Don’t get used to this…

So three chapters in 2 days?  Yeah, I don’t have a reason except I’ve had an unusual amount of free time this weekend.  I head to the beach in 4 weeks with my family, and then head to NOLA all by myself on July 3rd.  I’m seriously psyched about the trip.  It’s either going to be amazing or I’m going to regret it for a looooong time.  I’m seriously hoping for the former.


Thanks for all the thoughts and likes on the previous chapter.  I look forward on getting similar thoughts about Sookie’s parenting style.  Enjoy a look into the relationship between Sookie and Addie Brennan.


And no, I won’t force the video that corresponds with the title on this one on you.  I’m not that cruel.


TLRH enter 3

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