas, but the problem with that is I get sucked into the books and don’t really feel like writing.  Pretty much all my current projects are at a stand-still due to lack of inspiration.


BUT!  I’m not going to post something here and not give you something new to read… even if this has been sitting lonely on my hard drive for about a year and a half.  April 2014: Ali heard “Sleeping With a Friend” and got bombarded by story ideas.  This is one of them.  However, it never went further than this because another song grabbed me and I started working on my original story (which started as a fanfic idea, but now it’s all me, characters and everything).  If anything, maybe this stupid TLRH blockage will push me to start working on that story again.  Who knows?  I’m pretty sure Barnes and Noble is slowly and surely running out of decent smut and I refuse to buy anything with an number ending in “0” in the title or a blend of the colors black and white.  The only problem I’m having is finding titles I won’t be ashamed to be reading at work… even if the girl next to me unashamedly reads the second in a certain trilogy totally out in the open.


This story is under the “one-shots” heading since… well, I really can’t decide what to do with it beyond this chapter.  I totally admit that there’s potential for more and if this muse comes back and hands me more for these guys, I’ll add more in a heartbeat.  It’s just not something I can count on since my muses are totally fickle bitches.  I picture them in their Grecian gowns, laying on a tropical beach, drinking fruity cocktails with paper umbrellas, laughing at my frustration at their absence.  ANYWHO, please read and enjoy.  Happy Sunday and hope the Halloween hangovers aren’t too bad.RULES enter

I’m a junkie

No, not that kind of junkie.  I love books, as probably everyone here does.  I always have.  I like to reread favorites because I inevitably find something new that I skipped over on my first (or second or third…) read.


In high school, I got hooked on the Alex Cross novels by James Patterson.  Now, as of right now, I’m not a big fan of his because he seems to have become a “brand” that other (lesser known) authors use to get their stories out to the mass market.  But one book of his that grabbed me before he became a “brand” was Hide and Seek.  It wasn’t in the Cross books and stood alone.  Recently I started thinking back to that story and wanted to reread it again because, out of nowhere, I decided that someone really needs to turn that book into a novel.


So, I went through dream-casting in my head as I re-re-reread the book.  There’s two main characters.  Maggie Bradford is the heroine and she would need to be played by someone who can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.  I see an Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, or Rachel McAdams playing the awesome Maggie.h&s girlsThen… there’s Will Shepherd.  Will is an amazing character in that he’s such a bad guy.  American born, raised in England.  Takes to football (soccer) like a duck to water.  That’s where his normality ends.  He’s a sick fuck and it would be ah-may-zing to see what our favorite Swede could do with a twisty character like Will.

alex h&s

I wonder if any of you guys have also read the book and if you might have a similar dream cast.  If so, please share. No one else I know has read it and I long for someone I can gush over it with.  My ex bought me the book on the condition that I give it to him when I was done since I didn’t have to motivation to dig through all the Rubbermaid bins of books I have in storage to find my copy.  So now I have to wait on him to start then finish.  I doubt he’ll want to get all giddy over the prospect of ASkars playing Will in my fictional not-yet-written movie.  Consider this my book recommendation for the… er… month? Quarter?  Whatever.


Anyway, all this reading has taken away from my writing time at work.  As such, I’m woefully behind on my chapters.  So, I’m posting a teaser to hold you over until I finish this chapter and get it fully beta’d because I’m awful at editing my own stuff and RealJena knows how my mind works and can decipher my atrocious typing.  The coming chapter doesn’t have a title or anything yet, but I will definitely let you guys know when the full feature is ready to roll.  Enjoy!

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I’m an anomoly

Yeah, I fully accept the fact that I have more than a few quirks that most people don’t get.  I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the county, just minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is admittedly gorgeous during Fall Foliage season.  But, mid-September is also when the temperatures start to drop.  I HATE the cold.  Anything under sixty degrees is frigid.  I was seriously born in the wrong area.  If I had my way, I’d be living here:

Alis dream

Blue skies, year-round mild temperatures, and water as far as the eye can see.  As long as there was space for my boys to have their own rooms and I have some kind of internet access, that’s paradise.  I don’t need TV or… really much of anything as long as I have my laptop and iTunes.  And a coffee maker.  I can’t deal without coffee.


I’m also a huge bonehead.  I wanted to make positively sure that I could get the next chapter of TLRH typed out since I’ve been really bad about updating.  I even went to the bank yesterday to get my notebook so I’d be prepared for Typing Day.  And… I grabbed the wrong one.  So Sookie and Eric are chilling in the drawer I can’t currently access because of alarms and shit.  BUT, I have one final fully typed and edited chapter ready to go.  Hopefully you guys enjoy and let me know whatcha think, because I’m kind of conflicted about the Lex-Addie thing and would like some views that don’t argue with the characters that live in my brain.  I know that makes me sound a little psycho, but all writers have to be somewhat.  I’ll just sit here and mourn my stupid Mid-Atlantic climate and dream of tropical beaches while you read.  Happy October!

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What a pain in the ass

It’s no real secret, but I have fibromyalgia.  I’ve been talking my meds like a good girl, but pharmaceuticals have nuthin’ on that bitch Mother Nature.  When the seasons change – especially when it goes from warmer to colder –  it’s like the Bullshit Lottery.  Which part of me will be in excruciating pain today?  Unfortunately, for the last several days, it’s been my wrists, shoulders, and fingers.  It’s moved down to my ankle now, so I’m able to type again.  Yay!?!


Also, this BS about the comments has pissed me off.  It took me a good hour and a half of googling solutions, reading kjwrit’s posts and using the links she mentions to find nada.  Finally, as luck would have it, I found the solution on my own and have made sure they are active.  In my ignorance, I deleted the HP story hoping that if I repost it, the comments would be come active.  They didn’t, but the solution worked, so I got it back up.  If you read it before and weren’t able to comment, please take the opportunity to do so now.  That’s the first time I’ve ever done any kind of slash.  It was kind of fun, especially knowing that I’d kill the little old ladies I work with if they ever had the never to crack the notebook it was scribbled in.

hp story enter

But now I return to TrueBloodia, the land of sinfully hot vikings and somewhat annoying fairy-hybrids.  Lots of you guys have wondered what has been happening in Eric’s suite.  Well, read on to find out and let me know your thoughts.  Hope you enjoy!

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