What the Hell 1


It was fucked up from the start.  I was hanging out in a goddamned field at the start of the night.  But, honestly, we lived in the middle of farm land, so what better place to have a raging party then in the middle of a field?  There was a bonfire, plenty of beer, and no invites required.  If you could get there down the rutted dirt road, you were welcome.

I saw Hadley and Sophie Something-or-other pull up in their brother Andre’s pickup.  They were both nice girls, but they weren’t my type.  Then I saw someone else hop down from the lifted truck.

I recognized her from school and knew she was a cousin of theirs, but we didn’t run in the same circles.  I played football and basketball and, honestly, was one of the most popular guys in our school.  She was the girl taking AP classes and wrote for the school paper.  She always had her hair in a pony tail with a pencil stuck through it and glasses that she was constantly adjusting.  She wore baggy jeans and t-shirts.  I don’t think I had said a word to her.  Ever.  She looked different tonight.  Her long blond hair was hanging down around her shoulders in soft looking waves and no glasses.  The skin tight cutoffs and tank top definitely caught my attention.  Who knew that she had such a sinful looking body under all that baggy fabric?

She shrugged off her cousins’ looks of concern and headed for the river’s edge where a boombox was playing Hank.  I’m not a fan of country, but majority rules around here.  She went to the bag of CDs and flipped through them.  I could hear her mumbling about the lack of selection before turning on the radio and adjusting the antenna to pick up the alternative station.

Well, that got my interest.  The new girl had some balls to play that shit in a horde of good ol’ boys.  She grabbed a beach towel from the bank and leaned back.  I leaned against a tree and just watched her.  I pulled out a pack of Marlboros and flipped one out.  When I flicked my Zippo to light it, the little crack caused her to turn her head.

“Oh, God, can I bum one? “ her soft voice asked.  “Hadley and Sophie would fucking kill me, but I cannot go a whole night without some nicotine.”  She stood and swayed on her feet a little as she walked over to me.

When she got closer, I could see her eyes were bloodshot as hell and she had a goofy-ass grin on her face.  Holy shit, she was high!  This would be interesting.

“You can bum off me all damn night if you want, but you’ll have to pay me back,” I said with my trademark smirk.  I had literally had panties drop at that smirk.  She just took the cigarette, lit it off mine, and went back to her towel.  Not even a wink?  A smile?  Nothing?  Game on, honey.

I grabbed my own towel and laid it out next to hers.  The little bank on the edge was usually quiet and isolated from the main event taking place up in the field.  I laid on my side facing her.  “Looks like you got some pre-party on before they picked you up.”

She sighed.  “I was at my friend Tara’s house last night.  We went out to her field with Amelia and Holly.  Tray, JB and Alcide showed up.  We got a little wasted and then did a wake-and-bake this morning.  Not our smartest moment.”  Amelia was one of the hippy-dippy chicks that my friends and I made fun of and her boyfriend Tray was well-known to have some of the best pot that you could get your hands on in this area.  No wonder the girl was still fucked up.

She reached into my pocket and pulled out my pack and lit it off the butt of the one she just finished.  “I’d rather just veg in my room, but Mom practically shoved me into Andre’s truck with Had and Soph.  She thinks I don’t get out enough.”  She rolled her eyes at that.  “She actually told them not to let me go off into the woods with anyone.  Seriously?  Like they have some sort of control over me.”

This was a fucking eye-opener.  Who could have known this little teacher’s pet was a wild child in disguise.  I could feel my jeans get tight at the thought of things that hot little body was capable of.  I stepped over to one of the coolers and grabbed her a beer.  Just to see.  She saw the can and wrinkled her nose.

“I don’t drink that shit.  It tastes like day old ass.  Any water in there?  I’ve got cottonmouth from hell.”

I put the beer back and grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it to her.  She downed the whole thing in about 7 seconds flat and I wondered what else that mouth could do.  She grabbed another cigarette and lit it, again, with the butt of the other one.  I never would have pegged her as a chain-smoker.

“So, Eric, you deemed this little party good enough for someone of your stature?” she cracked, raising an eyebrow at me.  She knew where I ranked on the high school social register and was surprised that we would be attending the same party.

“Well, you know that Chester throws the best parties.  I always make it a point to go to the best.  What are you doing here?” I asked with a raised eyebrow of my own.

She rolled her eyes again.  “Had has been Chester’s girlfriend since, like, birth.  And now Sophie is going out with his roommate Bert.  Never mind that Hadley is only fifteen and Soph is sixteen.  They’re practically engaged.  It’s disgusting.  But add cousins with connections to an overly concerned mother with a very mistaken view of my social life and you have my presence at this little soiree.”

Damn, she had some attitude.  I fucking loved it.  She flicked her butt into the river and started patting me down to find my pack.  I stilled her hands.  “Remember I want you to pay me back for these,” I said as I handed her the pack.

She sighed.  “Look, Had didn’t tell me to bring my wallet.  You’ll just have to wait until Monday.  I’ll pay you back at school.”

I tilted her head up to look at me.  “Who said anything about money?” I asked quietly and leaned in to kiss her.

She responded with enthusiasm, her tongue wrestling with mine as she held me to her with her hands in my hair.  I slid my hands down her sides and brushed the sides of her breasts and felt her skin erupt in goosebumps.  I couldn’t help but smirk against her mouth and moved to suck and lick her neck, causing her to moan.

“We should go somewhere more private.  Grab the towel,” I told her and stood.  I offered her my hand and helped her up and grabbed the towel since she seemed to be fighting for balance.  I took her hand  to lead her to a clearing that I knew of.

“Sook, where ya goin’?” I heard Hadley ask and Sookie didn’t even turn.  She just flipped off her cousin and kept following me.

“None of your damn business, Had,” she yelled in her general direction.

We got to the clearing and I laid out the towel, intending to pick up where we left off.  I started kissing her again and pulled her tight against me.  We lowered ourselves to the ground and I laid to her side.  I ran my hands under her shirt and felt those incredible tits.  Her breath hitched as I ran my hand over her nipples that were already hard.  I lifted her shirt and moved the satin of her bra to the side before latching my mouth onto those beautiful buds.  She tasted like fucking peaches.  I love peaches.  I worked my mouth down her abdomen until I got to the waistband of her jeans.  I tugged at them with my teeth and looked up at her.  She nodded, giving me permission to continue.

I slid the cutoffs down her legs and saw that her little satin bikinis matched her bra.  That was so hot.  I ran my fingers over her pussy through her underwear and she squirmed, wanting more.  I slid my finger into and she was so fucking tight I almost came in my pants from the feel of it.

I pushed her panties to the side and ran my tongue over her and she still tasted like peaches.  I pumped her with my finger and her hips met me every time.  I flicked her clit with my tongue and  felt her pussy clench down on my finger as she made little cries of pleasure.

I pulled down my own jeans.  I was already so hard it fucking hurt.  I couldn’t wait to feel her around me.  I brushed her slit with the head of my cock and looked down at her.  She was still coming down from her orgasm and looked up at me with hazy eyes.  She nodded again and I started to slide into her.  Holy fucking shit she was tight as hell!  I moved in a little more and felt a soft barrier.  I pushed more, she gasped below me, and I realized what the barrier was.  No fucking way.  She was a fucking virgin?  What the fuck?

I started to pull out, but she wrapped her legs around me, not letting me move.  “Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked her.

“You didn’t fucking ask.  Now are we doing this or not?” she said with a pout on her mouth, but the mood was gone.

“Not. You should have said something,” I grumbled at her as I unlocked her legs and stood to pull my pants up.  I tossed her shorts to her as she sat on the towel dumfounded.

“What the fuck, Eric?  Seriously, what the fucking fuck?”

I couldn’t explain it.  I had lost my virginity at fifteen to my little sister’s babysitter and had been perfecting my skills with practice over the past two and a half years. Never, in all that time with all those girls, had I ever had a virgin.  I wasn’t about to start.  There was too much pressure in being someone’s “first”.

I ran my fingers through my hair.  I didn’t know what to tell her.  So I didn’t say anything besides, “See ya around, Sookie,” before heading out of the clearing.  When I got back to the field, I tossed my pack of Marlboros to Chester.  “Give these to Sookie when you see her,” I said and ignored Hadley’s pissed-off yammering. I grabbed my friend Bill so he could drive me back to my car.  My Camero wouldn’t make it down the rutted road and I wanted to be gone before Sookie reappeared.  As I drove home, I wondered what it was about this little nobody that I had never noticed before that had me all mixed up.  I was suddenly dreading Monday.

WTH Eric - next

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