What can I say?

So, I am leaning the hard way that football is FAR more involved than soccer.  Both my boys are playing this fall.  My oldest played soccer for 4 years and my baby played for 2.  I hate soccer.  Maybe that’s too strong and I’d like it more if I took the time to learn and understand it, but I’ just not motivated to do that.  Now football… that I get into and understand.  I’m one of those obnoxious fans that screams at the TV and throws things when they ignore my well educated calls from the comfort of my living room.  Now, this is sandlot, not NCAA (I only like college ball), but the same feeling applies, only now my sons are the ones in the helmets and pads.  YAY!


So that is the reason for my delay.  Also, typing day has been regrettably postponed over and over because of prep for the start of football and the fact that school here starts next freaking Monday.  It seems like summer break has evaporated.  Never mind that school ended the Wednesday after Memorial Day… when I was a kid, it was law that school started the Tuesday after Labor Day to keep those lovely tourist dollars rolling in unless the county had a history of needed numerous snow days.  Maybe that’s why the close schools for cold temperatures now… they have snow days to burn. Heaven knows I never got out of school because it was nippy.


So there are my excuses.  Take em or leave em.  I only have one more fully typed out chapter, so no promises when it will get posted.  The boys’ practice schedule is IN-SANE and as much as I wish I could devote myself to them and this story equally, my baby boys come first.  Which is why I’m doing this on my half-day from work before I go to the dentist.  On that note…

skars drag

Skars in drag is disturbingly hot.  That arm… sigh.  I’m not sure why the Farrah Fawcett wig looks weirdly good on him, but this pic in my head will make me smile through the dirty looks I get for my Coke-coffee-dark beer-Marlboro habits.



TLRH enter 3

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