Writer’s Block sucks

So I’m still racking my brain for a decent way to wrap up the current chapter of TLRH.  My head is completely absent of any and all lemony inspiration and I know that this chapter needs to be effing epic.  I’ve been reading loads of fairly decent smut that is pretty well-written (and is in no way associated with Twilight fanfiction) for some ideas, but the problem with that is I get sucked into the books and don’t really feel like writing.  Pretty much all my current projects are at a stand-still due to lack of inspiration.


BUT!  I’m not going to post something here and not give you something new to read… even if this has been sitting lonely on my hard drive for about a year and a half.  April 2014: Ali heard “Sleeping With a Friend” and got bombarded by story ideas.  This is one of them.  However, it never went further than this because another song grabbed me and I started working on my original story (which started as a fanfic idea, but now it’s all me, characters and everything).  If anything, maybe this stupid TLRH blockage will push me to start working on that story again.  Who knows?  I’m pretty sure Barnes and Noble is slowly and surely running out of decent smut and I refuse to buy anything with an number ending in “0” in the title or a blend of the colors black and white.  The only problem I’m having is finding titles I won’t be ashamed to be reading at work… even if the girl next to me unashamedly reads the second in a certain trilogy totally out in the open.


This story is under the “one-shots” heading since… well, I really can’t decide what to do with it beyond this chapter.  I totally admit that there’s potential for more and if this muse comes back and hands me more for these guys, I’ll add more in a heartbeat.  It’s just not something I can count on since my muses are totally fickle bitches.  I picture them in their Grecian gowns, laying on a tropical beach, drinking fruity cocktails with paper umbrellas, laughing at my frustration at their absence.  ANYWHO, please read and enjoy.  Happy Sunday and hope the Halloween hangovers aren’t too bad.RULES enter

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