I’m an anomoly

Yeah, I fully accept the fact that I have more than a few quirks that most people don’t get.  I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the county, just minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is admittedly gorgeous during Fall Foliage season.  But, mid-September is also when the temperatures start to drop.  I HATE the cold.  Anything under sixty degrees is frigid.  I was seriously born in the wrong area.  If I had my way, I’d be living here:

Alis dream

Blue skies, year-round mild temperatures, and water as far as the eye can see.  As long as there was space for my boys to have their own rooms and I have some kind of internet access, that’s paradise.  I don’t need TV or… really much of anything as long as I have my laptop and iTunes.  And a coffee maker.  I can’t deal without coffee.


I’m also a huge bonehead.  I wanted to make positively sure that I could get the next chapter of TLRH typed out since I’ve been really bad about updating.  I even went to the bank yesterday to get my notebook so I’d be prepared for Typing Day.  And… I grabbed the wrong one.  So Sookie and Eric are chilling in the drawer I can’t currently access because of alarms and shit.  BUT, I have one final fully typed and edited chapter ready to go.  Hopefully you guys enjoy and let me know whatcha think, because I’m kind of conflicted about the Lex-Addie thing and would like some views that don’t argue with the characters that live in my brain.  I know that makes me sound a little psycho, but all writers have to be somewhat.  I’ll just sit here and mourn my stupid Mid-Atlantic climate and dream of tropical beaches while you read.  Happy October!

TLRH enter 3

2 responses to “I’m an anomoly

  1. I am a little iffy about Lex. I know those two are not in love with each other, and perhaps that’s part of my concern. Not that I necessarily want them to be, but he is very possessive, as is Eric, but….. Eric loves Sookie so to me his possessiveness is never malicious. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Allie really did something that lit him up, she could be in trouble. I never feel like that with Eric.

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