Chapter 12


Why am I so stupid?  I’m the confident actor that never loses his cool and am being driven to my wit’s end by this little Southern girl that I’ve known for less than a day.  Part of me wants to think it’s only the challenge and the chase, but a bigger part feels like there’s more to it than that.

I use the GPS to get back to my rental and take the sharp turns carefully while following the instructions given to me in a British monotone.  Hurriedly, I enter the code to open the gate and punch in the same sequence when I throw open the door.  I rip my clothes off as I make my way to the bedroom and grab my phone.  I lay back on the bed naked and wait for the sweet accented voice to answer.

“Don’t tell me… Nowheresville is boring as hell and you’re coming home.”

“Aww, Pammy… do you miss me?” I ask only somewhat sarcastically.

Pam Ravenscroft and I were cast as siblings by HBO and began a strange friendship.  We never “dated” exactly, but neither of us were opposed to fooling around to take the edge off when needs called for it.  My needs are screaming for some release badly.

“I hate the hiatus.  All I do is wait for the publicity to start so I can actually do something.  So what’s up, Viking?”

“What are you wearing,” I ask seductively.  She knows what I want.

“Mmm… that kind of mood, huh?  I suppose I might be wearing my red satin nightgown, waiting for the sun to go down.”

I reach down and start slowly stroking myself, picturing what she tells me.  My average height, fair skinned cast mate isn’t the one occupying my mind’s eye though.  I picture the negligee on someone darker and taller.  “What else?”

“Silly boy… nothing else.  Where do you want me?”

“Get on your bed and lay on your back.  Put the phone on speaker.  I want your hands free.”

I hear her soft footsteps make their way through her house and I hear them stop when she gets to the carpet in her bedroom.  “I’m here,” she says softly.  What do you want me to do?”

I tighten my grip on my erection and slow my strokes, wanting to last.  “Slide the straps of your nightgown down so your tits are out. Tell me how they feel as you massage them.”

Her voice has gotten husky despite the tin-can sound caused by the speaker-phone.  “Mmm… God, Eric, my nipples are so hard and tight.  Can I pinch them?”

I try to picture her reclined on her bed and all I can see is Sookie.  Fuck, this isn’t working like I hoped.  I shake my head and try to regain focus.  “Yes.  Suck on your fingers, making them nice and wet and pinch them hard.”

I hear her slurping on her fingers, then quiet moans a few seconds later.  “Fuck, Eric that feels so good.”

I just barely speed up my strokes.  “Is your pussy wet, Pam?”

“Oh, god, so wet, Eric.  Let me touch it,” she whimpers, breathing hard.

“Keep your fingers on your tits, Pam,” I say harshly and she groans softly.  “Not until you tell me what you want.”

Through her panting breaths, she simpers, “I want to play with my clit, imagining it’s your fingers.  I want to fuck myself with my hand, imagining it’s your cock.  I want to play with my ass and come hard, pretending you’re on top of me.”

Damn if that isn’t exactly what I want to hear.  I collect the precum from my tip and use it to make my strokes smoother.  “Slide a hand from your breast and play with your clit.  Let me hear how wet I make you.”

All’s quiet for a moment, then I hear the tell-tale, sticky sound of her fingers playing with herself, using her own juices to lubricate her bundle of nerves.  She moans, “Oh God… Eric… that feels so good!  I’m so turned on that I’m dripping onto the sheets.  Please, let me come.”

My eyes are closed, imagining the voice telling me this has a soft Southern lilt rather than a faded, tight British accent.  “Not yet.  Get on your hands and knees, but keep playing with your clit,” I order and hear the phone shuffle as she changes positions.  “Keep your fingers out of your pussy, Pam.  Suck your fingers again and pinch your clit.  Let me hear you.”

I hear her follow my directions and then a keening moan.  “Fuck Eric… I need to come.  Please… tell me to fuck myself.”

I almost laugh at that; I would under different circumstances.   I put my own phone on speaker and reach down with my other hand to grip and lightly tug on my balls while I jack off.  “Alright Pam.  Reach back and slide one finger inside.  Pump it back and forth.  Use your thumb on your clit.”

I hear the sweet slippery sound of her pussy and shiver.  She’s more whimpering and moaning than talking for a few minutes before she breathes, “Can I add another finger?”

I’m so lost in my own fantasy; I feel bad for neglecting her.  “Yes, two more.  Fuck yourself hard like it’s my cock pounding into you.  Make yourself scream, Pamela,” I command.  I feel my muscles starting to tighten and know it’s only going to take a little more before I can let go.

Pam is so good at this.  I can hear her hand fucking herself, the wet slippery sound coming through the phone loud and clear.  Neither of us speak as we try to reach our releases.  Knowing, I’m close, I want her hear her come before I do.  “Use one of those slippery fingers and tease that tight little ass, Pam.  I want to hear you howl, baby.”

“Mmm… ooh… fuck… fuckfuckfuck… OH GOD ERIC!”  She screams and I come all over my hand and stomach with a growl.  We take turns cleaning ourselves up and get back on the phone, more relaxed and out of breath than we were before.  “So… who is she?” Pam asks as though we hadn’t just had phone sex.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Pammy,” I reply, slipping into my pajama pants and wandering out to the kitchen to get a beer before claiming a chair on the deck.  “Couldn’t I just miss you?”

“Northman, you and I both know that we are each other’s stand-in.  If you’re calling me from three hours and three thousand miles away just to get off, there’s someone there that you want but can’t get.  Forgive me while I roll my eyes in disbelief.  Spill.”

So I tell her about Sookie, the fascinating rental agent that seems both awed and unimpressed by me at the same time.  The girl that is able to resist me despite her admitted attraction.  The woman this is bound to drive me out of my mind before filming is over in August.

To my frustration, Pam cackles.  “Jesus, you are Eric Fucking Northman!  When have you ever let something as insignificant as a boyfriend get in your way?  Just be more subtle with your seduction of the little belle.  You’ll have her before the end of summer and you can come back to civilization with another notch in your California king bed post.”

Despite her sarcasm and bluntness, talking with Pam makes me feel better.  We end the call and I take in the starry night sky and the quiet lap of the water against the rocks.  I’m more relaxed now, but I know it won’t be long before pretend time with my hand isn’t going to cut it.

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