Blatant boasting and unfocused ranting to make myself feel better

Well, how awesome am I?  I completed not one, but TWO one-shot stories for the I Write the Songs contest.  Yeah, that ADD I mention in the section about my stories?  Well, it kicked in.  I couldn’t have done two more completely different stories.

The first, and a definite one shot, is Mr. Brightside, based on the song by the Killers (one of my top three favorite bands). Main characters are Sookie and Eric (duh), but also Preston.  I don’t think he gets mentioned enough in the FF world.  Maybe he doesn’t deserve it, but hey, he’s one of the four guys CH’s Sookie has shagged, so I’m giving him a lead role.  Jen (ReefChic7) told me he creeped her out in this story, but I wrote him, so I can’t be offended.  Yes, I meant him to be creepy, but also sympathetic.

Well, I was also unconventional with the duo of lovers:  Eric is a soldier (come on, you know you’ve watched Generation Kill for no other reason) and Sookie… well… at least she’s not a barmaid...

The story in general is unusual and was actually hard to write the way that I did.  It’s unconventional and, at least in my opinion, was very entertaining.

The second story I entered was one of the tamest stories I’ve ever written… if you excuse my overgenerous use of the “F” word.  I based that one on “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies.  I have maintained from the first time I heard this song in 1995 that this was about a vampire.  Seriously,if you have never paid attention to the lyrics, please take this chance to pull it up on Youtube and just listen.

What if Eric was hunting and came across a teenage telepath BEFORE the Great Revelation.?  And what if her home life was a bit different?  How would they interact?

So, I plan on adding these stories here, if not right after this posts, than tomorrow.  If you haven’t read them on yet, that’s cool.  But please, remember to participate in voting.  There are some AMAZING stories out this year and all the authors should be proud.  I know that I am, just for being able to say “I did it”.  Please go to for more info.

Now is the time I usually go on my True Blood rant.  Yes, I have another one.  As I have been dreadfully careless about this previously: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LAST WEEK’S EPISODE, **SPOILERS** AHEAD.

First and foremost, the whole work up about Christopher Meloni’s role got an awful lot of build up only for him to be killed off in episode 6.  How disappointed was I?  The “Sanguinista” bullshit is ridiculous.  However, the Russel-Steve Newlin exchange on Bourbon Street was hilarious.  And the highlight of the episode… The piggyback ride.

However, Sookie’s Fairy Light is like a Duracell and if she uses it too much, she runs out and becomes “normal”?  Excuse me, but What The Fuck is that?  Does that mean that if I overdose on jigs, drinking songs and Lucky Charms, part of me is no longer Irish?  Seriously?  Genetics are fucking genetics.  True Blood… no… Alan Goddamned Ball… cannot be allowed to mess with this world anymore.  Thank God after this season he’s no longer in charge and hopefully whoever takes over the helm will respect Charlaine’s world more than him.  Just because he has a hard-on for Bill Compton doesn’t mean that we should have to put up with his little crush.  Hopefully, season six will be a return to what it’s supposed to be: Eric and Sookie.

Yes, I have no life.  Yes, I’m on the dangerous side of obsessed with the lives (and un-lives) of fictional characters.  I’m aware.  I own my crazy.  I’m fine with it.

3 responses to “Blatant boasting and unfocused ranting to make myself feel better

  1. It seems you and I live in the same “world” couldn’t have said it better myself!! Amen, alleluia, and fuck yeah!!!!!

  2. I think we all live in that cray cray world. And Ali, I am so uber proud of your two one shorts, but most of all Possum Kingdom. I think it is some of your best writing and I loved every word. XO

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