What a pain in the ass

It’s no real secret, but I have fibromyalgia.  I’ve been talking my meds like a good girl, but pharmaceuticals have nuthin’ on that bitch Mother Nature.  When the seasons change – especially when it goes from warmer to colder –  it’s like the Bullshit Lottery.  Which part of me will be in excruciating pain today?  Unfortunately, for the last several days, it’s been my wrists, shoulders, and fingers.  It’s moved down to my ankle now, so I’m able to type again.  Yay!?!


Also, this BS about the comments has pissed me off.  It took me a good hour and a half of googling solutions, reading kjwrit’s posts and using the links she mentions to find nada.  Finally, as luck would have it, I found the solution on my own and have made sure they are active.  In my ignorance, I deleted the HP story hoping that if I repost it, the comments would be come active.  They didn’t, but the solution worked, so I got it back up.  If you read it before and weren’t able to comment, please take the opportunity to do so now.  That’s the first time I’ve ever done any kind of slash.  It was kind of fun, especially knowing that I’d kill the little old ladies I work with if they ever had the never to crack the notebook it was scribbled in.

hp story enter

But now I return to TrueBloodia, the land of sinfully hot vikings and somewhat annoying fairy-hybrids.  Lots of you guys have wondered what has been happening in Eric’s suite.  Well, read on to find out and let me know your thoughts.  Hope you enjoy!

TLRH enter 3

2 responses to “What a pain in the ass

  1. Sorry to read that you have fibromyalgia. I have it too, and it’s hell. Several years ago, I just started to look at it like “Every day is an adventure!” That makes me feel better, at least mentally! The weather changes are horrible though! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Sorry to here you suffer with Fibro, I do too, I know where you’re coming from. You do an amazing thing in my book by writing and posting. I spend a lot of time reading when I’m not upto doing much else. So a very big thank you from me.

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