Back 2 Good part I

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I sat at my kitchen table, tapping the invitation against the wood, debating. I hadn’t seen my college roommate, Pam, since graduation five years ago. We had tried to keep in touch, but that had dwindled to random emails, text messages, and Facebook. It wasn’t much for two people who had been as close as we were. And now she was engaged! To a man! I had never thought Pam would settle down, and with someone packing equipment that she’d had no interest in when we lived together.

I heard the jingle of keys and knew that Bill was home. He was the Head of IT at the advertising agency where I worked. He had asked me out about a year ago, and with nothing better to do, I accepted. He was perfectly nice, but I knew it wasn’t going to lead anywhere. I was just biding my time.

The reason I hadn’t already sent the RSVP to Pam for her engagement party was her brother. Eric and I had history that was… complicated. No, that’s an understatement. It was messy as hell and was never really resolved. I knew that if Pam was celebrating a milestone like this, her twin would be there and I wasn’t ready to see him. Not yet.

Bill kissed my cheek as he passed on the way to the bedroom to shower and change clothes since he went to the gym after work. “Good evening, sweetheart. What’s for dinner?”

I sighed. “I haven’t started anything yet. Looks like we’re going to have to order something if we want to eat before nine. Got a preference?”

“You know what I like. Surprise me,” he called before closing the door.

I called the Chinese place a few blocks away and ordered General Tso’s chicken for him and the spicy garlic vegetables for myself. I sat back down at the table, and figured I could talk to Bill about Pam’s party while we waited on our food.

“Honey, can you come back out here for a sec? I wanted to ask you something,” I called down the hall after I heard the shower turn off. He knew about Pam, but not about Eric.

He sat at the table with me and I told him that Pam was engaged and had invited us (well, me plus guest) to the party. It wasn’t a long trip, but we would definitely have to stay overnight if we went. Pam was notorious for her parties lasting until dawn. I was lucky I had graduated on time living with her.

“It would be great to meet some of your old friends. Maybe I’ll get to hear some stories about you before we met. Should be fun. Go ahead and let her know we’re coming,” Bill said, smiling. “Food on the way?”

I nodded and grabbed a pen to fill out the RSVP card. I slid it in the pre-stamped reply envelope and walked down the street to the mailbox before I could change my mind.

*flashback – pre-Sophomore year*

“Sookie, I want you to meet my brother, Eric. He’s up the road at LSU, but you might catch him hanging around here every now and then. Eric, this is my friend, Sookie. She’s moving in this weekend.

He cocked an eyebrow at her after seeing all the boxes stacked in the hall waiting to be brought in. “You don’t say?” he replied dryly.

I stared in stunned silence. Pam and I had met our freshman year at Tulane and had become fast friends. When she moved off-campus for her sophomore year, she asked if I wanted to be her roommate. No more dealing with the dorms? Yes please! How had I not known she had a brother? And that said brother was a model of physical perfection. Tall, easily six-four or five, ice blue eyes, wheat-colored blonde hair that looked like it was just begging to have fingers run through it. I had to tear my eyes away from him before I started drooling. I turned my attention back to Pam. “So who’s older?” I asked, wanting to make conversation.

“I am,” she said proudly.

“Yeah, by fourteen minutes. I’m still your big brother,” he said, tossing her an exasperated look.

“Twins? Pam, how did the fact that you’re a twin never come up?” I asked her. I would have thought that little fact would have come up at some point over the past year.

“It just didn’t. Come on, let’s get your stuff out of the hall. Eric, put those crazy long limbs and muscles to work and help us out,” she said, tossing him a strange look that I didn’t recognize from her repertoire of expressions to date.

We started a chain of picking up boxes and moving them to the appropriate rooms. Pam and I had decided she would furnish her room and the living room, while I would cover my room and the kitchen/dining room. I had all the boxes clearly labeled so they wouldn’t get mixed up. The last thing I wanted was for someone to decide to unpack the plates and silverware and end up with my bathing suits and underwear. Didn’t appeal to me at all.

Once the boxes were put away, Pam decided to spring for some pizza before we started unpacking everything. Eric and I chipped in a few bucks each and she ran out the door. The best thing about a college town was that pizza was never too far away.

I sat on the floor against the coffee table Pam had already moved in. She had a light blue sectional sofa and a massive entertainment center. Looking at all the controls on the top shelf, I was pretty sure I’d have to take an engineering course to learn how to watch a DVD and thought it was a good thing that I didn’t watch a lot of TV. Eric stretched his long body out on the sofa. “So how long have you and Pam been together?” he asked.

What a strange question. “She and I met last year. We started hanging out and she asked me to move in this year since she wanted a roommate and I wanted to get out of the dorms.”

Confusion filled his face. “Wait… you’re just roommates?”

“Umm, yeah. What were you thinking?”

“I wondered why you were putting your stuff in the second bedroom. I thought it was just for space,” he said, more to himself, seeming surprised.

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. “Hey, I like Pam. She’s a great girl. But I don’t like-like Pam. She’s missing some imperative equipment for me to like her like that,” I said.

He chuckled himself. “Sorry, you’re her type. I just assumed…”

“No harm, no foul. What do you say to helping me unpack the kitchen so we don’t have to eat off paper towels when Pam gets back?”

*present day*

I finished packing my bag for our trip to New Orleans. The invite had said “black tie”, so I made sure Bill had a tux ready to go. I had found a dress at the last minute, and fortunately on sale after I saw the original price tag. It was a soft shell pink, floor length, with one shoulder. It reminded me of pictures of ancient Greeks and I loved it. I had found a wire head band that had iridescent beads and some strappy sandals in the same shade of pink as the dress. I packed some comfortable clothes to wear on the drive back and something to sleep in the night of the party. Pam had reserved a block of hotel rooms in the French Quarter for out of town guests coming in. I called to confirm our reservation, gave my credit card info to hold the room, and started packing for Bill.

I was still nervous about going back to New Orleans. Pam had actually used her phone to call me (rather than text me) when she got our RSVP card a few days after I had put it in the mail.

“Sookie! I’m so glad you’re coming! I haven’t seen you in so long! So who’s coming with you? I saw you RSVP’d for two!”

“Hey, Pam! I know it’s been awhile. My boyfriend Bill is going to be coming with me.”

She was silent for longer than was normal for Pam. “A boyfriend? How serious is it?”

“We’ve been together for almost a year. Why? The invitation said I could bring a guest.”

“Nothing. Just curious. Any chance of getting down here a day early so we can have some catch-up time?”

“I wish I could, but we can’t get off work. We’ll probably start driving on Saturday morning, head to the hotel to check in and rest, then head to the party from there. We’ll definitely have to make some time for that in the near future, though. I miss you, Pammy,” I said, teasingly, knowing she hated it.

“I hate it when you call me Pammy. I should kick Eric’s ass for telling you about that. I have a ton of things to do, so I guess I’ll see you in about a month. Love ya!”

I had said goodbye and ended the call, but the mention of Eric had caused my breathing to become irregular. Now I was getting ready to head back to the Big Easy, with my boyfriend. My boyfriend. I was so not ready for this.

*flashback – mid-Sophomore year*

“Sook! Come out here for a sec! Phone!” Pam called from the living room. I was in my room trying to study, but with a steady flow of Pam’s friends going in and out, it was getting harder and harder. I sighed and exited my room, my sanctuary, to the chaos that was our apartment.

“Pam, you know I’m on scholarship, right? I need to study!” I called back as I walked down the hall.

She giggled and danced around holding her phone. “All cram and no play makes Sookie boring as hell! Phone for you.” She tossed her cell to me without explanation and went into the kitchen. Normally our schedules and study habits synced perfectly, but every now and then, a weekend came where my need to study and her desire to party clashed horribly. I looked forward to her Saturday morning hangover so I could get some quiet.

I went back in my room with the phone and closed the door on all the music and noise. “Hello?” I asked, curious as to who would call me on Pam’s cell.

“Hey Sookie,” Replied the deep voice I’d gotten to know well over the past few months. “I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

I rolled my eyes to myself, knowing he’d heard everything. “No, no more than your sister is. I could use a break anyway. Calculus is giving me a headache. What’s up?”

He chuckled. “My frat is having our winter formal in a few weeks and I was wondering if you’d be my date.”

Uh, what? On the rare, random weekends that he would come here or Pam and I would drive the ninety minutes to Baton Rouge, he and I would playfully flirt, but it was never anything to be taken seriously. “Huh?” was my oh-so-articulate response.

His chuckle became nervous. “You don’t have to. I mean, umm…”

“Eric, chill for a sec. Why are you asking me instead of one of the Northman groupies there at LSU?” He had a following. They were frighteningly loyal and rabidly dedicated. They were scary.

“Because I don’t want to ask one of them. I don’t want to spend the evening being fawned over and groped. I actually want to have fun.”

I couldn’t remember a single time he and I had hung out for any significant amount of time without Pam. “And you think you’d have fun with me?”

He laughed. “With the exception of a vacant, open-mouthed stare when we met, you have been ridiculously hard to impress. I can be myself around you and I like that. A lot. So, since we’ve been sidetracked, I’ll ask again. Will you be my date to the Kappa Alpha winter formal?”

“Not trying to sound like I’m playing hard to get, but when is it? I legitimately need to check my schedule.” I pulled out my planner to see if the weekend was open.

“Saturday the seventh. I know it’s right before finals, but I bet we’ll both appreciate a weekend of fun before the hell of exams.”

I flipped to December and other that studying, I didn’t have anything planned. “Sure, I’ll go. It sounds like fun.” I said and marked it down. If it didn’t go in my planner, I would completely forget.

“It’s a date then. Can you put my sister back on the phone?” he asked. I called down the hall for Pam, handed her the phone, and tried to start studying again. It was useless to attempt to comprehend calculus when it was impossible to keep my mind off the dance only four short weeks away.

*present day*

I paused in packing to answer the phone. “Bad news, sweetheart. The new production software that we just installed has a bug. We’re going to have to spend the next day and the weekend uninstalling and running checks on all the PCs. They’re closing tomorrow since the computers will be inoperable. Looks like my weekend is sunk.” I knew there was a reason I hated computers.

“I’m so sorry, baby, That sucks. But since you’re going to be occupied, do you mind if I leave a little earlier than we had planned? I would love the time to catch up with Pam before the party.”

“That’s fine. I wouldn’t be good company, anyway. I’ll see you when you get home.”

As we ended the call, I realized that neither of us had said our usual “I love you” before hanging up. Deciding not to worry about it, I pulled Bill’s stuff out of the bags, finished packing my own stuff, called Pam to let her know I’d be getting there that night, grabbed my Goddess dress, and hit the road for New Orleans


That dance had started everything for Eric and I. The playfulness of our flirting had become serious and I don’t think either of us had been prepared for how quickly it happened. Pam had taken me shopping for the formal dress I needed, seemingly fine with me going out with her brother. She helped me pick out a stunning dress, black satin with a lace up back. It had a short cut-out train in the back in turquoise, and the edges of the black on either side of the train had delicate turquoise embroidery. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever owned and couldn’t wait to wear it.

What I hadn’t been prepared for was how devastatingly handsome Eric looked in his tux. He laughed at the return of of vacant, open-mouthed stare before I could shake myself out of it. However, I got to see how the expression looked on him when he saw me in my dress. I guess he hadn’t been prepared for how well I could clean up.

He escorted me out of the elevator from the hotel room we were sharing. It made more sense than trying to drive back to New Orleans late at night. The dance was in the ballroom of the same hotel, so it was convenient as well. He introduced me to his “brothers” and, surprisingly, actually danced with me. He could move rather gracefully for someone as big as he was, and I remember my shock. He had held me close during a slow dance. “Do not tell Pam that I dance. She’ll never let me hear the end of it.”

“Why not? You’re actually very good at it,” I commented, resting my cheek against his chest. The hand that started in the correct position on my waist had been slowly sliding further south. The satin was slippery. Notice I wasn’t complaining in the least.

“She’d want to know how I learned to dance when she was born with the rhythm of a tone-deaf rooster. She refuses to believe that I got any grace in the genetic mix if she didn’t. Then I’ll have to call her Pammy, and that gets her so pissed that she storms off, abandoning the argument. You might want to file that little tidbit of info for later if you’re going to keep living with her.”

“It helps to have the inside track on what makes your roommate tick. Thanks for that. What insider nuggets has she passed on to you aboutme?” I teased.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he replied playfully.

At that, his hand slid down to cup my butt and squeezed gently. I looked up, questioningly. His eyes twinkled when they met mine. I knew he was waiting for either a green light or a stop sign. I pressed closer to him, giving him the “all clear” to proceed if he wanted. And he made it very clear that he wanted. His fingers played with the ribbon that laced up the back of my dress as he held me even closer before tipping my head up to look at him. He leaned down and brushed my lips with his, became bolder, and kissed me in earnest. He swiped his tongue over my bottom lip, requesting entrance to my mouth. I opened my mouth for him and he smoothly slid his tongue over mine. It            was almost disconcerting how perfectly in sync we were, physically. Before our make-out session slid from passionate to indecent, he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to continue this upstairs?”

I nodded, unable to speak. I hadn’t been a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but it had been almost two years since I had been with anyone like that. I had broken up with my high school boyfriend, Quinn, when he had been accepted at USC on a football scholarship. We knew that our relationship wasn’t strong enough to last a two thousand mile separation, and ended on friendly terms, knowing we were heading in different directions. Since arriving at Tulane, I had gone on dates, but hadn’t found anyone I had liked enough to go through with that next step.

Eric took my hand and we made our way slowly out of the ballroom, making small talk with his brothers as we headed for the exit. It had been more than half an hour since we had decided to leave by the time we got out to the lobby. While waiting for the elevator to take us to our floor, he looked down at me again. “Are you sure about this?”

I cocked my head, confused. “Why wouldn’t I be? Are you sure?”

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I’ve been sure since I learned you weren’t my sister’s girlfriend.”

I couldn’t really think of anything to say to that, and was saved from responding by the arrival of the elevator. We got in and, after the button for our floor was pressed, my back was introduced to the wall of the car and Eric was kissing me with more desire than he had shown on the dance floor. Not that I was resisting. I discovered several things in that elevator. That his hair was as silky as it looked when my fingers ran through it. That his chest was warm, solid muscle that felt like heaven pressed against me. And that a nine story elevator ride is entirely too short, or too long, depending on what is happening. We kissed our way down the hall to our room, bouncing off the walls because would couldn’t see where we were going. Not being able to make heads or tails of the damn key card because our heads were apparently too hazy to follow the simple instructions of insert and remove. Once we got in and the door closed behind us, it seemed like everything outside of him and me ceased to exist.

I couldn’t keep my hands off him. All the tension that had been building between us since the beginning of the night (or, to be more accurate, since we had met) had reached its breaking point. There was no awkward fumbling. We knew what we each wanted and it happened to be what the other wanted at the same time. I started unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his tie while he worked at getting my dress unlaced while never separating our mouths from each other. His lips moved down my neck and over my collar bone while I gasped and tried to focus on the fastest way to get him out of his clothes.

His shirt was unbuttoned before my dress came loose and I got to see Eric in his shirtless glory. Lightly tan, even at the beginning of the winter, his chest had a light sprinkling of dark blonde hair that tickled my palms as I ran them down him from shoulder to waist. His wide shoulders and chiseled chest tapered down to a trim waist, but the best part of seeing him without a shirt were the defined abs that I couldn’t stop my fingers from admiring.

He managed to untie the ribbon holding the back of my dress together and slid the spaghetti straps down my arms, baring just the tops of my breasts. He ghosted his fingers down my cleavage before loosening the ribbon more so the bodice of the dress slid down to my waist. He stepped back and stared at me. “My God, Sookie, you have the most amazing breasts I have ever seen,” he whispered almost reverently before lowering his soft lips to my nipples. They were already hard from the cool air hitting them after my dress slid down, but his hot tongue made them undeniably harder. I reached behind me and slid down the zipper securing the dress at my waist, letting it puddle to the floor around my feet. With me only in my tiny black lace thong, I determined Eric was far too overdressed.

I slid my hands back up his chest and over his shoulders to get rid of the shirt, first and foremost. He stepped back again, leaving my nipples wet and hard and tight, to work on getting his pants off, while he toed his shoes and socks off at the same time. Fucking commando. His body was beautiful. Every fucking inch of it was begging to be touched and tasted. He was already hard and very, very large. I couldn’t stop staring.

“See something you like?” he asked me teasingly.

I nodded slowly. “I can’t decide where to start, but I know what I want to do most,” I gasped, and pressed my body to his. I couldn’t keep my lips off his chest or my teeth off his nipples. He groaned and held my head to him, letting me know he liked that. I lowered myself further and let my tongue play with the contours of his abs, smiling as they flexed involuntarily under my touch. I got to my knees and ran my fingers over the luscious V of his hips and my mouth literally watered at the erection looking me in the eye. I took him in my hand and started to stroke him, loving the feel of his silky, sensitive skin. I leaned in and placed at kiss on his head, before flicking it with just the tip of my tongue. Working slowly, I eased him into my mouth, taking my time because he was so big. Quinn had always told me I was good at this, and he was my only previous experience, so I was trusting his judgment. I alternated swirling my tongue around him and sucking with different amounts of pressure, seeing what got the best response. His hands tangled in my hair while I grasped his hips, which were more than slightly rocking.

“Fuck, Sookie, Oh my God, Fuck! That is fucking amaz…” he trailed off as I used one of my hands to cup his balls and squeezed gently. He groaned and I figured I would show off my “special skill”. Taking a deep breath and relaxing my throat, I managed to swallow all of him down. I looked up at him through my lashes as I did, and the expression on his face was almost comical. He didn’t seem to be capable of muttering more than “fuck yes” as I bobbed my head. I pushed lightly on that little area right behind his balls and felt his hands tighten in my hair.      “Fuck, Sookie, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. I sucked in time to his thrusts and he shot down my throat. He was so far in, I barely tasted it. I continued to lick and suck him clean as he softened, before I released him from my mouth.

“I can’t believe you could do that,” he whispered as he helped me to my feet. “That was in-fucking-credible.” His eyes darkened as he gazed down at me. “I hope you’re ready for me to return the favor.”

Uh, gulp. I slowly nodded as he led me to one of the two beds in the room. It was sweet that he’d thought to get a double room. At that moment though, I wanted more than anything to have a nice, big, king sized bed to roll around on. I sat on the edge of the mattress and leaned over to unbuckle the little straps of my heels. “Leave them on,” he whispered in my ear from behind me before he pulled me backwards onto the bed.

He let me settle with my head on the pillows, where I wrapped my arms above my head. He lightly ran his fingers down my almost-bare body. “I plan on taking my time with you, Sookie. I have all damn night to see how many times I can get you to scream my name,” he said with a smirk. Just hearing the growl in his voice made my eyes roll back in my head a little bit.

He was true to his word. He was being entirely too slow for my liking, but the buildup of everything was awesome in its own way. He started by kissing me again, then working his way from the patch of skin right behind my ear, down my neck, and over my shoulders until they met his hands which had been alternately squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, making me moan. He replaced his fingers with his mouth again, licking and sucking my nipples until I was writhing beneath him. His hands slid down over my stomach until he reached the waistband of my tiny little thong. He ran his fingertips only under the edges, slightly tickling me. He kissed his way down my stomach, bypassed my lace-covered mound, and nipped and licked his way down my legs from him to ankle and back up again.

I could feel the lace getting wetter as he was taking entirely too fucking long to remove it. He looked up at me from his kneeling position at my ankles with that same damn smirk that made me want to smack him and kiss him at the same time. “I told you I would be taking my time with you, Sookie. Be patient. I promise it’ll be worth it,” he mumbled against my calf as he worked his way back up, where his fingers were still playing with the edges of my panties.

“You’re so wet, Sookie. I can’t wait to taste you, to see if you’re as sweet as I think you’ll be,” he said, before sliding my thong (finally!) down my legs and tossing it over his shoulder. He ran one long finger through my folds and flicked my clit. “You’re so hot, Lover. Let me try to cool you off a little,” he whispered before lowering his head between my thighs. His tongue made one long, slow swipe over me, making me shiver. He nipped at my lower lips while flicking my clit softly with the fingertip of one hand while using the other hand to reach up and roll and pinch my nipple. My God, he was amazing at multitasking!

He swept his tongue over me again, resulting in the same shivers, but the moan the ripped out of my body was one I don’t think I’d ever made before. He removed his hand from my breast and used his thumbs to spread me open so he would have better access. “Fuck, Sookie, I can see how wet I get you and you taste like fucking sunshine. I want more,” he growled before burying his face in my pussy, sucking and licking like his life fucking depended on it. I was helplessly squirming while his forearms held down my hips. He alternated between sucking and flicking my clit with amazing, incredibly talented tongue and fucking me with it, sliding it in and out of me, making me pant and sigh his name.

I arched my back, feeling like I was going to explode any second as long as he didn’t stop. Slowly, he slid one, than two fingers into me, pushing me over the edge that I had been hovering on for what felt like eons. “Fuck! Ahh, Eric! Fuck!” I screamed.

I felt him smile against my thigh. “That’s one. You’re so fucking tight, Sookie. I know I can make you come for me again. I’m only getting started…”

He hadn’t removed his fingers and started stroking inside me. I felt my eyes roll back in my head when he hit my g-spot. Twisting and scissoring his fingers and rubbing my clit with his thumb, he kissed his way back up my body until his mouth met my nipples. It was almost an overload of sensations. One nipple being pinched almost painfully, the other being licked and sucked, on top of the already heavenly feelings building in my lady bits. I could feel the coil of another orgasm getting ready to break, and apparently Eric could also. He intensified his efforts, making my hips buck toward his hand, trying to get the relief I so badly needed. He started fucking me with his hand, matching every pump my hips made. I felt a third finger slide in and that was all it took. “Oh my fucking God!” I called out breathlessly as he stroked and licked me through my orgasm.

“That was fucking awesome,” I panted when he removed his fingers and licked them clean with another fucking smirk.

“But God doesn’t count. I want you screaming my name. I’ll just have to work harder so you don’t forget,” he whispered against my neck before pulling me head toward his and kissing me hard. I could taste myself on his lips and it wasn’t unpleasant.

I reached down and started stroking him, but he was already hard again and it was slightly intimidating how fucking huge he was. My mouth was one thing, but my poor little, one previous partner, out-of-practice pussy was something else. “Please tell me you have protection,” I whimpered. If we had to stop, I might have broken down sobbing.

He rolled over and pulled a box of condoms out of the nightstand between the beds. “Did you think I wouldn’t be prepared? I’ve been thinking about this for months,” he growled in my ear. He pulled out one of the little foil squares and ripped it open . “Dreaming about this. Fantasizing about this. About you.” He rolled the condom on and slid his length through my folds before pressing into my entrance just a little. He hovered over me, holding his weight on his forearms so he wouldn’t crush me. He pushed in a little further and I felt just a slight discomfort at having to stretch to take him. “Ffuucckk… Sookie, you’re so Goddamned tight.” He was going slowly, which I was grateful for, given his size, but damn it! I wanted more.

“Eric, please…” I whined, raising my hips to meet his. I pulled his head down for a scorching kiss, pulling his hair just a little. He growled again and pushed in harder until our hips were flush. It felt like I was about to split in half in the most pleasurable way possible. He began slowly, sliding in and out of me, letting me feel every gracious inch. But I still wanted more. “Fuck me, Eric, please,” I whimpered, “harder.”

He leaned back and pulled my hips onto his lap. The change in angle was awesome and he hit that sweet spot every fucking time. He went faster and harder until I was clinching down on his cock and screaming his name with various obscenities. But he wasn’t anywhere near done. He rolled us over, staying inside of me, and let me ride him after I had come down from my third (YES, third) pleasure high. One hand played with my nipples while the other concentrated on my nub until I came again. The boy had the stamina of a fucking marathon runner.

I’m positive I met, if not exceeded, my quota for screaming (and moaning and crying and sighing) his name that night. Afterward, we took a quick shower to wash the sweat off our skin before we took a nap. Our sex marathon had lasted throughout the night and we hadn’t wasted any time sleeping. But he did have to drive me back to New Orleans so I could get some last minute studying in for the finals that were quickly approaching.

“What is this, Eric?” I asked quietly as we left Baton Rouge.

“What is what, Sookie?”

“This. We spent close to twelve hours fucking each other stupid. You said that you’d been wanting to do that for months. So was this a one time thing or are we gonna try something here?”

“I have no fucking idea,” he said with a small smile. “I’ve never done anything like this before.” I raised my eyebrow at him skeptically. “Really, I’ve wanted you more than I’ve wanted any other girl and waited for you longer too. I have no problem seeing how this plays out.”

I nodded, satisfied. He parked in front of the apartment and walked me up. Pam was nursing a hangover on the couch when we walked in. “So did you guys finally fuck and get it over with?” she asked, then winced with a hand to her head.

Eric kissed me hard, blew his sister a kiss with a very significant finger and headed back to LSU. For the next two and half years we had been as close as we could be living an hour and a half apart. We talked constantly and saw each other whenever we could. But graduation came entirely too soon.

*present day*

I made my way down the interstate listening to the pop music that no one liked but me. I was looking forward to catching up with Pam, but I was terrified of seeing Eric again. The sign told me 127 miles to NOLA. I was only two hours away.

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