A quickie

Yeah, I suck.  I know this and am on my way to owing my faults.  My muses are flighty bitches and I don’t really have a whole lot of motivation to type.  I only get typing days every other week and while I LOVE Starbucks, sitting in their uncomfortable wooden chairs for hours on end requires lumbar muscles I just don’t have.  Plus, because of the cold, my hands are too stiff to write half the time, so I’m also suffering from lack of material.


What a sad, sad week too.  I loved David Bowie and have several songs of his on my iPod.  But I actually got choked up at the loss of Alan Rickman.  Most people are going to remember his as Severus Snape or Hans Gruber.  To me, He will always be Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility.  His talent was astronomical and his voice was legendary. God, that voice.  It’s no wonder that Kevin Smith wanted him as the voice of God.


And on that note, I introduce a new story.  YES, I know I should be having Sookie and Eric “reconnect” in TLRH, but I have no mojo for that right now.  I have a few chapters of this typed out and edited, so I feel reasonably safe in posting it.  I hope you enjoy!

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