Come Undone 4 – The Thunder Rolls

thunder rolls


I watch as Sookie walks in the house, silently passing me. I’ve only seen her current expression once or twice since I moved in. It only appears when she’s confused or conflicted about something. Since she’s usually confident and decisive, it doesn’t take me long to figure out that I am the source of her current state of mind.

Rather than follow her inside, I stay out in the rain and stare at JB. He’s a big guy – probably normally pretty intimidating, but I’m bigger. And one look at his face tells me that he’s just as pissed as I am.

“So how long has this been going on? Isn’t she a little old for you? You should stick to your own generation, son,” he fires at me, his eyes narrowed.

I feel my jaw tighten in response. I want to argue, but I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. I decide to be the bigger man figuratively as well as literally and just walk away.

I head up the stairs outside to my private entrance, not wanting to track water and mud through the hall and up the stairs. I grab a towel out of the bathroom and try to rub the excess water out of my hair. I realize I’m still dripping puddles on the floor, so I quickly change into sweats and a tank – I don’t see any point in putting my work clothes back on. The storm system is huge and supposed to last late into the night. Comfort is the rule when I’m stuck inside.

I stretch out on the couch with the TV on for background noise while I think. Kissing Sookie in the garden wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. In fact, the more I think about it, it may have been one of my stupidest moves ever.

I’m not blind or clueless; there’s been an attraction between Sookie and myself from the moment she opened her door when I applied for the job. There’s a difference between thinking someone is hot and thinking they’re beautiful. I learn more about Sookie day after day; she amazes me with her drive and her ability to persevere despite the hardships life throws at her. While I still think she is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met; as cliché as it sounds, she’s even more beautiful inside.

I have gone from being merely attracted to her to wanting her voraciously. I’ve used the shower more than once to relieve myself of fantasies of her, which were growing in both frequency and creativity. That surprises me; I am no virgin, but the two girls I had been with in Kentucky hadn’t shown me the things my brain was now capable of coming up with.

Now I don’t know what to do. All I can think about is heading down the stairs and picking up where we left off before we were interrupted. I really don’t think another shower was going to cut it this time.


What the fuck was I thinking? How the hell did I think it was appropriate to throw myself at him and kiss him like that? I march myself into the bathroom and turn on the hot water for a shower. As hot as that kiss was, the rain was not and as soon as I pulled away from Eric’s big, warm body, I felt the chill.

I strip my sodden clothes off and toss them in the hamper. Naked, I look at myself in the mirror. I’m not disappointed by what I see, but I’m the only one to see me this way in over two years. I can’t help but wonder if another man will ever look at me with the same heat, intensity, and raw passion as Remy did.

I know that Eric is attracted to me. I’m not blind or stupid; truthfully I like his attention. Even if I’m daydreaming or just not paying attention to the world around me, I can feel the weight of his eyes on me. As wrong as my brain wants it to feel, my heart thinks it might be time to move on. There is something about Eric’s quiet calmness that I crave. I know without a doubt that Remy would be pissed at me for hiding away from the world like I’ve done so far.

I step under the water and close my eyes, savoring the warmth as the water flows down my body. I lean and press my forehead to the tiles under the shower head. I want to move on. I want to feel a connection with someone, I want to feel my body come alive with another person’s touch. The problem is, I feel so Goddamn disloyal for wanting that.

I force my brain to shut down so I can get this over with. I do my best not to think while I wash the dirt out of my hair and the mud off my skin. The rain seems to have only made it worse rather than better. I wrap myself in my warm flannel robe and grab my bottle of lotion that smells like almonds and cherries. I might live in jeans, boots, and t-shirts, but I still like smelling like a girl whenever I can.

After putting on the lotion, I slide on one of the little sundresses I haven’t put on or had a reason to wear since I moved back. Leaving my hair down to air dry, I head out to the kitchen. I need to distract myself. I hear footsteps pacing above me and I can’t help but smile, just a little. Apparently I’m not the only one at odds and ends over the events of the day.

It feels strange not to be getting ready for bed. The storm has the sky so dark it feels like night, but we had lunch just a few hours ago. I do a quick inventory of the refrigerator and pantry to try to decide what I want to make for dinner. I grab a pack of chicken wings from the freezer and mix up some of the spicy marinade that Remy taught me how to make while they defrost in the microwave. Cooking is soothing; it helps me concentrate on what’s right in front of me rather than what’s going on around me. The sky outside lights up like noon for a split second, then a crash so loud that I jump. The house goes dark.


The house is oddly quiet. Normally, the only time Sookie and I are inside and not hanging out are when we’re waking up or going to sleep. We spend most of our days outside together and the rest of the waking hours in the same part of the house.

I jump when I hear the loud bang of thunder, but am not surprised when the power goes out. I really didn’t expect anything less from this monster of a storm. I make it to my nightstand and grab the flashlight I keep there for reasons just like this and plan on heading downstairs to make sure Sookie is okay. I heard her moving around the kitchen and I want to make sure she doesn’t get hurt or burned.

I flip on the flashlight and go to the door at the top of the stairs. I normally keep it closed so the cool air from the air conditioning stays up here where it’s supposed to. I open the door and step back in surprise. Sookie is standing on the top step with her own flashlight, her hand reached out like she was reaching for the knob. “Are you okay?” I ask, stepping back so she can come in.

She bites on her bottom lip, looking ten years younger. “I need to talk to you. About what happened in the garden,” she says quietly.

I knew it. My ass is getting fired. One impulsive decision and the best job I’ve ever had is gone. Maybe if I apologize for it before she gets the words out, it’ll be forgiven and forgotten. “Sookie, I’m really sorry about that. It’ll never happen again, I promise.”

I have to be imagining the flash of hurt in her eyes; a weird shadow from the flashlights or something. She takes a small step back. “You don’t want it to happen again?” she asks.

Damn, decisions, decisions. Fess up and risk losing my job or keep quiet and risk losing her. I know the indecision is apparent on my face and I see her make a choice. She takes two steps closer to me. “Would it help if I told you that it was amazing? That it was the first kiss I’ve had in more than two years an it was more than I could have dreamed of?” She take one step closer so that only mere inches separate us. “Would it help if I told you that I want more than just a kiss?”

She stands on her toes and wraps her arms around my neck pulling me lower, the intensity of the earlier kiss has abated. Her lips press to mine, a strange mix of soft and hard. She sucks on my bottom lip and runs her tongue over it. I don’t waste any time; I pull her tighter against me and tangle my hand in her hair in an effort to keep her from moving away.

One of her hands slides up the back of my neck, giving me chills. She pulls my hair just a little and I can’t help the growl that comes from my throat; it feels so damn good. I can feel the heat rolling off her body through the thin cotton of her dress and my shirt. Fuck, she’s not wearing a bra either. I run one hand lightly over the bare skin of her upper spine and feel her shiver against me. She’s pulling down harder on my neck and I can tell the standing on her toes thing is getting hard on her.

I’m nothing if not a gentleman, so I back her up toward the wall and lift her up. Her legs immediately wrap around my waist and I help support her with a hand on that incredibly round ass that has been tormenting me for months. With the height difference no longer a factor, we attack each other with renewed vigor. Her mouth nibbles and sucks on my neck and I feel my eyes roll back a little when she hits the spot right below my ear. Her hair brushes over my face and for a moment I can only smell almonds. I use the hand in her hair to get her to return her mouth to mine. Her tongue swipes over my own and she tastes so fucking sweet.

I need to touch her more.

I walk us backward until my calves hit the couch. I sit and she immediate adjusts so she’s straddling my lap. I run my hands up her sides and brush over her breasts. She moans in my mouth and gives me the courage to go further. I slowly slide the little spaghetti straps of her dress down her arms, giving her the chance to stop me if she wants.

She surprises me by standing and reaching around to her back. She unzips her dress and lets it slip down her body to the floor. She stands in front of me wearing nothing but dark blue lace panties and looks right into my eyes.

“Fuck,” I groan, and pull her back onto my lap. I can’t keep my mouth away from the most beautiful tits I have ever seen in my life. Her nipples are hard as pebbles as I run my tongue over them. She rolls her hips over me and it’s a struggle to keep from coming just from that. She laces her hands into my hair again and pulls a little. The pain and pleasure mix is intense and something I hadn’t ever experienced before.

She grabs the hem of my tank and starts pulling. I release her nipple and pull the shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor as I return my mouth and hands to the bounty in my face. She runs her hot hands over my chest and abs, tweaking my own nipples with every other pass. She pulls my head up to hers for another intense kiss.

“Take me to your bed, Eric. Make love to me,” she says roughly, her breath coming in quick pants.


God, am I really going to do this? Apparently I am, because I follow Eric down the hall to the room that I set up for whoever was willing to take the job. I don’t know if it was fate or coincidence or what that brought Eric to my door, but I’m not questioning it anymore.

We get to his darkened room; the power still hasn’t come back on. There’s just enough light coming in from the windows to allow me to see where everything is. I can’t think of anything that would break the mood like tripping or falling would. The lightning flashes and I can see the way his jaw tenses and the way his eyes run over my body for just a second. I know it’s been awhile for him. He has never brought a girl home and none of his dates lasted long enough for him to have slept with them. I’m the one that started this; I want to take care of him first.

I silently and slowly lower his sweatpants. I could tell from grinding on his lap that he was going commando and… big. I‘m not prepared to see how far off the mark my mental measurement was. I seriously underestimated. I run my hands down his body and savor the feel of his surprisingly soft skin over hard muscles. He grabs my face and kisses me hard, his tongue thrusting into mine almost like he can’t control it. He presses his hips into me and I feel his erection pushing into my stomach. I take a step back and look up; locking eyes with him. I make sure he’s watching as I start to kiss my way down his body, letting my fingers, lips, and tongue play over his torso. I dip one hand lower and start stroking him, making him moan and his eyes roll back. I stop until he looks at me again and I start all over again.

I run my tongue over the delicious V of his hips as my hand moves faster. His hips are rocking instinctively and I can’t help the smile that plays on my lips. Knowing that I’m giving him pleasure and that I have that kind of power over him is an incredible turn-on. I swipe my thumb over the moisture at the head of his cock and pop it into my mouth. Jesus, he even tastes good.

I slide my hand to grasp the base of his shaft and lick the underside of his dick and almost come myself from the deep moan he releases. I lick his length twice, three times before I wrap my lips around him. I start slowly, taking more and more of him in on each pass. There’s no way I’m going to be able to fit all of him in my mouth, but I’m damn sure going to do my best with what I can. His hands grab my hair and I can feel him straining not to full-on fuck my mouth. “Jesus Christ, Sookie… fuck, what you do to me..,” he growls. I move my unoccupied hand from his hip to his balls and roll them slightly in my palm, softly squeezing them. Apparently that was  the little push that was needed.

“Fuck, Sookie, I’m gonna come,” he manages to choke out and I take him as deep as I can in my throat without gagging. I feel him spasming between my lips and he pulls my hair a little with each pulse. I swallow until he’s done and slowly release him from my mouth. Breathing hard, he extends his hand to help me off my knees.

I stand in front of him in my now soaked little blue bikinis and let him take the lead. Still standing beside the bed, he picks me up bridal style and puts me down with my head on the pillows. He kisses my mouth softly. “I want to show you what I’ve been dreaming about for almost a year,” he whispers into my neck and his hot breath gives me goosebumps.

He moves so slowly, and I’m grateful. I know he wants to savor this experience and so do I. He knows as much about my personal life over the past nine months as I do about his and I know he knows that I haven’t been with anyone since I was married. I feel his body stretch out over mine and, with his weight on his forearms, begins learning the lines of my body with his lips and tongue.

He kisses his way down my neck and over my shoulders until he’s at my breasts again. I only hear a rumbly “Mmmm,” before he starts licking, nipping and sucking on my nipples. I moan his name and arch off the bed a little. I feel his lips form a smile before he continues. He peppers my stomach with wet, open mouthed kisses before sitting up and slipping my panties down my legs. He looks down at my naked body and I see the heat and passion that I had missed so much.

“Sookie, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but remind me later to do it over and over again,” he says, looking into my eyes and his hands running restlessly over my skin. He kneels between my legs and slides his hand down my stomach. Tracing his long fingers over my lower lips, he seems fascinated. He slips a finger though my folds and brings it to his lips. “Jesus, how is it possible that you taste this good?” he mumbles. He slides down the bed and lifts my legs over his shoulders. Holding me open in front of his face, his tongue darts out and swipes over me, back to front and I cry out with how good it feels. But I want more. It’s been so fucking long.

His mouth goes to work on me, and his lips latch onto my clit, softly sucking. The finger he used earlier slowly slides into me; I’m so wet, there’s no resistance. Sucking, licking, his mouth never rests while he slides another finger in and he pumps them in and out.

It’s an exercise in futility to keep my hips on the bed. He uses his free arm to hold me down until he’s done with me. I don’t know what his past experience is, but shit, he sure as hell knows what he’s doing. He twists his fingers as he fucks me with his hand and increases suction on my clit between swipes with his tongue. I feel my walls pulsing around his fingers and know it won’t take much more. I shift under his arm, trying to get just that little bit more that I need. “Eric, please make me come,” I pant, almost begging.

His fingers inside me speed up, pressing against my g-spot over and over as he flicks his tongue over my nub. Capturing it between his lips again, he sucks hard and I fucking explode. I swear to God I levitate, because I can’t feel the bed below me or even Eric between my legs. Nothing except the waves of pleasure that are crashing over me as I scream his name.

He doesn’t waste any time; he reaches into his nightstand drawer while I’m coming down and grabs a condom. I don’t know why they’re there and honestly, don’t really care. He rips it open and rolls it on, then positions himself at my entrance. He pushes in just a little bit and stops. “Shit, you are so damn tight. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I wrap my legs around his hips and pull him closer. “You won’t. Just don’t stop,” I plead. I can’t remember wanting anything as bad I want him deep inside me. Right. Fucking. Now.

He takes me at my word and continues sliding into me, slowly. When he’s in as deep as he can go, he stills and leans down to kiss me. I hold him to me, winding my fingers into his hair. Raising my hips against his, I wordlessly ask him to start moving.

He pulls back and thrusts in a little harder. I moan against his neck as his lips pluck at my collarbone. He speeds up little by little and I can’t help but rock my hips to get him deeper. He repositions and lifts me so that my legs are more around his chest than his waist and the new angle feels so good, my eyes roll.

I force my eyes open and I see the strain on his face. “Baby, I need you to come for me. I’m close and I need you to come,” he groans and tries to steady himself. I know I’m right on the edge and again, there’s just one little push needed to get me over, but I’m not capable of forming the words I need. “Fuck,” he growls and starts fucking me hard. Well, damn, wouldn’t you know that was what I needed!

“Eric, oh God, don’t fucking stop… Fuck!” I hear myself scream and he roars my name above me, stiffening above me and collapsing to my side. I’m fucking jelly. I don’t want to move. Ever.


I have never had a single experience in my life compare to this. Hell, take all the great experiences in my life and it still doesn’t begin to measure up. I return from the bathroom where I get rid of the condom and pull Sookie into my side and she rests her head on my chest. She places a few soft kisses next to my nipple before resting her head in the hollow between my neck and shoulder and passing out.

I must have dozed off too, but we both wake up when the power is restored. At two fucking thirty in the morning, the house comes back to life. Sookie sits up and stretches experimentally with a small wince. She smiles at me, then starts laughing. I look at her questioningly.

“I think I just wasted a whole pan of chicken wings. I never got to make dinner.” She continues to giggle and I realize I’m starving when Sookie’s stomach rumbles. She walks naked out to my living room and pulls her dress back on. “Come on downstairs with me. It’s too early for breakfast and too late for dinner, but I think I can find something for us to munch on to hold us over.”

I think the dazed look on my face might have told her I wasn’t used to this. She picks up my tank from the floor and brings it back to me. Handing it over, she asks what I’m worried about.

“Sookie, you’re my boss. And we just did… that,” I explain, motioning to the bed. If anything, her nonchalance is making me more uneasy.

“Ok, let me try to clarify things. Did I in any way make you feel like you had to have sex with me in order to keep your job?”

I shake my head. That would be a big “Hell no”.

“Did I pressure you to do anything you didn’t want to do?”

“Not at all,” I say emphatically.

She smiles again. “Eric, we’re both adults. We’re insanely attracted to each other and if I’m not mistaken, we both wanted tonight to happen. I’m not saying it has to happen again or that your job depends on me getting sexed up regularly. That is not and never will be part of your ‘job description’. But I’m not going to complain over a repeat performance either. And just so you know, I’m also not asking you to make some sort of declaration of undying love or anything like that. Neither of us are there yet. Look, we’ll just take it a day at a time and see how it goes. Either way, take the whole ‘I’m your boss’ thing out of the equation. So, you hungry?” She turns and heads down the now well-lit stairs.

You can’t ask for clearer than that. I follow her to the kitchen for refueling, because I definitely want to do that again.

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