What the Hell 27


Sookie and I made sporadic small talk during the twenty minute drive to the lake. Neither of us had a whole lot that happened in the past two and a half hours that warranted discussion. I could tell she was anxious over something; her leg wouldn’t stop tapping.

As soon as the car was parked, she didn’t hesitate. She vaulted over the center console into my lap and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. While I had no problem at all with her enthusiasm, I did want to know what brought it on. Hell, I guess it could wait. Thoughts didn’t seem to last long when she did that awesome thing with her tongue on my neck. I wasn’t capable of anything but physical responses with her grinding against me.

“Jesus Christ, Sookie, you taste so fucking good,” I groaned against her neck. I loved that she didn’t coat herself in perfume. Her hair smelled like coconuts, but her skin was just her. She was so soft under my lips and I couldn’t get enough of her.

She pulled away, much to my disappointment, but it was only temporary. She hit the button to pop my trunk and opened my door. She hopped off my lap with enviable ease and grabbed the quilt that I never thought to remove from my car, then took my hand and led me out of the car. “As sexy as your car is, it doesn’t exactly give me the range of motion I’m used to working with. Come out here and keep me warm.”

She walked backwards – still holding my hand – her hips swaying hypnotically. She released her hold on me to spread out the quilt. Sitting in the center, she beckoned me with her finger and a mischievous grin. When I sat down next to her, she leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder. “I miss you during the day,” she mumbled.

“What’s going on, Sook?” I asked her, forcing my thoughts away from her breath against my skin. She didn’t respond immediately, so I gently pulled back and repeated my question.

She sighed. “It’s not really anything I didn’t expect. Heidi and Felicia tried to piss me off after practice. Their attempt was pathetic and honestly I expected them to be better at it than they were.”

I really didn’t know what to say that hadn’t been said before, so I settled for just wrapping my arms around her while the sun sank below the horizon. I loved this time of day. I loved hearing the night sounds of insects and the lapping of the water against the little dock. It was relaxing.

I laid back to look at the darkening sky and pulled Sookie down to lay with me. She rested her head on my chest and placed lazy, open-mouthed kisses on my neck. I wanted her so bad it made me a little dizzy. I really didn’t want my time with her to come to an end.

I thought about how rare someone like her was in my world: someone who wasn’t impressed by the amount of money in my parents’ bank account or what kind of car I drove. She didn’t give a shit if it was the starting quarterback, the lead in the school play, or a member of the Earth Science Fan Club. She was with me for who I was, not what I was. She also knew me better than almost anyone and that scared me a little.

She knew that I really wanted to go to the University of Tennessee, but anywhere in the SEC was acceptable. She also knew that I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I wanted to do with my life, because her cousin was proof that a great career in athletics could be cut down in a split second. The fact that I had been a selfish, self-absorbed SOB before I met her was common knowledge, but she was giving me a chance despite it, and didn’t hold it against me. She was even able to laugh about it.

No one had ever been that accepting of who I was. Ever. It was an amazing feeling. I didn’t have the ability to truly express to her how much that acceptance meant to me. I didn’t know how to tell her how much I wanted her and that I realized I was falling in love with her. No one had ever taken me over in the way that she did and it scared the hell out of me.

I rolled onto my side and kissed her. I tried to express everything in that kiss that I didn’t have to ability or courage to say out loud. I loved that she was so receptive. Her arms went around my shoulders and wound into my hair, which just felt so damn good. Our tongues wound around each other gently and I just savored the taste of her. We didn’t break the kiss until she was wiggling to get out of her t-shirt, so I pulled mine off as well, and pulled her back to me.


God, I loved being with him like that. Alone, in the peace of the field that we made our own next to the lake, we were able to be ourselves with each other. I realized over the summer that during some of the conversations we’d had that he was slowly letting me in; talking to me about things that no one else knew. I was as forthcoming with him as he was with me, but I was an open book. I had no deep dark secrets and my family was the textbook definition of “functional”.

When he kissed me the way he did there lying on the blanket, I felt so many different things. I knew he wanted me; he always wanted me. It was just something that I had to accept with him. But there was more, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was something I hadn’t felt from him before. I didn’t want to think it to death; I just wanted to enjoy the time we had before we had to get back to our families and school and the interfering “friends” that felt they could judge us for who we chose to be with.

He stretched out over me and pinned my arms above my head with one hand and looked down at me. Even in the twilight, I could see how dark his eyes got and it made me all shivery inside. He dipped down to kiss me again and fondled one of my breasts over the pretty purple bra that I put on to replace the sports bra that I wore to practice. I loved the feel of his big hands on me and it was a little frustrating that I couldn’t touch him back. But the loss of control was also a little exciting.

After making out like that for a little while, he released my arms so he could unfasten his jeans and I worked on mine. It never failed to impress me how good he looked without clothes. There were statues that would be envious of his body. Once both of us were bare, he resumed his position over me, kissing me everywhere. He reached down and tested me with his fingers and they slid into me with ease. He thrust them in a few times and grinned at the moans I made against his chest.

I wasn’t in the mood for teasing, so I reached down and stroked him a few times to get him to get on with the show. His grin widened and he positioned himself at my entrance. He slid in smoothly and both of us made happy little sounds once he was all the way in. He started slowly ─ letting my body stretch to accommodate him. God, he felt so damn good inside me.

Once my legs were wrapped around his waist, he started thrusting harder and all I could hear was my heartbeat in my ears and our moans and sighs. He flipped us over so I was on top of him and he used one hand to help guide my hips. His other hand went to my breasts and he pinched and plucked at my nipples until they were almost harder than I could bear. He sat up under me and licked and sucked them, making me whimper. I was in sensation overload.

With his mouth occupied on my boobs and his hips thrusting under me, I was so damn close to my orgasm that I could taste it and I wanted it. He could feel me fluttering around him and I could feel him swelling. He reached down and rubbed tight circles on my clit so I could come before he did. “Jesus Christ!” I screamed out when it finally hit and I heard him groan, “Fuck!” below me. I slumped down and rested my head on his chest while we waited for the little aftershocks to wear off.

He kissed my forehead before rolling us over again so he could get off me and get dressed, but I wasn’t quite ready to move, so I stayed on my back and watched him. He looked down at me after he zipped up his jeans. “See something you like, Stackhouse?” he asked with a hint of a laugh in his voice.

I nodded slowly. “I absolutely do, Northman. In fact, it’s a damn shame that I have homework that needs to be done and I need to get home or I’d be tempted to go for another round with my favorite toy.

He growled and tried to hide a smile. “Toy?” he asked and raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe toy is the wrong term. But you have to know I love what you do to me, right?”

He was silent for a moment before responding. “Yeah, I think your calls out to a higher power prove that. Come on. You need to get dressed so I can get you home at a decent time.”

He helped me to my feet and watched me get dressed, just as I had watched him. He folded up the quilt and, after putting it back in the trunk, opened up the passenger door for me with a silly little bow and a quick kiss.


The next few weeks went the same way. We met in the parking lot every morning before classes and caught up over the phone on the days she worked; we enjoyed our rides together on the days we had practice. At the next home game, the whole team made it a point to get out of the locker room before the end of halftime and was treated to the dance team dancing to “Don’t Stop the Music”. Ffffuuuuuccckk! I was grateful for our cups because otherwise the whole team would have been sporting wood when the girls left the field. The ways they could move their bodies was positively sinful and brought out all kinds of impure thoughts. It took some definite work to get my brain back on the game.

The next three Fridays I didn’t get to see her because of away games, but we had plans every Saturday after she got off work. We would either hang out at her house or mine, or just spend the day out somewhere. If we had work or school projects to work on, we would do that, but usually we were just happy to spend the time together.

Strangely, Jason and I had gotten to be on friendly terms. He let me know that the threat to hurt me if I hurt Sookie still stood, but he’d changed his opinion that it was a certainty. If Sookie was running late after work on Saturday or was occupied with something that I couldn’t help her with, it was nothing to spend some time with Jason and talk sports or play video games. He was a funny guy and I could see that he adored his little sister. I was actually a little envious of their relationship. I couldn’t see Pam opening up to me the way Sookie opened up to Jason.

We’d made arrangements for Homecoming. We both were on our class’ Homecoming Court. That was nothing new for me; I had been on it every year, but it was a new experience for Sookie. She went out one Sunday and got her dress, but wouldn’t let me see it. She just told me it was red and short and grinned, knowing red was my favorite color. I just wondered how long we would have to stay at the dance.

Halftime for the Homecoming game was different. There was no marching band performance. Halftime opened with the dance squad performance to “Circus” that had the stands on their feet. After they were done with the performance came the presentation of the various class courts. Sookie came out with the junior class princesses, still all glittery and in her dance uniform of a little long-sleeved top that showed her stomach and some skin tight pants that came to mid-calf. Two other princesses in her class were wearing the same uniform, but I only had eyes for her.

Only one of the senior class princesses was not in a dance squad or cheerleading uniform ─ that was no surprise. The same four girls had been princesses every year. Thalia, Isabelle, Heidi, and Felicia ─ worst fucking nightmare. Bill, Max, and Clancy were the other guys on the court with me. After presentation of the courts, Homecoming Queen and King were announced. I hated this. The King and Queen were always from the senior class.

I wasn’t surprised at all to hear my name announced as King, but kept the fake smile on my face when Heidi was announced as Queen. I saw Sookie’s eyes narrow, but she knew I had no choice in the decision as I escorted Heidi off the field.

The girls hadn’t stopped their tactics to try to get between Sookie and me. It got to the point where I had to agree with Sookie’s initial assessment: sour grapes. None of them were able to hold my attention and Sookie and I had been together for over two months, if you counted our time in the summer ─ which I did. They couldn’t do anything outright malicious, but tried to start some rumors that I squashed immediately.

I drove Sookie home after the game and we made plans for the following day. She already had the day off work and would be getting ready with her friend Tara. When I picked her up for dinner, I was stunned speechless. Ugh. Red. One shoulder strap. All kinds of floaty layers made up the skirt and she had sparkly silver heel-sandal shoes. She looked fucking amazing. I decided to go away from the typical roses for a corsage and smirked at her expression when she saw the solid red orchid that I found. Even I had to admit that the bloom looked a little obscene and her face was close to matching her dress. She made herself stop blushing so her mom could take the requisite pictures and we headed to a little seafood restaurant before we headed to the dance.


I had a blast getting ready for the dance with Tara, just like we did for prom. However, she went back to her house to get picked up by JB and I waited for Eric to pick me up at home. He wasn’t in a tux like prom, but the dark gray suit, white shirt, and red tie looked so damn good on him; if his expression when I opened the door wasn’t a compliment, I don’t know what would be.

He held out the flower for my corsage, and at first glance I thought it was very pretty and a nice departure from a red rose; it smelled like heaven. Then I looked closer. For fucks sake. The orchid he got me looked like lady bits, and judging by his smirk he damn well knew it. I had to wear a vagina bloom on my wrist for the whole night. I forced myself to stop blushing so Mom could take her damn pictures and we went out to eat.

We talked about the game the previous night and he gave me an idea of what to expect at the dance, since the only one I had ever been to was the prom the spring before. The courts were presented at the dance, just like they were at the game. When the senior court was presented, Eric and Heidi would have to dance since they were the King and Queen. As much as I didn’t like it, I accepted it. I warned him that I would probably be pestered by JB for a dance or two. He just nodded, accepting that JB was my friend and absolutely harmless.

Everyone’s eyes were on us when we came into the gym, which was decorated in royal blue and black. Just like with prom, we got little candle favors with the theme “Stand by Me”. I looked up at Eric with a smirk. “At least the theme for this dance isn’t a song about a one-night stand.” He cracked up and led me into the main room after we handed over our tickets.

We did normal school dance things. We milled around and socialized with friends, which for me was mainly Tara and the three girls from the dance squad that I got along with and didn’t want to alienate me because of my relationship with Eric. Every time a slow song played, Eric grabbed me around the waist and made me dance with him. Like I was going to argue. Any excuse to have my body and his together was good enough for me.

Sure enough, about half way through, the DJ asked for the floor to be cleared for the presentation of the class courts. Eric gave me a quick kiss before he went to go stand with the other seniors. Ugh. My escort for the presentation was a guy in my class named Barry who I didn’t know from Adam. He was on the student council and had a very pompous way of speaking. I just tried to ignore him and hoped for this thing to finish as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t help but smile when Eric was re-crowned Homecoming King, but dimmed when Heidi came up next to him and clutched his arm, looking up at him like he was her personal savior. Ugh. If I ever look at anyone in such a simpering manner, shoot me.  Heidi and Eric started, then the rest of the court joined in dancing to the theme of the dance. Thankfully it was a short song and as soon as the last note played; Eric released Heidi and came back to me. If looks could kill, I would have been in a casket by the time he reached me.

Since we met our obligation by being present for the crowning B.S., we were free to leave. Eric said he had everything for the rest of the evening planned. My parents expected us to go to some after-dance event and weren’t expecting me until late (or early, depending on the definition of two thirty am). He drove away from school in the direction of his house.

“Pam is spending the night with one of her friends and Mom is working the graveyard shift again, so we have the house to ourselves,” he said, clasping my hand and holding it in his lap. He didn’t need to mention where his father was going to be. It had been the subject of several of our conversations.

He pulled into his driveway and hit the button on the garage door opener that was clipped to his visor. He turned off the car and came around to the passenger side to open my door for me and to give me a hand getting out of the low bucket seat. After hitting the button to set the alarm on his car, he led me into the dark house, a small smile playing on his beautiful mouth.

He took me directly to his bedroom without any pretenses. He stripped off his suit jacket and took off his tie, laying them over the chair for his desk. I slid off the evil sandals that looked so pretty, but hurt my feet so bad. He unbuttoned his shirt and sat next to me. I could tell he was trying to look at ease and his usual confident self, but the tension in his jaw was throwing it off.


I needed to tell her. It was getting harder and harder to keep it to myself. She deserved to know, even if she wasn’t in the same place as I was. But I was stressed. I don’t think I had uttered those words to someone who hadn’t given birth to me. Ever.

After getting more comfortable in my room, I sat next to Sookie on the bed. She looked at me, and I could tell from her expression that I looked a little “off”. I cleared my throat. I had no idea how things like this were supposed to go.

“Sookie, tonight was amazing. Aside from having to dance to that one song with Heidi, I couldn’t have had a better time. I just wanted you to know that I am so glad that we decided to give this thing another chance.”

She smiled that amazing smile that did all kinds of weird things to my stomach. “I had a great time too and I’m glad we’re doing this ‘thing’ also. I just hate that my stubbornness kept us apart for so long.” Her smile faltered a little. “I know it sounds silly, but can you forgive me for that?”

I leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips, not wanting to get derailed. “It’s already been forgiven, Sook. You weren’t the only stubborn one. But we’re past all that now, right?” I asked, needing some sort of reassurance before I made my big confession.
Her eyes were soft when they looked into mine, their beautiful shade of blue looking brighter because of the dress she was wearing. “Of course we’re past that. It was a sucky learning experience, but at least we learned we’re happier together than we are apart. Now why don’t you come over here and give me a proper kiss?”

I chuckled. “Not just yet. There’s something else I need to tell you and I don’t want to do it later.” I had already made the decision that I didn’t want to tell her during or after sex. It would seem like heat of the moment or just a reaction and I wanted her to know that I meant it. I held her face in my hands and looked right in her eyes. “Sookie, I’m in love with you.”

Her eyes widened, but she stayed silent for too long for me to stay comfortable. “Sook, say something. Please. I’m dying here.”

She blinked a few times, processing, I guess. “I’m sorry, because I’m not really sure I heard you right.”

I cleared my throat. “I said, Sookie, I’m in love with you.”

She nodded slowly. “That was what I thought you said.” She was still too quiet, but she didn’t look upset. “You aren’t going to be upset or hurt if I’m not quite there yet, right?”
I shook my head. “I never thought you were. But I wanted you to know how I feel about you.”

She leaned in and kissed me hard. “Thank you for telling me. It means a lot to me that you would tell me even if I can’t reciprocate right now. Thank you for your honesty.”
I returned her kiss enthusiastically. “I’ll always be honest with you, Sookie. Always.”
Her hands slid up my chest and over my shoulders, removing my shirt. “We have a few hours to kill until I have to be home and apparently an empty house. What are we going to with all that unoccupied time?”

I reached around her back and slowly lowered the zipper of her dress. “I think this is a start. I want to take the time tonight to properly make love to my girlfriend,” I said, waiting to see if she still objected to the term.

She just smiled and slid the single strap down her arm. “That sounds like the best idea I’ve heard all night.” Standing, the dress slipped down to the floor and she stood in front of me in the most amazing red lace strapless bra and panties that I had ever seen, dream or not. I was temporarily speechless with how incredible she looked. It took all the willpower that I had not to pounce on her. I wanted to take as much time as possible to show her how much she meant to me, it being one of the few nights we didn’t have any unreasonable time constraints.

She lowered herself so she was straddling my lap and leaned in and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. She ran her fingers through my hair as she continued to place small kisses on my lips and neck. I reciprocated, angling one way to kiss her when she would lean in the opposite way. Our bodies moved in harmony.

The lace was rough against my skin and I wanted to get rid of that barrier between us. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, tossing it on the floor to join her dress. I didn’t want to remove my lips from hers, but my hands met her breasts, just cupping them, enjoying their weight in my palms. She made breathy little sighs in my mouth and against my neck.


She threaded the fingers of one hand into my hair, lightly scraping my scalp with her nails; I almost purred with the shiver it gave me.  Her other hand lightly ran up and down my spine.  For the moment, we were just fine feeling skin against skin and being alone and together.


My fingers started playing with her nipples, light pinches and before long I couldn’t keep my mouth away from them.  I loved the taste of her skin and the feel of her hard buds against my lips.  Her sighs escalated to soft moans and I felt like I couldn’t touch her enough.  She apparently felt the same, since she scooted backwards off my lap to her feet, pulling me up with her.


Her nimble fingers unfastened my pants quickly and let them drop to the floor.  She turned us around and knelt on the bed, making our heights more even, although she was still slightly shorter than me.  No longer content to just kiss my mouth, her lips traveled across my jaw to my ear, where she lightly nipped on my earlobe and plucked the skin of my neck.  She kissed her way down my body very attentively, engaging her tongue and teeth as needed to get her desired reaction from me, be it a sigh, moan, or growl.  She knew my pleasure spots well and had no problem at all in hitting those buttons.


I was harder than I could remember.  No one ever excited me the way she was able to and I wanted nothing more than to be inside her.  But she was in control and was going to do things her way.  Her hand found my cock and started slowly, softly stroking.  I was so worked up, I feared I was going to come in her hand like a thirteen-year old with a Playboy, but she knew when to back off to let me calm down.


She slid off the bed to her knees in front of me and kissed the head of my dick, her tongue coming out to swirl around the tip.  She kissed along my length, her hand never stilling.  She looking up at me to make sure I was watching her… like I would want to look anywhere else.  She opened her sweet, hot mouth and started sucking and licking me, moaning.  Fuck, the vibrations that caused almost embarrassed me.  I tightened the grip I had on her hair, not wanting to hurt her, but also not wanting her to stop.  Her eyes never left mine, although mine rolled back in my head more than once.  One hand gripped my hip for balance; the other pumped me in time to her mouth and I felt the tight coil of my orgasm in my stomach.  I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.  I could feel her as her lips tugged into a small smile around me in response to my moans, liking my response to her giving me pleasure.  She knew my rebound rate and I knew she wouldn’t stop until I came.  When I told her I was getting close, tugging her hair just bit harder than I had been, she just increased her efforts and took me further into her mouth so I was hitting the back of her throat.  I was done.  I threw my head back as I came, groaning her name as her head bobbed while I softened and her tongue cleaned me before she released me from her mouth.


My head was spinning, but I wouldn’t let that deter me.  I could get my bearings back while I worked on Sookie, wanting her to feel as good as she made me.  I helped her to her feet and slid the insanely hot red lace panties down her legs.  I took a moment to look over her naked body.  “God, Sookie, you are so beautiful.  How did I get so lucky?”


She gave me the shy smile she always gave me when I complimented her.  “I think we’re both lucky.”  She kissed my chest and lightly raked her teeth over my nipple, making me shiver again.


I picked her up and deposited her on the bed with her head on the pillows.  Instead of hovering over her or kissing her again, I sat at the end of the bed and put her feet in my lap.  She had been wincing and I didn’t miss the look of relief on her face when she took those sexy heels off.  They had to be killing her feet, so I picked up her right foot and dug my thumbs into the balls of her feet, massaging them.  She smiled at me in her surprise, then closed her eyes and moaned.  I loved being able to make her make that sound, no matter how I accomplished it.  I picked up her left foot and repeated the process until she assured me that her feet were pain free, but other parts of her were getting uncomfortable.


I grinned, loving how open she was with me.  She had no problems telling me what she wanted and that was a just another refreshing difference from any other girl that I had been with.  I stretched out beside her and turned her onto her side so I could kiss her some more.  My hands roamed her bare skin loving how silky she always felt and pulled her closer to me.


Her nipples were hard against my chest and her breathing was just shy of panting.  “Please, Eric, I want you so bad right now,” she gasped into my mouth.


I let her lie back and kissed my way down her body slowly.  I licked, sucked and kissed over her breasts, making her squirm just a little more while I took my time reaching my ultimate destination.  I placed light, fluttery kisses on her stomach and over her hips before I reached her mound.  I ran my fingertips through her soaking wet folds, heard her moan, and smiled to myself.  I dipped by head down and followed my fingers with the tip of my tongue.  Her hands fisted the sheets and her back arched under me.


I used my left arm to hold down her hips and used my right hand to hold her open for my tongue.  Tracing little patterns over her clit, I heard her breathing stutter.  I was already hard again, but I was determined that she would come by either my fingers or tongue before I did anything else.  I slid two fingers into her tight opening and heard her moan again, only louder.  I added a third and thrust them slowly in and out of her, finding that secret spot on each pass, making her gasp each time.  All the while, I never stopped my tongue’s assault on her nub, sucking, licking making her cry out.  I thrust my fingers in again and put some concentrated pressure on her g-spot while sucking on her clit and she screamed.  I had never heard her come like that, and I removed my fingers to taste her juices.  Still like fucking peaches.  Every single time and it amazed me.


I slid back up her body and waited for her to come down before I slid my aching cock into her, savoring the pulsing of her aftershocks around me.  “Sookie, look at me,” I whispered into her neck, peppering her with tiny nips and kisses.  Her eyes fluttered open and she gave me the same sweet, shy smile from earlier.  I could lose myself in those stormy blue eyes of hers.  I didn’t want to make this hard and fast.  I wanted to take my time and draw it out as long as I could, but my hormones were trying to overrule my goal, and she just felt so damn good.


She lifted her hips and wrapped her legs around my waist, making it even harder.  The angle of her hips let me go deep and I groaned with feeling her so hot and tight around me.  I braced my weight with one arm and cradled the back of her head with the other.  Our hips moved in harmony, but I couldn’t stop kissing her, feeling her tongue on mine, her teeth nipping at my lip, her hand tangled in my hair holding me to her.


Her breathing picked up again and her hold in my hair tightened.  She broke the kiss and gasped against my cheek.  “Don’t stop.  I’m so close.  Please don’t stop.”  I picked up the pace of my thrusts, switching my grasp to her hips.  Her hands grabbed onto the sheets again and I felt her walls squeeze and pulse around me.  Wanting to try something, I didn’t let up.  I was too close to stop.  I keep pumping into her and her back arched even higher off the bed and her mouth was open in a silent scream.  She was coming again and the feeling of her clenching down on me even tighter than before was so amazing, I was coming harder than I thought I could and called out her name like a chant.


She collapsed back onto the mattress, completely spent, and I fell next to her and wrapped my arms around her, not wanting to not touch her.  She rested her head on my shoulder while I ran my fingers though her hair and pressed kisses into the top of her head.


“Eric,” she said, slightly breathlessly, “I really want to say something, but I feel like if I do right now, because of everything we’ve just done, you’ll think I don’t mean it.”


That alone told me what I thought she wanted to say, and I kissed the top of her head again.  “Sookie, you can tell me anything you want.  When you say something doesn’t matter.  Just tell me what you want to say.”


She tilted her head up and looked into my eyes.  “I’m not going to say that I’m in love with you, because I’m just not there yet.  But I am falling, and harder than I ever thought I would.  You surprise me every day and I think I might be able to say to you what you said to me earlier sooner than either of us think.”


Amazingly, that was enough for me.  There were very few things in my life that I had had to work for and she was one of them.  She was worth every bit of work.  She meant more to me than I had ever expected her to, and I had no plans on letting her go anytime soon.

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