There’s good news and bad news…

Okay, well this has been an interesting week.  I got my babies back from their daddy… the separation is no longer tentative.  While I love my boys with every little bit of my heart, my free time has decreased exponentially.  Not too terribly upset over that… part of that former free time is spent reading “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” to the boys.  As a Greek mythology junkie, being able to pass that love on to my children is fun and the book is shaping up to be MUCH better than the movie… and the movie was pretty good (if you overlook the icky incestuous-ness of the demi-god world and all the common genetic ties).

On that note, I will go ahead and spill some bad news.  I am hopelessly stuck on all my current multi-chapter stories.  While I wouldn’t recommend taking them off alerts (cuz who knows when inspiration might unexpectedly strike), don’t expect an update on “Angel Wings”, “What the Hell”, “My Immortal” or any of the other In Progress stories anytime soon.  I’m well aware that I’ve left them all on a fairly angsty note and that is exactly why they are in their incomplete status.  When life hands me bullshit and angst, I make up for it with fluffy little one-shots.

Speaking of one-shots… color me freaking surprised.  Not just one but both of my IWTS stories made the judges Top Ten to be voted on by the public.  So. Damn. Amazed.  Sometime later today, we should get the results of the contest.  Since this is the first one that I’ve been able to enter since discovering the FF world, I’m excited to see how these stories measured up.  And, if you voted and/or left a review for either story, THANK YOU!!!

Now, that’s not to say that I’m not writing.  I have had a couple ideas floating through my head for months and I’m finally taking the time to try to flesh them out.  It’s not easy with so many other things going on, but this is really how I decompress.  BUT, I will not be posting anything on either story until they’re finished.  Too much pressure with so many other unfinished works just waiting for me to work on them.

Is it really that time?  Is it two-thirds thru season 5?  Seriously, only 3 episodes left?  REALLY?

Okay, I’m honestly not that upset over it.  Season Five, in my humble, but loudly spoken opinion has sucked.  That’s not to say that there haven’t been little dapples of sunshine here and there, but overall?  Not impressed in the slightest.  I’ll repeat that I’m thrilled that Alan Ball is stepping down.  I know that I’m not alone.

I will say straight up that I didn’t discover the books until after I saw the season 1 premiere.  The next day I went to Barnes and Noble and bought every book in the series that they had on their shelves.  For the ones they didn’t have, I went to Amazon and ordered them when I got home.  I have since, in the past 4 years, reread them several times and know their story by heart.  I had finished them all by the time Eric showed up in episode 4 (Escape from Dragon House I think) and was heartbroken about the little things that were changed (like Bill staking Longshadow and the resulting tribunal… although I LOVE Jessica).  I can look back now and see how it was all a set up to make TV Bill come out ahead, because everything in the books was a set-up for Eric.  Stupid Alan Ball and stupid writers for listening to him.  Here’s hoping that season 6 will help correct the many, many, many wrongs done to Charlaine Harris’ world.

BUT, lest my fellow fans find me too picky, there are a few things that I like that are different from the book.  It’s a very short list, though.  Godric as Eric’s maker is a PRIME example.  Allan Hyde is awesome at exuding the cool calm that is a perfect foil for Eric.  I have a huge little crush on him and is my second favorite reason for continuing to watch this season.  I also like the fact that AB kept Lafayette alive.  His character is AMAZING and has some of the best one-liners in the show.  I am honestly glad they kept him around. See?  Short.

And after my last post, I was thrilled to learn that I was not the only person dwelling in my crazy land populated by fictional characters that I care entirely too much about.  An enthusiastic wave and “Crazy Sookie” grin to my fellow residents… the Kool-Aid here is awesome, isn’t it?

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