What the Hell 13


“Pam! Come in here for a sec, and bring your phone,” I called from my room down to the living room where she was watching TV.  I had racked my brain and could only think of one way to get Sookie’s phone number.

I heard her stomping up the stairs, telling me she didn’t like the way I had summoned her.  She got to the door, posed with a hand on her hip and shot me a very dirty look.   “Yes, Master?” she drawled sarcastically.

I waved her in and she flopped down on my bed.  “How do you feel about doing me a tiny favor, favorite sister of mine?”

She looked at me warily (as she probably should).  “How tiny and what’s in it for me?”

“Very tiny and, for fear of being repetitive, what’s in it for you is not having to ride the bus next year.  Consider that every time I ask you for something.  Especially think about how the bus smells on a rainy day…”  I trailed off when she turned slightly green.  She nodded quickly and I couldn’t hold back my smirk.

“I need you to contact some of your friends from the play and find someone who has Sookie’s number.”  And damn if her smirk wasn’t bigger than mine had been.

“What is it about her?  I get that she’s hot and all, but you can have any hot girl you want.”  I shrugged and her eyes widened.  “You want her because you can’t have her.  I was right!  You are such a shit!”

“Pam.  Bus on a rainy day.  Your comments and thoughts aren’t necessary.  Call.”

She rolled her eyes at me, then began scrolling through her contacts.  She walked down the hall to her room, her fingers flying as she texted.  About ten minutes later, she returned looking triumphant, holding up her phone.

“I got it!  I really want to torture you by not handing it over.”

“Pam..,” I warned, stalking towards her, “you really don’t want to test me on this.  Give me the fucking number.”

She rolled her eyes (I was getting fucking sick of that) and forwarded the number to my phone.  She leaned against my wall while I checked that the info was there.  “You can leave now,” I told her.

“Aw, come on.  I do all the work and I can’t hear the call?  How is that fair?” she whined.

“Go!”  I never yell at Pam, but she was pushing my buttons.  She jumped, shot me a hurt look, and left, slamming my door behind her.

I called Sookie and could tell immediately she was at the lake by the sounds in the background.  After talking a little, she agreed to a surprise date.  I was relieved, because I didn’t have the slightest idea of what we were going to do.  She didn’t want me to pick her up.  We decided instead to meet at Merlotte’s since she could leave her car there safely.  I didn’t really get that, but she mumbled something about her brother.

Fuck!  There had to be something we could do around here.  Nothing where she would be subjected to the assholes I called friends or, preferably, no one else at all.  I was aching to be alone with her.

I flopped back on my bed and thought.  God, why the fuck was this so hard?  I knew every inch of this town.  There had to be something we could do.  I had never really had to put forth any kind of effort before.  It was fucking stressful.

If worse came to worse, we could always go back to the beach.  When there wasn’t a party there, it was pretty much deserted after sundown.  I was actually excited, the more I thought about it.  About a fucking date.  I closed my eyes and tried to relax.  I would hopefully need my energy for later.


I was really excited about my date.  Eric and I talked for awhile while I baked myself in the early afternoon sun.  I told him that I preferred he not pick me up; we could meet at Merlotte’s.  I would okay it with Senior before we left to… do what ever it was that we were going to do.  I didn’t want him or me to have to deal with Jason.  I loved my brother, but when he went into overprotective mode, he became an asshole.

After he hung up, I slid on my headphones and closed my eyes.  I was trying really hard not to feel hypocritical with all the talk I had given him about needing to know me better , but it was hard.  I had every intention of jumping him.  Rasul had been gone for a month and a half, and I knew now what I was missing.

Once the sun had dipped closer to the horizon and shadows grew longer, I could tell by the cooler air that it was time to go home.  I packed up my tote and left the lake.  I got home and the house was empty.  I found a note on the kitchen counter where I usually left my keys.  Mom and Daddy had gone out to eat with my aunt and uncle.  Jason had gone to help his buddy Hoyt move.  I put the note back on the counter and made myself a sandwich before I went to get ready.

I showered and shaved, wanting to look and feel good.  The peach scented lotion I smoothed on just made me feel all summer-y.  While looking through my closet, I realized I had no idea what I was looking for since I didn’t know what we’d be doing.  I figured it wouldn’t be anything fancy or formal, so I went for pretty and comfortable.  I pulled out a knee-length sundress in a blue and white bandana pattern.  It also went with my Tevas.  I decided not to bother with makeup since I was all bronze and pink from the sun and just left my hair down.

Knowing I was safe for a couple of hours, I snuck into Jason’s room and snooped through his dresser.  From his sock drawer, I removed two condoms, because a girl has to be prepared and I wasn’t willing to depend on Eric.  Especially since I had been so holier-than-thou earlier.

I felt proud and liberated after my little treasure hunt had paid off and I checked the time.  I put the condoms in my purse and headed to Merlotte’s.  I left Mom and Daddy a note saying that I was out with “a friend” and would be home by curfew.  When I got there a little early, I went in to finalize my training schedule with Senior and make sure it was okay that I left my car there for a few hours.  He said that it was fine and that I would be working the slower lunch shift for a few weeks until I got the hang of the job.

I went back out to my car and sat on the hood, having a smoke.  I didn’t bother to try to hide my smile when I saw the cherry red Camero pull in.


Holy hell, she looked fucking amazing sitting on her car waiting for me.  The little dress she wore emphasized some of her best features.  Her eyes looked bluer, her hair lighter, her skin glowed and those killer legs looked just awesome.  When she hopped off her hood, I could see how the dress clung to her magnificent  ass.  She hopped into the passenger seat without hesitation.  “So where are we going?” she asked with a smile.

I was tongue-tied.  I didn’t have a single thought besides how good she smelled.  “Eric?  Are you okay?” she asked, her smile starting to fade.

Shit!  “Yeah, sorry.  You distracted me.  You want some ice cream?”

“I’m never one to turn that down.  Let’s go!”

Okay, idea one seemed like a success.  I drove to the little ice cream shop across the street from the school.  She ordered some milkshake thing.  I was boring and just went with a chocolate cone.  We left the shop and walked down the street.  She reached over and took my free hand in hers.

“So was the ice cream the only thing we were going to do tonight?” she asked looking up at me.

“Not exactly.  Just a sweet start to the night.  What was that thing you ordered?”

“I like fruit with ice cream.  Since they use fresh fruit in their milkshakes, I got them to combine peach and strawberry with vanilla ice cream.  You want to try it?”

I sipped from her straw and that concoction she was drinking tasted only slightly sweeter than she smelled.  I had to admit that it was delicious.  She looked up at me again, only this time with puppy dog eyes.  “Don’t I get to try yours?”

She was going to fucking kill me.  I held out my cone for her to taste.  She didn’t play it up like so many other girls would have.  She just gave it a quick lick, smiled, and went back to her shake.

We walked and talked, finishing out treats as we did.  We made it back to the shop and hopped back in the car.

“I thought you and I could use a little privacy.  To talk some more.  If you aren’t sick of it since you were there earlier, you want to go back to the beach?” I asked.

She smiled.  “Yes to the lake,  but no to the beach.  I have a better idea, if you’re adaptable.

I was open to ideas.  I followed her directions and pulled up next to a tiny cabin with a flimsy dock right on the water.  “This is my daddy’s fishing cabin.  He doesn’t come out here a whole lot anymore, but Jason does.  No one will be here tonight though.

It was a beautiful area.  There were no marina lights like at the beach and no boat traffic in the little cove.  After looking around a bit, I popped the trunk of the Camero with a small smile.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I came prepared,” I said as I pulled out a huge blanket.

Her smile widened.  “I’m glad.  Anything in the cabin probably hasn’t been washed since the spring.”

She helped me spread out the blanket in the grass and we laid down next to each other.  She looked up at the sky.  “When I was little, I was in Girl Scouts and were would come out here to go camping.  We would look up at the stars and make up our own constellations.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  “Uh huh.”

“Eric, are you even listening?” she asked with a laugh in her voice.

“Uh huh.”

“Then kiss me like you did last night.”

That I definitely heard.  I rolled on my side and pulled her to me.  I cupped the back of her head and pressed my lips to hers.  I felt her smile before she responded.  She ran her tongue over my lower lip with a little nibble and allowed my tongue into her mouth.  She still tasted like her milkshake and something that was just uniquely “Sookie”.  It was fucking heaven.

I moved my mouth to her neck and heard her breathing speed up.  I would have to remember that.  She pulled up up so that we were sitting.  She ran her hands up my sides, pulling my t-shirt up with them.  I only removed my lips from her skin for the second it took to get the damn thing over my head.  As soon as it was off, I dove back to her mouth.

I wanted to touch her so badly.  Her small hands ran over my torso, leaving goosebumps in their wake.  I had never had that kind of reaction to just a touch before.  Ever.  I was willing myself not to get too excited because I knew that nothing much more was going to happen tonight, but that was a losing fucking battle.  My jeans were uncomfortably tight when Sookie slid into my lap.  She sucked on my neck for a moment before putting her mouth right at my ear.  “I want you, Eric,” she whispered breathlessly.


I couldn’t say anything else.  He was on my mouth as soon as I looked in his eyes and he knew I was serious.  I couldn’t help returning his kisses with enthusiasm.  I held his head to mine, my fingers threaded into his hair.  His arm tentatively reached around my back and started to lower the zipper of my dress.  I didn’t stop him; he was topless, it was only fair.  I turned around to give him better access.  He swept my hair over one shoulder and audibly moaned as more of my skin was revealed.  I felt his lips press against the nape of my neck and slowly work their way down my spine.  It gave me chills.  The very good kind.  Once the zipper was all the way down, he slid the shoestring straps down my arms until I was bare from the waist up.

“Turn around, Sookie,” he whispered huskily.  I did and he moaned again.  “The way I remembered you didn’t do you justice.  You are so incredibly beautiful.”  His mouth attacked my neck again and slowly moved down leaving a wet trail over my skin.  His lips closed around one nipple, but he pulled back and looked at me, confused.  “Sookie, what happened?”

Shit!  The fucking bruises from Bill’s fingers grabbing at me.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Fuck,  And they were friends, weren’t they?  I pulled his head back down.  “Nothing you need to worry about.  Where were we?” I said and brushed the bulge in his jeans.

“Fuck,” he growled and resumed sucking on my nipple.  He pinched and rolled the other, mimicking the motions of his mouth.  His mouth slowly started moving lower down my my stomach.  He stopped at my waist where the top of my dress was bunched up.  “Do you want me to keep going?”

“Don’t you dare stop,” I said and lifted my hips to pull the dress entirely off.  I pushed him back so I was straddling his legs and let my mouth do some exploring of its own.  His nipples were as hard as mine and I eagerly gave his the same treatment.  I used one hand on one while my other hand unfastened his jeans.  I was consumed with a wanting I hadn’t ever experienced.

I reached my hand down his waist band and stroked his hard length and got a growl instead of a moan.  We flipped so I was on my back and he ran his hand over the tiny satin thong I had worn.  He slowly slid it down my legs and I was completely naked before him.  Only one other person has seen me like this and it was more than exciting to see the look in his eyes as he looked me over.  I pulled down on his jeans, but he shook his head.  “Not yet.  I want to watch you come first.”

He slowly licked me from my entrance to my clit and my hips bucked up.  I couldn’t hold back the moans he caused me to make as he worked me with his tongue.  His eyes never left mine until he slid two fingers into me and my eyes rolled back in my head.  His fingers pumped into me over and over until I was writhing on the edge.  He sucked hard on my clit at the same time as he curled his fingers to hit that spot inside me.  I came hard on his fingers, crying his name.

He gently licked me clean while I came down from my high.  He started to pull his jeans down and I unfogged enough to shake my head.  “Purse,” I gasped.  Fortunately, he understood and got my bag from the car and handed it to me.  I grabbed one of the condoms and handed it to him.  “I didn’t know if you’d be prepared.”

“Thank God one of us was thinking,” he whispered and latched onto my mouth again.  We worked together to get the damn jeans off.  He rolled the condom on and rubbed himself up and down my slit.  “I’ve want you like this for so long, Sookie,” he whispered softly as he slowly slid into me.  Oh God!  I had forgotten how big he was.  It didn’t hurt, it just took a moment to adjust. He pushed into me carefully until he was all the way in.  We both moaned at the sensation.  He leaned down and kissed me so hard that I gasped at the intensity.  I raised my hips and wrapped my legs around his waist.  He rocked his hips and we only stopped kissing when we needed oxygen.  We were both moaning.

“I’m close.  Fuck, I’m close.  Don’t stop,” I gasped, knowing it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge.  He reached down and rubbed my clit with his thumb, making me cry out and arch my back and I saw stars.  He grunted and  thrust into me a few more times before he had his own moment.  He fell to my side and we both caught our breath silently.

I gave him a tissue to get rid of the condom, which he flushed in the cabin.  I worked on getting myself dressed when he came back out.  I was zipping my dress back up when he spoke up.  “What were those marks on you, Sookie?”

Damn it.  I was hoping he’d forgotten.  “It’s really nothing you need to worry about.”

“They looked like bruises.”  He lightly pressed his hand to my breast and blinked.  “Fingerprints?  Who the hell did that?”

He was getting mad.  Even in the dark, I could see the crests of his cheeks turning red.  “Really, you should just drop it.”

“That’s just not fucking happening.  Tell me.”

Fine.  He wanted to know that bad, I’d tell him.  “Your buddy Bill fucking Compton decided that if I was easy enough for you, that he’s just push himself on me.  He made the really stupid decision to do it at my grandmother’s house and nearly got his ass kicked by my cousin and brother.  Happy now?”

Yeah, his whole face was red now.  “He did what?  He said what?  He’s a dead man.”

“Why does it matter, Eric?  Let him think what he wants.  It’s not like he ever had a chance with me.  I don’t and never have wanted him.”

“He can’t disrespect you like that.  He put his hands on you…”

“Seriously, drop it.  It’s over.  Besides, why do you care?  He’s been your friend for years, I’m just some girl.  I don’t mind.  I’m fine with ‘some girl’ status.”

“’Some girl’?  What the fuck, Sook?”


I was going to kick Bill’s ass.  That was a given.  I had never told him about anything that had been going on with me and Sookie.  And what was she talking about?

“Eric, I’m not into the whole game playing thing.  I’ve told you that.  I don’t want any kind of steady relationship thing right now.  And honestly, I don’t think you do either.  I was wrong to try to get you to be in that place, especially when that’s not where I want to be.  Why can’t this just be fun?”

What the hell?  I didn’t just want her every now and then.  Tonight had only confirmed it for me.  It hadn’t been just the sex, although that was awesome.  We had talked and laughed and had actual fucking conversations.  And she’s telling me now that she just wants to have fun?  Seriously, what the fucking hell?

WTH Eric - next

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