The Long Road Home – Chapter 15 – Red Light Special

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The following three weeks passed as planned.  Addie brought a suitcase of clothes from her apartment along with a box of books and notes.  From the time her classes ended until sundown, she would split her time between studying and relaxing, determining that her mind seemed sharper after an hour-long Swedish massage at the in-house spa and a pedicure.


When Lex would join her after dark, he would alternate between assisting his guest with any questions she had regarding her schooling and his sheriff duties.  When the penthouse clocks turned from PM to AM, both the hybrid and the vampire had the same Pavlovian response.  No words needed, no questions asked, no encouragement required – both supernatural beings would immediately head into the prince’s luxurious day-chamber.


Lex certainly lived up to his word.  Every night since that first, he had treated her to at least one new sensation.  The girl loved the feel of his long fingers inside her, longed for his lips on her breasts, hungered for his tongue flicking between her nether lips.  As he’d promised, she would get wet when he gave her the power over his pleasure.  At first she was surprised to feel her thighs slick after hearing his aroused groans, accented cursing, or orgasmic grunting in Latin, Greek, or Italian.  Addie grew to crave the weight of his cock in her hands or its taste on her tongue.


There was only one way Lex could have been more satisfied with his student.  From the first evening she graced his day-chamber, she had proven herself quite the apt pupil.  Her passionate and responsive nature surprised him only in its intensity.  The story he had heard from his mentor all those centuries ago was proving true.  Going down for the day with her sunny honeyed flavor on his lips made death at dawn both more pleasant than ever before and more regrettable than he’d ever known.


The evening after she presented her thesis was the culmination of his lessons.  Addie had been adamant from the first that the loss of her virginity be something “special” and “traditional”.  In the weeks of their playtime, after biting his tongue, Lex relieved her of the burden of her hymen painlessly.  He’d prepared her well for intercourse and she would feel no more than a slight discomfort at the new sensation of being completely filled.  He had fucked her with his mouth and fingers; he looked forward to showing her “slow and sensual” from midnight until just before dawn for her first time.


When she appeared at the penthouse after her presentation, it was with a huge smile and a light demeanor.  Her professors and classmates were both impressed with her research and jealous of the personal interviews she’d managed to conduct.  In celebration, Lex offered her room service; she wouldn’t have another chance to eat during the night.  Wanting something that would fill her up and give her energy, she ordered a large garden salad – broccoli, spinach, peppers, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, and avocado topped with a medium-grilled sirloin (sans garlic salt) and a glass of sweet red wine for relaxation.  While she ate, they discussed the finer points of her presentation and she informed him that she was done.  Her exams had been administered, her paper submitted, all that was left was commencement.  She was excited to see her mother.  Addie still heard from her daily, either by phone or email.  It sounded as though she were enjoying her trip up the East Coast.  Lex admitted that he was looking forward to meeting the woman that had raised such an impressive child.


Once her meal was done, the vampire stood and extended his hand.  Seeing as how she had nothing but the graduation ceremony to prepare for, there was no need to keep the former schedule.  Neither would argue over having more hours of darkness in which to play.  Lex led her down the hall to the now-familiar room.  Upon entering, he spun her around, pressed her against the wall and kissed her ferociously.  When he finally broke the lip-lock, seeing her sufficiently breathless, her murmured against her neck, “Have I ever told you that you have a fucking perfect mouth, love?  Pillowy lips perfect for licking or nibbling… a tongue made for fellatio.  You’re a damn natural, mia fata, made for making me come.  I was made similarly…” he said after swiping a taste of her wine from those lips.  “I’m going to make you come so hard so many times tonight that it’s a very good thing you have no plans for tomorrow.  I intend to make walking or, hell, speaking a challenge, requiring you to say confined to your bed until dusk tomorrow when I can do it all over again.”


Addie couldn’t help but shiver.  She knew he could do it.  She also knew that he had it in him to render her completely unconscious with pleasure; he’d done it before.  The first time he massaged her g-spot while sucking her clit, she went into ecstatic convulsions so powerful that she literally blacked out for several alarming minutes before coming-to with a completely blissed-out grin.


She’d dressed especially for the night’s events.  Forgoing her usual shorts and t-shirt, she wore a dress she’d ordered online.  On the model it came to the knee, but with her long legs, on Addie, it came to mid-thigh.  It was an unusual shade of muted lime green with yellow and black paisleys, making the spring-green of her eyes pop.  With the halter neck and open back, it was impossible for her to wear a bra.  She watched the prince, with a devilish smirk that made her breath stutter, kneel before her.  “What treats do you have under here, love?  This is a very pretty dress, but I think I may like it more on the floor.”  Without waiting for an answer, he slid his cool palms up her legs, pleased that she was soft, smooth, and smelled faintly of vanilla.  Not the candied, artificial scent in many bath products, but as though she had fallen asleep in a field of the orchids he first discovered in Tahiti after he was turned.  The silky material of her skirt fell over his hands and lifted as his hands smoothed higher.


Addie was a girl who dressed for comfort, but lingerie was her extravagance.  She liked the feminine feel of lace, satin, and silk against her most private parts.  Lex grinned when he saw the black lace boyshorts that clung to her hips.  “These are new, aren’t they?”  When she nodded, he kissed her leg.  “Then I shall endeavor to keep them intact for future use.”  He spun her to face the wall and playfully lifted the back of the dress.  “They make your ass look fantastic… although that could simply be vision and the lace is merely an embellishment.  Let’s get rid of these.”  With slow, gentle fingers, he slid the undergarment down her legs and inhaled, pleased to smell both her arousal and the strengthening scent of her fae essence.  Tossing the flimsy material uncaringly over his shoulder, he turned her around again and studied the flesh before him.  Paler in tint than the rest of her, she had a very pretty pussy.  Bare of all but a small patch of dark gold hair, she was pink and glistening, with the swollen nub of her clit begging to be touched. Without further ado, he spread her folds with his thumbs and swiped his tongue through her petals.


“Jesus fuck,” she sighed, leaning back limply against the wall for support.  “That’s amazing.”  Her fingernails raked through his curls, pulling them slightly when he hit an especially sensitive spot.  Almost four weeks of intensive study had taught Lex how to play this body well and he took advantage of all he’d learned.  Lapping again and again through her slit, she could only weakly whimper for more.  One hand holding her steady by pinning her hip to the wall, he used an unoccupied finger to rim her opening, teasing her with the gentle sensation as he ate her enthusiastically.  When her thighs quivered against his cheeks, he increased his efforts until she wailed rapturously and poured her honey into his waiting mouth.


If he could live on that, he would happily forego blood.  He carried her limp form to his bed, unclasping the halter neck of her dress and pulled down her body before flinging it in the same general direction of her panties.  “One down, love.  How many times do you think I can make you scream tonight?”  His personal record with her in one night was six; he was determined to exceed it, especially since he had more time at his disposal.


Employing his hands and mouth, he brought her twice more, making her exultant wails echo off the walls of the palatial room.  He stood and pulled his casual button-down off before unbuttoning his jeans.  Her lazily-lidded eyes widened marginally to see he’d gone commando and was already proudly standing at attention.  “Do you remember my promise, Addie?” he purred, shucking the material from his legs. “What I swore to you that night just four weeks ago?”  With her eyes still hazy, she shook her head and he grinned.  “I’m going to worship you, little one.  Every inch of this succulent body will feel my adoration, from your adorable purple toenails to the roots of that glorious golden hair.  Every,” he kissed the arch of her left foot, “fucking,” he nipped her right toe, “inch.”


He took more than ninety minutes demonstrating his dedication.  By the time he was done, her skin was damp with sweat and she’d come again by his attention to lesser-known erogenous zones: the nape of her neck, the crease above her top lip, the insides of her elbows, the base of her spine.  He waiting for her shaking to ebb before breathing against her cheek, “Are you ready for me, mia fata?  Everything we’ve done, fun as it has been, has been building up to this.  I can’t wait to feel your tight, wet little quim snug around my cock.  Are you ready, love?”


Dazedly she nodded.  He’d blown her mind four times already and hadn’t sought any relief for himself.  She would have to remember to thank him for his single-minded commitment to her pleasure later.  She was almost certain of how she would show him her gratitude.


Kneeling between her thighs, he gripped his dick and stroked it several times, moaning at the long-delayed sensation.  Lex let his erection slide through her folds before he entered her, making sure he was slick for her and to stoke her arousal yet again. Hovering over her, his weight was held on one arm while the other positioned him at her opening.  He let himself get lost in her clear green irises and he slowly pushed in.  “You are so beautiful, love.  Thank you for this gift.”


Because of their weeks of play, there was no pain, no burning pinch she’d heard described in high school.  The fullness of his penetration was not wholly comfortable, but as he thrust deeper, the thickness and heaviness inside her morphed from awkward and strange to pleasant.  By the time she had taken all of him, a new kind of burning desire occupied her womb and she urged the prince to please, please move!


Lex’s little fairy… by the gods, she was fucking magnificent.  He glided into her over and over at a steady pace, thoroughly and surprisingly sweet.  Holding his weight on his forearms, he hovered over her, stealing kisses and whispering deliciously dirty nothings in her ear.  He wove her desire with every thrust, every kiss and caress, designing it to his whim, coaxing her to lose control for him again.  Maneuvering a hand between their bodies, he stroked her delectable little pearl.  “Come again, Addie.  I can tell you’re close.”


Her eyes flew open and he felt her soaking velvet walls undulate around him, her mouth wide in a silent scream.  With a desperate gasp for breath, her back arched and she cried his name.  He gathered her fisted hands in one of his and pinned them over her head, never stopping his drives into her, drawing out her pleasure.  His fairy’s writhing… her snug, gorgeous little pussy rippling around him… his balls soaked in her juices… her euphoric expression… her taste lingering on his tongue… all of it finally got to him and he let himself fall over the edge.  When he finally felt himself stop pulsing, he became aware of a tiny breathless giggle from beneath him.  “What?” he asked, not pleased with humor at his situation.


“How many researchers would kill to hear you swear in… that was ancient Greek, wasn’t it?  That’s what it seems you use most often when you mutter to yourself or when you… come,” she said with a faint blush.


He carefully pulled out and reclined next to her.  “That was my native tongue, what my mother spoke.  When we were taken to Rome, we had to learn Latin, although Selene and I still spoke to each other in Greek until I was turned. I’ve learned literally hundreds of languages since I was turned because of my travels with my maker, but most of them no longer exist.  I am comfortable with Italian since it was formed from Latin and my European businesses are based mostly in Italy.  Modern Greek is similar.  But my mother’s language is what I’m still most comfortable with.”


Addie smiled and shifted so her head rested on his bicep.  “I like that.  I should get you to teach me so I know what you’re saying when I…” She turned to kiss the muscle she was using as a pillow before shifting to sit and straddle his hips, “make you lose that cool and calm façade.  There isn’t anything I can think of that’s hotter than when you come completely undone.  In fact…” her hand came down to wrap around his mostly-flaccid member, “…I think you deserve some kind of reward.”  She grinned as her strokes made him groan and stiffen against her palm.


Lex reveled in the silky softness of her hand, caressing his member with the perfect tight grip to make him lose his train of thought.  Every bit of his mind was focused on his cock, which his little fairy was lavishing with attention.  She was fucking sublime and he gasped when her tongue peeked out of her peony-colored lips, swollen from their earlier activities.  That magnificent pink muscle swiped the dew from his tip and she moaned, savoring his flavor.  She licked and kissed down his shaft, teasing him with purposely light touches.  Just before he begged, she engulfed him in her mouth.


This was a lesson she had taken to with vigor, applying what he determined had to be natural talent with a desire to please.  His moaning in dead languages turned her on more than almost anything.  The salty, earthy taste of his seed was nothing like the bitter, foul taste that she’d heard about in whispers from other girls.  But she was willing to give up his taste for what she had in mind to thank him for the perfect deflowering.


She felt him swelling between her lips, his hips jerking every time she sucked in her cheeks and pulled back.  Knowing he was on the edge, she bobbed her head a few more times to ensure that his cock was sufficiently lubricated then replaced her mouth with her hand again.  He whimpered in disappointment and opened his eyes.  Blue met green in agony; they watched as the hybrid deliberately licked her bottom lip, scraped her teeth over puffy pink tissue, and bit down… hard.  She winced, but he was distracted by the flash of scarlet that bloomed over the rose.  Through the haze of his lust, he could smell her blood; if his fangs hadn’t already been down, he wouldn’t have been able to hold them back.  Never slowing her hand, she leaned down and met his lips in an enthusiastic kiss.


His tongue swept over her lip, drawing as much of her crimson blood into his mouth as he could from such a small, superficial wound.  The bead she had painted over his lip weeks ago had been a tease.  Although there was no way that the few small drops she was giving him would assuage his thirst, he knew that even the cleanest premium bagged blood would taste like old pennies after tasting her.  He sucked on her lips, drawing as much of her blood as possible and she permitted him to do so.  She stroked him harder, faster, helplessly grinding her own hips against the muscled thigh she straddled as he plundered her mouth.


With superior supernatural multi-tasking skills, he matched her strokes, thrusting his shaft through her clenched fist at a more satisfactory speed; at the same time, he reached down and stroked his fairy’s clit as she rode his leg, undulating trying to find friction that would ease the tension in her groin.  All the while, he continued to ravage her mouth.  His free hand stretched up and nestled in her hair, holding her in place.  She began gasping against his lips and her thighs started shaking.  He bucked his hips frantically, plied his fingers faster, and sucked harder, knowing that they were both about to explode.  Addie bore down against the hand manipulating her sensitive pearl and with an ecstatic wail, she came apart.  Feeling her sweet juices drenching his leg, he stiffened and fell over the edge, nearly delirious with the heady flavor of her blood and the libidinous, well-taught touch of his fairy.


In weary euphoria, she collapsed against his warmer-than-usual body, drenched in sweat that he didn’t mind in the least.  They used the comfortable silence: her to catch her breath and recover from the orgasmic aftershocks that intermittently rippled through her body; him to unfog his head and mentally gloat that he had tied his record with much of the night still to go.


“Why, mia fata?” he asked once it seemed as though she were rested and once again coherent.


Addie didn’t have to ask what he was referring to.  “You promised not to bite me, but we both know that someday, I’m going to want you to.  I’ve heard and read too much about it to not be curious.  You’re better able to handle my scent when I’m not masking because of the exposure.  It’s not a far stretch from that to believe that if we’re careful, you’ll be able to control yourself when that inevitable time comes.”  He raised an eyebrow skeptically and she rolled her eyes.  “Not tonight.  But a taste every now and then isn’t out of the realm of probability.  I liked you sucking on my lip more than I expected.”


Lex rolled onto his side facing her and smoothed a hand up her body, hip to breast.  “I’m more than happy to suck on any part of you that you’d like.  A few possibilities stand out as personal favorites,” he jested, lightly pinching her nipple.  “But perhaps you’d like to rest a bit.  Dawn is still a few hours away and I have every intention of making you scream at least twice more before I die for the day.”


Her blush at the idea was as adorable as her giggle, but she still closed her eyes.  “I think I will take a short rest.  You certainly have a way of wearing a girl out.  Just let me power-nap for twenty minutes and I’ll be ready to go again.”  She turned her head and kissed his shoulder tiredly.  “Don’t let me sleep more than that or I’ll be too groggy to enjoy myself.”


Before he could agree to her plans, she was asleep, her body exhausted from his attentions.  Lex couldn’t help but feel typical male pride at that.  Although their agreement had no defined expiration date, he could easily see keeping the little hybrid by his side for the foreseeable future.  She was truly magnificent.


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  1. Can you imagine Lex meeting Sookie?
    “By the way lex my mom hasn’t aged and she’s telepathic”

    Or lex being present when Eric and Sookie meet again. I can imagine his “wtf” look. Hehe

  2. That was one hot and sexy “first time.” Lucky Addie!
    I can hardly wait for Sookie and Eric’s reunion. I can just imagine the “wtf” looks on Addie and Alex’s faces! 😄😋

  3. This story is so addictive and I’m not ashamed to say I check a couple of times each day for updates ( also gives me an excuse to re read favourite bits ). I’ve got several scenarios running thru my head on when and how Eric and Sookie meet ( not to mention Pam’s reaction ) but as much as I’m eagerly awaiting the ” big reunion ” I’m so loving Addie and Lex

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