A quickie

Yeah, I suck.  I know this and am on my way to owing my faults.  My muses are flighty bitches and I don’t really have a whole lot of motivation to type.  I only get typing days every other week and while I LOVE Starbucks, sitting in their uncomfortable wooden chairs for hours on end requires lumbar muscles I just don’t have.  Plus, because of the cold, my hands are too stiff to write half the time, so I’m also suffering from lack of material.


What a sad, sad week too.  I loved David Bowie and have several songs of his on my iPod.  But I actually got choked up at the loss of Alan Rickman.  Most people are going to remember his as Severus Snape or Hans Gruber.  To me, He will always be Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility.  His talent was astronomical and his voice was legendary. God, that voice.  It’s no wonder that Kevin Smith wanted him as the voice of God.


And on that note, I introduce a new story.  YES, I know I should be having Sookie and Eric “reconnect” in TLRH, but I have no mojo for that right now.  I have a few chapters of this typed out and edited, so I feel reasonably safe in posting it.  I hope you enjoy!

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I’m a junkie

No, not that kind of junkie.  I love books, as probably everyone here does.  I always have.  I like to reread favorites because I inevitably find something new that I skipped over on my first (or second or third…) read.


In high school, I got hooked on the Alex Cross novels by James Patterson.  Now, as of right now, I’m not a big fan of his because he seems to have become a “brand” that other (lesser known) authors use to get their stories out to the mass market.  But one book of his that grabbed me before he became a “brand” was Hide and Seek.  It wasn’t in the Cross books and stood alone.  Recently I started thinking back to that story and wanted to reread it again because, out of nowhere, I decided that someone really needs to turn that book into a novel.


So, I went through dream-casting in my head as I re-re-reread the book.  There’s two main characters.  Maggie Bradford is the heroine and she would need to be played by someone who can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.  I see an Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, or Rachel McAdams playing the awesome Maggie.h&s girlsThen… there’s Will Shepherd.  Will is an amazing character in that he’s such a bad guy.  American born, raised in England.  Takes to football (soccer) like a duck to water.  That’s where his normality ends.  He’s a sick fuck and it would be ah-may-zing to see what our favorite Swede could do with a twisty character like Will.

alex h&s

I wonder if any of you guys have also read the book and if you might have a similar dream cast.  If so, please share. No one else I know has read it and I long for someone I can gush over it with.  My ex bought me the book on the condition that I give it to him when I was done since I didn’t have to motivation to dig through all the Rubbermaid bins of books I have in storage to find my copy.  So now I have to wait on him to start then finish.  I doubt he’ll want to get all giddy over the prospect of ASkars playing Will in my fictional not-yet-written movie.  Consider this my book recommendation for the… er… month? Quarter?  Whatever.


Anyway, all this reading has taken away from my writing time at work.  As such, I’m woefully behind on my chapters.  So, I’m posting a teaser to hold you over until I finish this chapter and get it fully beta’d because I’m awful at editing my own stuff and RealJena knows how my mind works and can decipher my atrocious typing.  The coming chapter doesn’t have a title or anything yet, but I will definitely let you guys know when the full feature is ready to roll.  Enjoy!

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A hell of a week

On the morning of August 26, I was going about my morning as usual.  I woke up at 6 am, made my coffee, checked the weather on the news, and went out to smoke, drink my overly-sweet coffee, and read.  I do this every morning and Wednesday was no different.  I came into to the kitchen to plug in my phone, charge my hotspot, and start getting myself and my boys ready for the day.  As I rinsed out my coffee mug, the early morning peace was shattered by five state troopers, flying down the road, lights flashing and sirens blaring.  No more than 30 seconds later, two county deputies followed in the same frantic state.


I live on a notoriously busy road, far too narrow for the number of tourists that visit the lake in the summer.  I disregarded the sirens and lights; I was just worried that a horrendous wreck would make me late for work and praised myself for my habit of always leaving early so that, at worst, I’m precisely on time and not late.  I made sure my kids were appropriately dressed and eating breakfast before I started getting myself ready.  I had already put those frenzied police officers out of my mind.


I started the car and sat waiting for my first grader’s bus (the middle schooler had already left on his) and the local Top 40 station broke in stating that there had been a shooting at Bridgewater Plaza and played the audio from the spot that played on our local news.  You hear Alison Parker screaming and Kimberly McBroom stutter in disbelief as the camera is back on her unexpectedly.


I work about 3 miles from Bridgewater Plaza.  I can’t think of my teen or young adult years without thinking of that place.  I remember dancing at the lake-level bar.  I remember eating ice cream and playing in the arcade.  I remember watching football games at Moosies, feeding the carp at the marina, and having my wedding rehearsal dinner at Mango’s.  Nothing bad is supposed to happen there.  Bridgewater is a HAPPY place.


I made in to work early (as usual) and found out from my boss when she arrived about 5 minutes later that our bank was going on lock-down (like my youngest son’s school) until further notice.  I work at a bank less than 5 miles from where there was an active shooter situation (as far as the general public knew).  I was naturally nervous and wanted as much information as possible.


Facebook was flooded with local posts about what was happening and the video of what, unfortunately, was the last broadcast of Alison Parker and Adam Ward.  It’s not graphic, but it is horrifying.  Seeing the panic on Alison’s face in the few seconds after the gunshots start before Adam’s camera goes down is blood chilling.  I have watched the video more than once and I have no desire to ever see it again.  I certainly won’t be sharing it.  Neither will I share the “companion” piece shot by the maniac himself.


I didn’t know Alison or Adam.  That doesn’t keep me from mourning their deaths or for feeling sympathy and grief for those left behind.  Alison and Adam’s parents.  Alison’s boyfriend.  Adam’s fiancée, who had to hear her future husband’s death from the control room of the morning show, where it was her last day as a producer.  It was Adam’s last day behind the camera for WDBJ as the couple was moving to Charlotte.  I’m fortunate because no one I’ve loved has died a violent death, so I can’t empathize with the kind of soul-deep anguish their loved ones must be feeling.  I’m glad Vicki Gardener survived and is recovering from multiple surgeries, but I don’t know her either.  My happiness for her isn’t personal.


My deepness of feeling for the events of the past week is due to its closeness to home.  If I walk down the picturesque deck of Bridgewater, the brand new boards in the walk among the aged, weathered ones is a sign that something bad has happened.  Smith Mountain Lake is peaceful.  The foliage as fall approaches is spectacular.  The lake during the summer takes up the majority of my happy childhood memories.  I learned to kneeboard there.  My high school graduation party was there.  I was married at one of the local country clubs.  My class ring is somewhere on the bottom after it slipped off my finger during some drunken night swimming.  People, especially young people with full lives and bright careers ahead of them, are not supposed to get shot there.


alison adam

To move on, I finished a super-long one-shot that has been on the back burner for a while.  I used it to decompress when I was getting blocked on TLRH.  It’s Harry Potter, so I could focus on different characters to clear my head a little.  It’s Dramione, which is my absolute favorite, but also has some Drarry and is my first ever attempt at slash.  If HP isn’t your thing, I understand, but anyone interested can just click below.  I should have the next chapter for TLRH typed out over Labor Day weekend.  Hope you enjoy!

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What can I say?

So, I am leaning the hard way that football is FAR more involved than soccer.  Both my boys are playing this fall.  My oldest played soccer for 4 years and my baby played for 2.  I hate soccer.  Maybe that’s too strong and I’d like it more if I took the time to learn and understand it, but I’ just not motivated to do that.  Now football… that I get into and understand.  I’m one of those obnoxious fans that screams at the TV and throws things when they ignore my well educated calls from the comfort of my living room.  Now, this is sandlot, not NCAA (I only like college ball), but the same feeling applies, only now my sons are the ones in the helmets and pads.  YAY!


So that is the reason for my delay.  Also, typing day has been regrettably postponed over and over because of prep for the start of football and the fact that school here starts next freaking Monday.  It seems like summer break has evaporated.  Never mind that school ended the Wednesday after Memorial Day… when I was a kid, it was law that school started the Tuesday after Labor Day to keep those lovely tourist dollars rolling in unless the county had a history of needed numerous snow days.  Maybe that’s why the close schools for cold temperatures now… they have snow days to burn. Heaven knows I never got out of school because it was nippy.


So there are my excuses.  Take em or leave em.  I only have one more fully typed out chapter, so no promises when it will get posted.  The boys’ practice schedule is IN-SANE and as much as I wish I could devote myself to them and this story equally, my baby boys come first.  Which is why I’m doing this on my half-day from work before I go to the dentist.  On that note…

skars drag

Skars in drag is disturbingly hot.  That arm… sigh.  I’m not sure why the Farrah Fawcett wig looks weirdly good on him, but this pic in my head will make me smile through the dirty looks I get for my Coke-coffee-dark beer-Marlboro habits.



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I don’t deal well with change

Yeah, I really, really don’t.  I’m used to my ex getting the kids every other weekend.  He has it worked our with his job and everything.  But this week, he has them Wednesday and Thursday.  Not a problem… he’s a great daddy and the boys love spending time with him.  However… it sorta shoots my weekend typing days all to hell.  Right now I’m sitting in a recliner in my living room with my laptop on a pillow in my lap.  Fine for editing or surfing the web, but not so much for trying to type out what I’ve written longhand in my wide-ruled notebooks that were 5/$1 at the last Back To School sale I hit.


Where I’m leading with that whining is that after this chapter, as of now, I only have 2 chapters fully typed out.  That’s part of why I’m spacing out my updates.  I don’t want to run out of material and leave my amazing readers hanging while I try to find both the time and motivation to type.  And honestly, when combined with fluke-like Fibro flareups that strike my hands/wrists 80% of the time, I feel my hesitation is warranted.  Because you guys really are truly awesome.  Y’all’s comments truly drive up the motivation.


A note about the offbeat title for this chapter… honestly, if I’d remembered this song when I was titling this story, there’s a good chance this would be it.  I love Live.  Instead of the official video, I used one with the lyrics just so those that are curious can see why I think it’s so fitting…


Also, I’m especially proud of the banner.  The whole show just went downhill after Season 4.  J/S…

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An unavoidable delay

Hello all.  So sorry I’ve been neglecting my self-monitored posting schedule.  I got my boys back after three weeks with their dad and paternal grandparents, so I’ve been overdosing on the snuggles I’ve missed.  And since my 5-almost-6 year old is especially affectionate, I’ve missed a lot.  Plus, I had a family reunion over the weekend and being able to catch up with my cousins (all 21 of them, not counting spouses and kids) without someone either getting married or dying was pretty awesome.


This is another favorite chapter of mine.  I’m playing around a little with Eric’s human life just a little.  In no way is what I portray for him researched and I give no guarantees of accuracy.  It’s a little bit TB canon, a little SVM canon, and a lot my messed-up mind.  I like what I’ve done and I do look forward on thoughts of what I did with his 1000 year old past.


I think this chapter is worth the wait.  Enjoy!

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Worth the 40+ hours on a train

Oh my goodness… I have had the best possible 30 hours ever.  First… the train got to New Orleans late and the fireworks started while I was still at the train station.  Resigned to missing them, I got in a cab and hoped the crazy man would get me to my hotel in 1 piece.  Seriously, the cab drivers are INSANE!  So I got to my lovely hotel and since the hostess saw my attention straying to the windows, she offered me the balcony so I could see the end of the fireworks while she was checking me in.fireworks from hotel 1  So I got to see the last 5 seconds of the finale. It was short, and I would have liked to have seen the whole show, but for what it was, it was great.



So we get to Sunday.  What a day!  I met my first goal for the single day I had to play tourist: cafe au lait and beignets from Cafe du Mondecafe du monde in Jackson Square.jackson square 1It is impossible to eat those things and stay clean because of the metric ton of powered sugar they put on those suckers.  Did I really care?  Not particularly.


I did some serious souvenir shopping and had to get a bike taxi back to my hotel twice because 1) I was too freaking tired to walk the 8-15 blocks again and 2) I was sight-seeing … in New Orleans… in July.  I had to take a cold shower to bring my body temp down (TWICE) and take a break to drink a gallon of water to replace what I’d lost in sweat.  Would I want to change my destination to somewhere cooler or less humid?  Not a chance.  I got to not only see the Mississippi River up close and personal, but get my toes wet from a staircase that led from the sidewalk directly into the river.at the edge of the Mississippi River The incredible Cajun restaurant I went to last time I was in the city no longer exists… but that was also before Katrina, so maybe I should have expected it.  I did find a substitute and had a soft-shell crab BLT with Tabasco mayo and a spicy Bloody Mary.awesome sandwich Amazingly good and I couldn’t stop raving to my waiter.  It fueled me for the rest of my day.


After my second cold shower, I decided to go on one of the tours seemingly designed to my inner history geek fangirl like a bitch.  The Scandalous Cocktail Hour tour?  Drinks AND history?  Naughty history?  I showed up early so I could be assured a spot.  And I was the only person to show up!  The guide, an awesome native from Treme named Milton, gave me the tour anyway and it was as awesome as I’d hoped it would be.  In a city as old as New Orleans, the history is amazing.  And on that note, I saw a sign that made me laugh out loud.not haunted rental  Even more so when I started seeing it regularly.  I guess it’s a real concern for some renters.


SO, now that I’m on the train back to Virginia, I plan to honor my promises.  I’m exhausted and have a headache from the minor hangover I have (3 Bloody Marys, a Pirate’s Punch, and some kind of champagne cocktail before, during, and after the tour), so thank you for letting me document my trip before posting the long awaited chapter.  To date, this is my FAVORITE chapter.  Also, one of the reasons I love fan-fiction is that I can distort certain relationships.  Not the big ones that are the center of the story.  But Alan Ball didn’t bring a lot of Sookie’s fairy relations into True Blood from SVM.  So I’m taking a couple from the books and changing their dynamic just a little.  You’ll know it when you see ’em and I’ll remind you that this is 97% TB canon.  And I can do what I wanna.


Ugh.  I forgot how much hangovers suck.  I’m gonna curl up and sleep before I even attempt to type more.  Maybe I should head to the dining car and see if they have something that’ll help.  Enjoy this chapter!

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Random song title about trains

So I am sitting aboard a southbound train heading for the Big Easy.  The train was half an hour late, but from what I understand, that’s the norm.  I apparently greatly overestimated the size of the seats… and the smoothness of the travel.  Eh, live and learn.  There’s not a stop long enough for a smoke break until 2:30 AM, so I have some time to kill.


I know I said I wouldn’t update until Saturday, but it’s only 40 minutes away, so I’ll consider myself an overachiever.  This is a chapter between Sookie and Addie.  There are a few of these because they are so close and their vampires aren’t able to share the days with them.  However, I have to say that chapter 21 is one of my personal favorites and laughed out loud (spooking the other Starbucks hipsters loitering) while typing.  My darling, lovely beta RealJena said she did too.


I will post again, but I can’t make guarantees when.  Depending on how busy I get, it might not be until Monday when I’m on my way home.  I hope you enjoy this insight into this unique mother-daughter bonding moment.  Love to all.

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Just a quickie

Just a quick update, then I’m off.  I’ve been spending my time after working today haunting my favorite Starbucks making banners and typing the previously mentioned Harry Potter thing.  I’m updating so soon because I don’t think I’ll have time to again until next Saturday at the earliest.  So you’re welcome.  *BIG GRIN*


Also, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m very much a rock chick and I adore the Foo Fighters.  Dave Grohl is far and away one of the nicest musicians I’ve had the privilege of meeting backstage.  Having a boyfriend that works at a radio station had its perks.

Oh!  Bonus points to whoever gets the tattoo.  You’ll see.  Enjoy.  That’s enough of my pointless blathering.

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Sorry for the delay


Am I forgiven?  It’s been hell since we got back from the beach.  Fortunately, the day before the funeral, my boys went to spend three weeks with their paternal grandparents, leaving me with some unexpected downtime in the midst of everything else going on in real life.  By the way, thank you all so much for the kind messages, thoughts, and prayers.  Kindness from complete strangers is one of the good things that makes it a little easier to think that this world is going to total shit.


So, on to lighter topics.  As I’ve said, I love me some All-American Rejects and this is another one of those perfectly fitting song-chapter matches.  This one was a lot of fun to write and some things get explained.  Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before and you’ve been wondering… I REALLY don’t like Pam.


9 DAYS UNTIL NEW ORLEANS!  I’m bouncy excited for next Friday to get her so I can get on the effing train and start typing.  Along with furthering along this story, when my brain needs an break from this world, I’m also working on a Harry Potter shorty (it was meant to be a one-shot, but it’s already eaten 2 subjects of my 5 subject notebook and I’m still not done).  It’s my first attempt at any kind of slash, so I hope it’s decent.  I’ll be typing that one up too.  It would DEFINITELY get me kicked off ff.net, which is why I’m so very glad I have this.  Please enjoy the next chapter and let me know whatcha think!

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