Harry Potter stuff

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Where to go to get your fix of Dramione… or Blamione… or just weird, random Harry Potter stuff that I need to get out of my head!

2 responses to “Harry Potter stuff

  1. Im new to wordpress (i followed u over from FF.net) and dont know how to find the stories from here? Never used this website before and am feeling clueless! 😛

    • Ahh, so sorry. The deal is… I’m still getting everything set back up here. Since my main focus has been on “The Long Road Home”, I’m behind on loading up the stuff that’s already posted on ff.net. However, I am working on something for the HP fandom that will be posted later this summer that would DEFINITELY get me censured on ff.net. I just have to finish writing it, then typing it out. It will be pure, angsty-less smut… the best kind of smut there is! 🙂

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