Chapter 18


Well, that’s a hell of a bomb to drop on someone right before walking out of the room.  Her boyfriend is cheating on her?  Is she certain or just suspicious?  Did she come back last night hoping to make him jealous?  Was she just using me?  I didn’t like having these questions about the charming, seemingly straightforward Southern belle; I would be so disappointed if she was just as shady as almost every other woman I’ve come across.

I hear the water start running and wonder for a moment if I should just leave and be done with this… conflict.  But that’s not me.  I want to hear her out.  Fifteen minutes later, she reappears in a worn sorority t-shirt and cutoffs, looking every inch the country girl she claims to be at heart.  Her nimble fingers weave her hair into braided pigtails and I feel my jeans start to get uncomfortably tight, despite their intentional bagginess.   She takes her seat next to me and pulls her legs under her as she turns to face me.

“Sam and I have been together for a little over a year.  When we started getting serious, I told him that cheating was a non-negotiable: he cheats, we’re done.  No excuses, no discussion, D-O-N-E.  Last night, Kennedy was driving me home and I saw his Bronco at his bar with another truck and I got curious.  Kennedy pulled over and told me what she walked in on the other day.”  She reaches over and pulls out her phone, swipes the screen a few times and hands it to me.  The curly haired dog wrapped around a brunette, neither of them wearing shirts.  “Ken also confirmed that the truck parked next to Sam’s Bronco belonged to that same waitress.  I asked her to drive me back to your house.  I didn’t want to go home and alternately wallow and rage until I could confront him.  As far as I’m concerned, he and I were over the minute he touched her in anything more than a friendly manner.”

I nod.  “Right… but why’d you come back to me?  You could have stayed with Kennedy, Holly… I can think of several people who would have been happy to support you that know you better than I do.”

Her face turns that delicious shade of pink and she looks down at her knees.  “Do you really have to ask that?  You know I’m attracted to you and have been for a long time.  We’ve spent a lot of time together over the past couple of months… and frankly, spending the day with you yesterday in those dangerously low slung board shorts was an exercise in self-control.  Once I realized that the only obstacle keeping me from exploring the extent of this mutual attraction was gone… I said ‘fuck it’ and decided not to deprive either of us any longer.”

Not a single word of revenge or payback; just a sincere desire to move on.  She seems perfectly sincere and I can’t stop myself.  Leaning in, I whisper against her ear.  “You have no idea how hard it was to control myself with you in that bikini.  I spent the whole day regretting the party and wished I had invited you alone.”

She giggles.  “But you know I wouldn’t have come alone.  You were smart and made it a group event and let the sexual tension build until it was almost suffocating.  But guess what!  There’s no one else around right now… I’m newly single… and perfectly sober.  You managed to get me a day off work and I have no plans at all for the rest of my day… think we can try again?  I promise not to pass out on you this time.”

It’s an offer I can’t refuse.  I cup the back of her head and kiss her just as roughly as she kissed me last night.  She doesn’t hesitate to respond just as passionately, letting her tongue dance with mine.  She tastes like cinnamon toothpaste.  We take the same positions on her sofa as we did on mine: she on her back with me hovering over her, taking the opportunity to nip and kiss her like I’ve been wanting to.  She smells like honey and almonds.  This time I don’t hesitate in running my hands up her sides and lifting her shirt.  She does the same and lets her fingernails scratch over my ribs, catching slightly when they slide over my nipples.  I jump and she giggles against my neck.  I playfully growl and capture her hands and hold them above her head.  “Don’t move,” I warn her and start peeling the practically threadbare burgundy t-shirt from her torso.

Her bra is pale, sage green lace and frames her fantastic breasts to perfection.  I run my fingers over the edges and blow warm air over her skin when it erupts in goosebumps.  She purrs like a content kitten and grabs the hem of my own shirt.  Shifting my weight to my knees, I help pull the shirt away and her eyes get even darker blue.  “Now this… this is what had me so damn distracted yesterday,” she sighs, running her slender fingers over my chest and abs.

Giving her a wicked smirk, I palm her breasts through her bra.  “Just seeing these in that bikini had me semi-hard most of the day.  They were the reason for my frequent dips into the lake.”  I reach under her and snap open the clasp.  Sliding the straps down her arms, I place light kisses in her cleavage before pulling the garment away.  “Your tan lines are luscious,” I tell her before running my tongue over that border between gold and cream.  Even her skin holds a faint taste of honey: rich and teasingly sweet.

“Mmm… yes, Eric,” she breathes as she runs her fingers through my hair, grazing my scalp with her nails.  It’s relaxing and erotic at the same time.

We nip and tease each other until we’re both panting.  Her heart is racing under my palms that can’t leave her amazing tits for more than a few seconds.  My breath hitches when I feel her tugging at my belt.  I quickly get with the program, help her with the stiff leather and assist her with removing her shorts.  We maneuver our ways out of these unnecessary layers preventing skin-on-skin contact.

Every inch of her is soft and smooth.  Her tiny panties match her discarded bra and I lick my lips at removing that final bothersome layer.  The constriction of my boxer briefs is almost unbearable.  I return my mouth to hers, kissing her deeply before making my way down her body.  I grace each nipple with a thorough lick and suckle, then kiss and nip my way over her abdomen. I can’t help but flick her glitter little zodiac symbol again with my tongue again before snapping my eyes up to her face.  She looks down at me with a hungry expression I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Grinning again, I slip my fingers under the pale green lace and slowly inch the material down her long legs.  Seeing her bare for the first time… she’s perfection.  She shifts and rubs her thighs together, whimpering and I can’t help but chuckle.  “Patience, Love.  I’ll take care of that for you.”  I kiss each ankle and work my way back up until both her legs are hitched over my shoulders and the scent of her arousal makes my eyes roll back.  I can’t wait to taste her.

“Sook, you can’t call a man when you get home?  Where the fuck were you and what the fuck is that Goddamned Corvette doing in the driveway?”

I’m going to fucking kill someone.

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