I just don’t know…

I’ve been in a weird damn mood for the past few weeks.  I don’t quite know why either.  I was working my little tail off on my IWTS stories, all the while my brain was being flooded with ideas for a few other stories already in progress.  I just hope i remember the ideas.  Part of it might be the two hours I have to spend in the car commuting to and from work.  Daydreaming during rush hour on the interstate eats up a lot of time.  Part of it might be that apparently I signed my life over to my employer without realizing it.  That’s the only reason I can see that they take our days off arbitrarily and give us mandatory overtime that may or may not be needed.  Remember that two hours I have to spend in a car?  I still have to burn the gas to show up and it pisses me off to get there and be told “Your overtime is cancelled.  You can go home.”  Well, fuck you, who’s going to pay for the 1/4 tank of $3+ gas I just burned?

Also, apparently making any kind of vacation plans are shot to hell.  We may get the paid days off (cuz who requests the days they have off already?), but , since my employer can schedule mandatory overtime on those days off, we have to make “alternate arrangements” to make up the overtime.  That just blows.

I am venting because while I love the monetary benefits of the overtime, sometimes I like having a life more.  I miss my kids.  Since I only get to see them in the evenings and on my weekends, my job is taking me away from my family.  And it REALLY pisses me off.

On the bright side, we got power back the day after I posted last, which was fortunate because our time at the hotel had run out.  We calculated what was lost from the fridge and freezers:  over $800 worth of food, just ruined.  And the water pipes were all nasty from not running for 5 days and had all kinds of sediment in them.  Nothing kills the idea of a relaxing bath like seeing black dirt come out with the water.  It ended up being a miserable 8th birthday for my son, a crappy 34th birthday for me, and a memorable-in-a-bad-way 40th anniversary for my parents.  Yes, all three of those events occurred during the 5 days we were without power and dealing with the aftermath of the storm.  Pretty crazy, huh?


Anywho… tonight is another True Blood night and for the first time since the premiere, I’m kind of excited.  I liked last week’s episode.  (BTW, EXCELLENT cockblock by Bill and Eric.  Happy cheer from Ali’s room.) Not as much as sexy times with Eric like last season, but I wasn’t feeling all sad and unfulfilled last Sunday.  I know describing it like that makes me sound like I have no life.  Well, I don’t.  I play with my kids after work and spend the rest of my time either reading or writing.  I’m not lying when I tell my customers that I would be fine with just HBO and Sirius music channels.  That is really all I need.

Also… I’m going to just rant because the only person I have to talk face-to-face about this season works a different shift from me and I only see him for a few minutes each week.  He’s an Alcide fan, so we have agreed to disagree on that.  The Terry-Marines-fire curse thing is pointless and distracts from the show flow in general.  Also… Hadley in the Fairy burlesque club?  WTF?  Andy just annoys the shit out of me and wish he’d just go away or at least shut up.  While I LOVE Christopher Meloni (and him leaving SVU is why I stopped watching that), the whole Authority thing seems overplayed.  I don’t get the point of introducing Nora.  She’s annoying.  Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t like Eric screwing anyone but Sookie.  Yvetta was okay, cuz what a damn view during that scene… but I digress…


What was I talking about again?

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