An Unforgiveable Delay

I realized earlier this week that the last time I was able to type out anything in my trusty 5-subject notebook was one the train back from New Orleans.  That’s almost two months.  I was getting all twitchy, what with the withdrawl and stuff.  I have at least 2 more chapters of TLRH, a Harry Potter long-ass one-shot, and a new AH Sookie-Eric story in the works based on my recent experiences.

Speaking of which, I hate to say this, but if I’d know how much commitment was required for football, as much as I love it and love watching my boys learn the game, I would have had them keep playing soccer.  1 practice a week and a Saturday game at the centrally located Recreation Park.  Easy-peasy.  No… football is 2-3 practices a week (at different places and different times for each boy) plus a game in other districts that involve a minimum of 35 minutes driving.  Ugh.  And now, after almost a month of practicing, the season is just now starting.  At least the boys have stopped bitching about the helmets hurting their head and are starting to enjoy themselves.  That’s what’s important, right?

To make up for such a long absence, I’m going ahead and posting the last chapter I have fully typed for TLRH.  I have a feeling that after the last chapter with a minor cliffie, I might get lynched for this chapter, but I have to go with what the muse gives me.  Miss Amazing Beta, RealJena, loved this chapter, but I’m still a little wary.  I’m very interested in hearing some of the reactions to this, good or bad.  Also, the chapter title was inspired by the old Leslie Gore song, but this new version I found on YouTube is pretty awesome.  Give it a listen if you’re so inclined.


TLRH enter 3

2 responses to “An Unforgiveable Delay

  1. There was no option to leave a comment after the chapter, not sure why..
    I think I see a long and beautiful future for Addie & her vampire. He seems to know how to negotiate what he wants quite well.

    • Thanks for the heads-up on that. I think I fixed that. Also… Addie and Lex have an advantage over Sookie and Eric because Addie was never really sheltered as to what vampires want and how to separate who they are from what they are. Thanks for reading!

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