Sorry for the extended radio silence, but…

I was sitting in my car during my break at work and was hit with an idea.  Currently, every single one of my bitchy little muses are on vacation.  In their absence, I’ve learned that Kindle Unlimited might as well be literary crack for someone who devours books like I do.  I tried thinking of a way to kick-start my creative juices and a random thought appeared: find a stock photo from a generic website and write a story around it.  Then I thought maybe some other writes out there, old and new alike, would like the challenge as well.  Maybe it could be holiday themed.  Not for Christmas/New Year’s/Festivus/Whatever You Celebrate as that’s within spitting distance, but Valentine’s Day.  I’m curious, so I’m making a call out to readers and writers alike.


I’d really like to do this challenge and I’m wondering if anyone else would be interested.  I was hoping to run in along the same lines of the I Write the Songs contest.  How many authors would participate?  Would anyone be interested in co-judging?  Finally, I was hoping that someone with artistic/design experience would volunteer their services to make banners for the winners.  This is just a lark of an idea and I’m not entirely sure if anyone besides me and the 2 other writers I’ve mentioned it to would be interested.  Either way, it’s still something I want to try to restore my muses.  I look forward to any kind of response, be it enthusiasm or a (nice, gentle) crack-o-the-whip to say “Get back to work, woman!”


I’m copying and pasting here, so if anyone is unclear, the rules for the IWtS contest  (that would be applicable here) are:

  • 2,000 – 12,000 words, unlimited for multi-chapter fics
  • Canon SVM, AU,OOC or AH
  • Can be a first chapter to a multi-chapter fic, which you can continue after the contest.  Specify if you plan to add to the story.
  • Eric and Sookie as the main pairing (psst … the more Eric the better!) Otherwise Snarky Pam, Kill Bill or torture Quinn themes are good too. Or do a bromance.  Or a Pam/Stan or Jason/ Michele, or Sophie Anne / Andre or Amelia /Trey or Bill / Lorena, or some other pairing.  Humor is as valuable as lemons any day!
  • MUST use a beta.  I WILL send back to you or to a beta before the judges if I find obvious mistakes.
  • Maximum 3 entries, collaborations welcome
  • Must be a new, not posted story
  • Include a disclaimer that you do not own the SVM characters
  • Must be 18 to post M rated story
  • Pleasedo not tweet about your story on twitter or talk about it on your blog until after posting. You can say you are going to enter but don’t say when you are submitting. We want anonymous judging please!
  • Please no rape, incest, pedophilia or graphic abuse themes (unless you are torturing Bill or Quinn. LOL)

If you want more info about the outline I’m thinking of, visit


I know that I might not be allowing for a lot of time for this, but really, I’m just kind of sending out feelers right now.  Let me know.  Also, if you go to the new page at the top, you’ll see a teaser for what I want to do, even though I didn’t use a beta.  Please feed the beast!


5 responses to “Sorry for the extended radio silence, but…

  1. that sounds great. I miss reading the entries to all those old contests, i still cite them by contest name all the time. so many gems crop up, and its a great opportunity for new writers to try their hand. more of these types of contests are starting to appear again, and I think its GREAT for keeping creativity up around here, and getting new blood. go girl!

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