A gift for Mother’s Day

My kids are going with their dad for Mother’s Day.  Seems weird, but it actually works out.  I’m taking my mom to see Age of Adeline today and get to spend tomorrow in my sanctuary that is Starbucks typing and playing with Pixlr.  I love that program!


So I was trying hard to think of a good title for this chapter and remember one of my favorite songs from my hair metal days.  I thought about it and late-80’s Sebastian Bach would have made a passable Eric: tall (6’4″ I think), lean, long blonde hair, amazingly hot… it would have worked.  I love the song I got this title from and although there’s a marked absence of the Viking (I make up for it next chapter), I’m giving you some power ballad Skid Row.  You’re welcome.



Enjoy the next chapter and I totally plan to add another chapter tomorrow.  Love to all the mommas out there!

TLRH enter 3

3 responses to “A gift for Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! That sounds like the perfect way to spend your day, relaxing and doing whatever YOU want! Enjoy! 🙂

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