What the Hell 15


I kept staring at the phone, expecting the letters to rearrange themselves.  “Come talk to me tonight.”  How could five little words make me so giddy and excited?  I looked at the clock.  It was still early.  I texted her back.

E:You hungry?

A few minutes later, my phone chirped.

S: I could eat.  In or out?

She was asking.  Nothing to lose in being honest.

E: I would prefer in.  Out involves other people and I want you to myself.

There was a long delay after I hit send.  I was trying to think of a way to redeem myself so I could still spend time with her when my phone chirped again.

S:I’d kill for a decent cheeseburger.

E: You want Merlotte’s?

S: Anywhere as long as it’s edible.  And Eric?

E: Yes?

S: I have to check on my gran’s house since she’s out of town.  Meet me there.

E: Directions?

S: You don’t need ’em.  She lives next door to Bill.

Well shit.  That would be tricky.  Just then, I got another chirp.

S: If you park around back, no one will see your car.  I’d prefer no questions from anyone, if ya don’t mind.

E: What time?

S: Twenty minutes, max.  BTW, were you a boy scout?

Okay, weird and random question, but whatever.

E: For like a week when I was a kid.  Why?

S: Remember the motto.  CU in a bit.

I had to laugh.  Be prepared.  I called Merlotte’s and ordered a couple of cheeseburger dinners to go.  I went to my closet and pulled condoms out of a pair of boots I didn’t wear anymore.  I told Pam I was leaving as I was walking out the door.

I stopped by the diner and picked up our meals.  I headed down the familiar country roads, but passed Bill’s house and turned down the next driveway.  I pulled behind the old farmhouse and saw Sookie in cutoffs and a tank top.  She had a garden hose in hand, watering a flourishing vegetable garden.  I realized that this was her.  The real her.  No pretensions, no attitude, no need for defenses.  She was herself here and don’t think it was possible for me to want her more.


I was nervous.  I had put the ball in his court by sending the text.  And I waited.  And waited.  I know I walked around for over two hours waiting for a response.  I played that fucked up game with myself.  He’s asleep.  His battery’s dead.  He’s out and forgot his phone.  That was the rational side of my brain.  After the first hour passed, the paranoid side of my brain started getting louder.  He decided I’m not worth the trouble.  He’s out hooking up with someone else.  He decided “bros before hos” and sided with Bill.

Daddy got sick of my pacing and asked me to check on Gran’s house.  Her houseplants and gardens needed watering.  He also suggested I check her refrigerator to make sure that anything that would spoil by the time she got home was cleaned out.  Like Gran wouldn’t have already done that.

I changed into my comfy “work outside” clothes and my phone vibrated.  It was a little scary how the Hallelujah chorus started in my head.  I told the damn choir to shut up and answered the text.

When he said that he wanted me to myself, I paused.  This wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted fun.  I wanted detachment.  I wanted freedom.  But damn it, I wanted him too.

Okay, Stackhouse, no need to panic here.  He just wants privacy.  He wants to be alone with you.  Just move on.  If it’s a big deal, he’ll bring it up again.

We made plans to meet at Gran’s.  I hopped in my car and got there in the usual five minutes.  When I checked, Gran, sure enough, had already cleaned out her fridge.  I filled her green watering can and doused the house plants.  After that was done, I hooked up her hose and started on the flower beds in the front yard.  I dragged the hose around the back to get the vegetables.  Eric pulled up and parked next to my car.  He sat and stared for a long time before getting out.

He lifted two Styrofoam boxes.  “I come bearing burgers.”

“Thank God!  I’m starving.”  I ran to turn off the hose and get sodas from the kitchen while he set up the food at the picnic table.  I handed a can to Eric and sat across from him.  I really liked that he got the fries to go with the burger.  (Senior seasoned them with Old Bay.  Yum!)  I asked how much I owed for the food.

“Nothing.  This was my treat.  A few bucks for some quality food is a small price to pay for good company.”

God, that was kinda cheesy, but hell.  Was he always so charming or was this a recent development?  Where was the cocky ass that was easy to use for a good time?  This wasn’t a positive change, in my opinion.  But damn it, he was getting to be irresistible.

We ate our food and made small talk.  He told me about his upcoming practice schedule and I told him more about my new job.  It was nice to talk to someone my own age about the mundane happenings in our lives.

But as soon as the food was gone, a different kind of hunger lingered in his eyes and that alone made my breath catch.  I stood and took the containers to the trash can.  I moved slowly, trying to decide exactly what the fuck I wanted.  My body made the decision for me.  I looked at him from the back door and held out my hand, inviting him in with me.

Once he took my hand, he moved almost too fast to be tracked.  One second, we were walking across the kitchen, the next, I was pinned against the pantry door being kissed like there was no tomorrow.  My hands clutched at his shoulders for balance, then wrapped around him to pull him closer.

I clawed at the hem of his t-shirt urgently.  It was only matched by his intensity… everywhere.  His hands were fisted in my hair and sliding under my shirt.  His mouth was on mine, on my neck, over my collar bone, down my chest.

He moved away from me just long enough to remove his shirt while I shed mine.  He stared me down wearing only shorts and a bright purple and blue bra and I swear to God, he growled.


I wanted her.  I wanted to touch her.  I wanted to kiss her.  I wanted to taste her.  When she held out her hand to lead me inside, something came over me and I couldn’t stand the space between us.  I started to pull away after I had pinned her, feeling like I was treating her the same way Bill had, but she pulled me closer to her.  Damn if I wasn’t going to let her have her way.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do or touch first, so I know I was like the fucking Tasmanian Devil.  I wanted more of it all.  Just more of her.  I pulled back to pull my shirt off and was thrilled to see her doing the same.  Under the modest tank top she had the tiniest little satin bra that it was amazing that it served it’s purpose.  The blue and purple looked so amazing on her that I felt, rather than heard, myself growl as I pulled her back to me.  The skin on skin contact was better.  I didn’t want to have another reason for my mouth to leave her skin for any reason.  I reached behind her and released the clasp on the tiny scraps of satin the were separating her from me and held her tighter.

I kissed my way down her neck, leaving a wet trail on her skin until I reached her breasts.  Her nipples were hard and tight and I couldn’t help flicking them with my tongue and smiled hearing her tiny gasps.  I wrapped my mouth around them and sucked, alternating amounts of suction based on her reaction.  Very slowly, tentatively, I slid my hands into the waist band of her shorts.  I gave me no resistance.  I cupped that amazing ass while my mouth moved back and forth over her breasts.

“Guest room,” she gasped and pulled me in the direction of the room. As soon as she was there, she pulled me down to her and started kissing me with abandon.  Mimicking my earlier actions, she stood on her toes and kissed her way down my neck, pausing to nibble and suck on my nipples.  The hand that wasn’t rolling and pinching the one that wasn’t in her mouth stroked me through my shorts.  As she kissed lower, her hands pulled down the loose basketball shorts until they puddled at my feet. I kicked them away and her hand wrapped around me, making me moan.

“I want to taste you, Eric,” she said from her knees and I felt her tongue flick against my head.  She licked the length of my cock and my eyes rolled back in my head.  That was nothing compared to the feel of her sweet, hot lips wrapping around me and taking me, inch by inch, into that amazing mouth.  Her tongue swirled around me and it was all I could do not to shoot down her throat.  I wrapped my hands in her hair, not to force her, but to keep myself anchored.  What she couldn’t take in was being stroked by one hand while the other grabbed my ass.  Her tongue, her hand, the suction, everything combined and I didn’t have time to warn her when I came.  She swallowed everything and fucking licked her lips as she released me.

I pulled her up and sat her on the bed.  I never broke eye contact with her as I unfastened her shorts and slid them down her legs.  Teeny little bikini panties that matched the bra on the kitchen floor followed.  I couldn’t get over how perfect her body was.  Toned, but curvy in all the right places.  I couldn’t keep my fucking hands off her.

I started at her ankles and slowly slid my hands and lips up her smooth legs.  Her breath hitched when I got to her center.  I could feel the heat rolling off her.  I had never wanted just the taste of someone before I had met her, but that was all I wanted at this moment.  I lightly ran a finger through her lips and soft blonde curls and was amazed at how wet she was.  I followed my finger with my tongue.  I licked and sucked her until she was writhing and making little breathy cries that only made me harder.  I wanted her to have the spectacular release that I’d had and focused myself on that goal..  My fingers joined in the quest and began thrusting into her as I flattened at tongue and pressed down on her clit.  She had been watching me until that point.  Her head fell back and she grabbed the sheets with her fists.  Her hips raised and lowered on their own until I had to use my other hand to hold her still.

Her breath was coming faster and I could feel that she was close.  I turned the hand that was working her palm up and brushed her g-spot lightly.  She let out a choked moan.  I did it over and over until I thought she would murder me for keeping her hanging right there.  I pressed down on my next pass and sucked hard on her clit.

She stiffened, her back arched, her amazing body shimmering with a sheen of sweat and my new name was God.  I lazily licked her as she came back down and she stroked my head softly.  I moved up her body and braced myself above her on my forearms.  I leaned down and kissed her, knowing she could taste herself on my lips.  She didn’t mind.

“Please tell me you got what I was trying tell you in the text,” she gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

I leaned over the bed and pulled a condom from the pocket of my shorts.  “Be prepared, right?”

She smiled and gave me a little breathy laugh before kissing me again.  I tore the little foil square open and slid it on before positioning myself at her entrance.  She slid out from under me and pushed on me until I was on my back.  She straddled me and positioned herself.  “I want to try this.”

She slid slowly onto me, both of us reveling in the feeling of me sinking into her.  She was so tight.  It was, unfortunately, something I didn’t get to experience often.  I was spoiled now.  Once I was all the way inside her, she leaned forward and braced herself with her hands on my chest.  Her hips started rolling slowly and feeling was fucking incredible.  I couldn’t help but lift my head to suckle on those amazing tits swaying with the motions of her body.  I held onto her waist and started adding my thrusts to hers.  I loved watching where our bodies were joined.  Her breathy moans were coming faster and I could tell she was about to come again.  Her rocking became faster and her nails dug into my chest.  “Oh God, Eric, Oh God, oh FUCK!” she screamed as she came and it was a beautiful sight.

I slowed my thrusts while she rode out her orgasm and I gently flipped us over so I could look down at her.  I positioned myself on my knees, lifting her hips to mine so I could get deeper inside her.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and whispered the sexiest thing I had ever heard from her lips when she wasn’t coming.  “Fuck me hard, Eric.”

Again, I more than happy to oblige her.  I pounded into her until I felt my own release building.  She was on the edge again and when she reached down to touch herself to give herself relief, I fell over with her, her name on my lips.

I fell to her side and looked over at her.  She was breathing heavy and her hair was in little sweaty tendrils sticking to her face.  She smiled and looked at me.  “That was amazing.  Thank you,” she said with a soft kiss.

“Hey Sook, who the hell is here with you?” a male voice called from the kitchen and I heard footsteps pause.

Sookie’s eyes widened and shot upright.  “Oh fuck!  We are so screwed,” she moaned.

WTH Eric - next

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