What the Hell 10


I drove home in a happy daze.  I had, unexpectedly, had a lot of fun with Eric.  When he pulled me in for that kiss, I could feel for myself how much he had enjoyed my dancing.  I smirked to myself in the dark car.  As much as it would have been… satisfying, I had no intentions of going there with Eric Northman anytime in the foreseeable future.  But, he was fun to hang out with.  I could see doing more of that.  And I just adored the precocious bluntness of Pam.

Stupid me had been preoccupied and forgot to put the button down back on before walking into the house.  Of course, Jason would still be awake and waiting for me on the couch.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” he bellowed after I closed the door behind me, making me jump.

I turned my head sharply.  “Shh.  Are you trying to wake up Mom and Daddy?  What is so wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“It’s not what you’re wearing.  It’s what you’re not.  Where the hell is the rest of your shirt?”

I looked down at my little crocheted top, confused.  “This is all of it,” I said.

He furrowed his brow, looking exceptionally grumpy.  “You went out in public like that?”

“Damn, Jase, it covers more than my bathing suit.  What exactly is your problem?”

“The problem?  The problem is my little sister showing everything.  People see you in that and they’ll talk.  Then people gonna get they’re asses kicked because no one talks about my baby sister that way and doesn’t pay for it.  Then I’d get arrested.  You know I’m too pretty for jail, Sook.”

I had to laugh at his convoluted reasoning.  He succeeded in getting my defenses up with his yelling, then knocking them back down with his joking.  As mad as he made me sometimes, I knew that he’d always be on my side.  I sat down next to him and put my head on his shoulder.  “If it means anything, I had a really good time.  And Sam’s back in town.  His band was playing tonight.”

“That jackass is here and didn’t call me?” Jason asked, but with a smile.

“Yeah, he let me play with his set list.”

“So did you really have fun?” he asked, and I knew he actually cared.

“I did.  I danced a lot and it was just… fun.  But I think I’m gonna go to bed.  Love ya, Jase,” I said, standing and stretching. I leaned over and gave him a hug before heading to my room.

I changed into my little Tinkerbell pajamas before I laid down in my bed and thought back over the night.  It had been fun and Eric was certainly part of that.  But I hadn’t learned anything to change my original opinion of him.  I still thought he was too cocky for his own good.

Besides, I’d already done the boyfriend thing.  As nice as it was, after a few weeks, it started to feel stifling. I’d never really had anyone put demands on my time before.  While I had tolerated it for a short time, I had no intentions of jumping into another relationship anytime soon.  I also had no plans to abandon the friends I had made when no one noticed me.  I wasn’t that kind of person.


As I drove home, I dealt with the worst case of blue balls that I could ever remember.  I wanted to curse Sookie for being a tease, but I couldn’t even really blame her.  Dancing wasn’t leading anyone on, nor had she made me any promises.  The fault for my painful situation was all on me and my reaction to her.

I couldn’t help the way she fascinated me.  I had never met anyone like her and she baffled me.  I didn’t want to think it was because I wanted her and had lost my chance to have her.  I really didn’t want to think I was that shallow, but deep down, I had to admit that that was at least part of it.  But I also knew that she was better than that.

She may have been oblivious, but I noticed the looks that she had gotten throughout the night.  And that fucker Sam, his eyes wandered to her more often than they should have as an “old family friend”.  And that shit with him putting his arm around her like he owned her… that wasn’t cool.

I pulled into the driveway, parked my car, went into the house and directly to the shower.  It had been a long time since I’d had to relieve the tension this way, and I was glad that my parents and sister were asleep.

I stripped down and stepped under the steamy water.  I leaned against the cool tile and stroked myself, letting my imagination take over.

            I watch her emerge from the warm, dark water of the lake, wearing nothing but a devilish smile.  I remember all too well what her body looks like.  I watch the water drops falling from her hair roll over her full breasts and flat stomach and they reflect the moonlight.  She approaches me slowly, her amazing hips swaying with every step.  She stops inches from me and I pull her close.  She pulls my head down to hers and plants a scorching kiss on me.  Her tongue slides effortlessly into my mouth as her hands pull at my shirt (why the hell I am wearing anything is beyond me and it’s my fucking fantasy).  Once we manage to get the damn thing off, she pressed her naked body against mine, cool against my hot skin.  She kisses her way across my jaw to my neck and down to my chest.  Her mouth latched onto one of my nipples with suction that’s almost painful.  I moan when she lightly scrapes her teeth over the other one.  Her tiny, talented hands work on unfastening my jeans (again, what’s with the clothes?).  The hand unoccupied with the belt (seriously, Brain?), button, and zipper is stroking me through the fabric.  She pulls them down forcefully and starts working her way down the rest of my body with her mouth.  Kissing, licking, sucking, nipping.  She feels so fucking amazing.

            She looks up and meets my bright blue eyes with her own stormy blue ones and smirks as she begins stroking me again, feeling more amazing than before since it’s skin-on-skin.  She sinks to her knees in front of me and lightly licks the tip of my cock.  She continues to stroke up and down with an occasional twist of her hand.  She runs her tongue over my length, never breaking eye contact.  Slowly, almost too slowly, she takes me between her hot, soft lips.  I hear my own moan and feel hers.  She takes more and more of me in.  Her hand and mouth work in tandem and it was all I can do to stay standing.  When the hand not gripping my cock starts fondling my balls, I can’t help the growl that rips out of my throat.  But when she fucking started humming…

I gave myself one firm, final jerk and exploded against the tile.  I leaned back against the shower wall, relieved, but in no way relaxed.  The dream was nice, but I wanted the reality.


I woke up to heavenly smells of breakfast drifting into my room.  I slid on my glasses and pulled a robe on over my pj’s and walked into the kitchen.  I headed straight for the coffee maker and poured myself a mug.  I sat at the table, breathed in the aromatic steam, and took that first fortifying sip.  I looked up and saw Sam’s smiling face next to my brother’s shit-eating smirk across the table and squeaked.  I pulled my robe tighter.  “Damn it, Jason.  You couldn’t warn me that we had company?”

Jason kept smirking, so Sam spoke up.  “I just got into town a couple of hours before the party.  You know I wouldn’t miss out on catching up with my brother here.”  Yeah, Sam and Jason were still thick as thieves, but Sam wanted something if he was calling Jason “brother”.  “Besides, I need some new song ideas.  You up for sharing your I-pod with me later?”

I pushed the glasses back up my nose and smiled.  “I think I can pencil you in.”

“No plans with the giant?”

I giggled.  “Nope,” I said, popping the “p”.  “I’m all yours.”

“What giant?” Jason asked, no longer smirking.

“Some possessive douche named Eric that was, like, six and a half feet tall.  Sook here had him completely captivated last night,” Sam answered with a grin, then flinched at the “shut the fuck up” look I gave him.

“You were with Eric fucking Northman last night?  What the hell, Sookie?  I thought you had more sense than that!” Jason exclaimed, turning towards me looking furious.

I was surprised.  I hadn’t known that Jason would even know who Eric was, but I was forgetting what a small town it was.  “We hung out at the beach party last night.  We danced.  It was nice.  What’s your problem?”

“I may not be in school anymore, but even I’ve heard of his reputation.  My baby sister is not going out with a guy like that!”

My eyebrows raised.  “And who the hell do you think you are, telling me who I can and who I can’t hang out with?  You aren’t Daddy.  And you can’t throw any stones, because your reputation was exactly the same.”

He had nothing to come back with, so he stalked out of the room.  I finished my coffee and a quick plate of bacon and toast that was on the stove, then went to shower and get dressed. Sam and I had a date with eight gigs of Apple technology.  I washed my hair and my body with my coconut shampoo and body wash, and it smelled so good.  I pulled on an old pair of cutoffs and a tank top.  I decided to leave the contacts out and let my eyes rest.

Sam met me on the porch swing with his acoustic guitar.  I pulled my I-pod out of my pocket and plugged it into the speaker dock on the table by the swing and handed the set up to him.  “Why don’t you scan through and see if anything grabs you,” I said.  I already knew what was on there and I didn’t know what he had added to his catalog of songs in the past year.

He clicked through songs while I braided my damp hair.  “I think we could do something with this,” he said, hit play and smiled.  The intro of slot machines for “Waking Up in Vegas” came out of the speakers.  “I think we could rock this out a little more than Katy does.

“I can see that.  Okay, we’ll mark that one.  See anything else you like?” I asked, leaning against the back of the swing so I could see the tiny screen.

“Uh-huh,” he said and he wasn’t looking at the I-pod.  Fuck.  I didn’t want to deal with this.

I played it off and forced his attention back to the little two square inch screen.  Thankfully, he followed my lead and we scrolled through my random mix of music.  Before long, we had about twenty songs that he was going to try to rework.

“Sook, I wasn’t kidding earlier.  Let me take you out tonight.  If you aren’t attached to the giant asshole, what’s the problem?”

I had no idea.  Sam was certainly attractive.  He had curly strawberry blond hair and almost turquoise blue eyes.  He had a wiry frame, and was probably about 5’11”, just a little shorter than Jason.  We had similar interests and tastes.  Jason would approve.  I think.  Jason’s approval seemed harder to get these days.  But he wasn’t my keeper.

“What were you thinking?” I asked, neither accepting nor rejecting his invitation.

“I was thinking take-out from my dad’s restaurant.  We could take it to the park and watch the old movies they show there.  Sound good?”

Eh.  I wasn’t a big fan of old movies, since those were the only movies Gran ever let us watch as kids.  But I was a fan of Sam Sr.’s cooking.  The man could make a cheeseburger like no one’s business.  My mouth watered a little bit at the thought.

“Why don’t we get dinner and eat at the restaurant and see where the night goes from there?  I haven’t seen your dad in ages.”

Sam looked less than thrilled.  “It’s a big hangout now that school’s out.  It tends to get loud and rowdy in the evenings.”

I smiled.  “I didn’t say we had to stay.  Just that it would be nice to eat inside.  While we’re enjoying the bug-free environment, we can decide what to do later on.”

His face softened into acceptance.  “Deal.  I know Dad would love to see you.  I”ll pick you up at seven.”


I dragged myself out of bed before Pam could become the ice water alarm clock again.  When football practice started, my sleeping-in days would be over.

Mom and Dad had already left for work.  By the sounds coming up the stairs, Pam was watching some MTV reality crap.  I made my way to the kitchen and downed a huge glass of orange juice and popped a bagel in the toaster.  While I waited, I thought about my date and when I would get to see Sookie again.

It had been a lot of fun.  I wasn’t used to letting loose like that and I certainly wasn’t used to jerking off in the shower after a date.  How had such an innocent kiss gotten me so worked up?

Pam walked in as soon as the toaster popped.  She took one look at me, laughed, and said, “She didn’t fuck you, did she?”

“For God’s sake, Pam.  Tone it down, will ya?  Mom’s gonna kill me when you slip and talk like that in front of her.”

“Don’t change the subject.  I heard the shower last night when you got home.  Were you a dirty birdie at the beach?”

“Pam, shut it.  Now.  I’m not talking about my date with you.  Go watch TV.  I want to eat my breakfast in peace.”

She did her witch cackle thing as she left the room.  I sincerely hoped that no one else could see through me as easily as my sister did.  I suddenly couldn’t wait for football to start simply for the distraction it provided.

As if on cue, my phone rang.  I checked the ID before answering.  Bill.  I rolled my eyes as I answered the phone.

“Dude, what are we doing today?” he asked in a voice that was entirely too energetic given the fact that I’d been awake for less than fifteen minutes.  I told him as much.

“Shut up, Eric.  Get your lazy ass up.  We gotta enjoy these last days.  Starting Monday, Coach is gonna own us.”

“So let me relax, you fucker.  Why are you bugging me?”  So I’m not a morning person.  Sue me.

“Let’s go back to the lake.  Might see some people there, maybe a certain blond with a killer rack.”

After my little shower dream last night, I had no idea how I could go back to the beach without thinking about it.  “Nah.  I went to the lake yesterday.  I think I’m just going to hang around the house today.  Maybe something tonight?”

“I know some of the gang was going to Merlotte’s Diner later on.  You want to meet us there?”

I liked that place.  The guy that ran it was pretty cool considering he got his restaurant overrun by teenagers during the summer.  And the burgers were incredible.  “Sounds like a plan.  What time?”

“We were thinking around seven.  You in?”

“I’ll be there,” I told him and went back to my breakfast after hanging up the phone.  A stress-free night sounded so damn good right now.

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