I do my best to keep my promises…

My oh my oh my…I’m kind of giddy over the response this bunny has gotten.  Seeing pregnant Sookie during the finale nagged at me until I decided to do something about it.  I will preemptively answer some questions that I asked myself while writing this.

  • No, I really don’t like show Pam. I’m fully aware it’s not a popular opinion, and I admire her loyalty to her maker, but she’s a bitch and not the good kind.  My disdain of her will feature predominately throughout this story.
  • Eric may seem… clueless, but he is fully aware that Sookie was not the only telepath or fairy hybrid in the world. He is currently sitting in one of the most diverse areas of the country if not the world.  The scent is familiar, but not identical.  He’s not going to set conclusion-jumping records and will keep an open mind.
  • I am fully aware that I spend a few chapters on Addie and Lex and setting up their… thing. No complaints please, it’s important to the full scope of the story.  I’m currently typing out chapter 23 and hopefully will finish that and 24 before Typing Day ends.  That’s where I am now and I’d guess I’m about… maybe halfway done?  So no worries about lack of Eric-Sookie action.  But things need to happen to get them in the same city first and those things involve Addie and Lex.

Those things being said, I really want to add a HUGE thank you to RealJena.  She’s been my beta and cheerleader on this since I started it sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She catches my mistakes and helps me brainstorm.  She’s been out of commission due to surgery lately but has still managed to keep my butt grammatically correct.  She’s my lifesaver.  I’ve been totally remiss by getting excited about posting the actual chapters and not thanking the person responsible for it looking and sounding as good as it does.


As for updates… I’m still not committing to a schedule.  I only get Typing Day when my kids visit their dad every other weekend and I have other things I have to do… like laundry. And cleaning the bathroom.  And vacuuming.  Ugh.  So I will TRY to get a chapter out a week… sometimes it might be more.  But I will set that as my minimum.  Enjoy the new chapter!

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8 responses to “I do my best to keep my promises…

  1. It is absolutely my pleasure to help you, my dear friend. You’ve helped to keep me sane as I waited for my body to heal. I couldn’t be more fortunate to have you in my life. As for this story, it’s absolutely your best work yet – and that’s saying something, since you’re always an amazing author. Love you to the moon and back!

    • I loved your comments, and couldn’t agree more about the “Typing Day” rules! I’ve had to work out compromises with my husband who likes to remind me that, “You know, there is more to life than editing…” meaning he would like to see a dust-free HD-TV, living room, clean bathroom… I’m enjoying Eric’s confusion! It’s fun to see a new dimension to him; befuddled Eric! Let Addie & Lex take all the time they need to, ya know. Whatever.

      So sorry to read of RealJena’s health problems, and wish her a speedy recovery! All the best to her!

      As for your first comment, I can only say Hallelujahs! I can’t stand TB Pam! She was a snarky bitch who never developed any further than that. Disdain away! I promise to enjoy every negative word it! LOL!

      Great story so far! 🙂

    • Yes, I have 23 chapters fully typed out and betaed, but I’m metering out my updates. As I am AWFUL about starting stories and leaving them unfinished, I’m spacing out my updates to give me time to type out more chapters and make sure this doesn’t languish in incomplete-land. Since you’re following, you’ll be notified when I update. I’m glad you’re liking it so far! 🙂

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