An unavoidable delay

Hello all.  So sorry I’ve been neglecting my self-monitored posting schedule.  I got my boys back after three weeks with their dad and paternal grandparents, so I’ve been overdosing on the snuggles I’ve missed.  And since my 5-almost-6 year old is especially affectionate, I’ve missed a lot.  Plus, I had a family reunion over the weekend and being able to catch up with my cousins (all 21 of them, not counting spouses and kids) without someone either getting married or dying was pretty awesome.


This is another favorite chapter of mine.  I’m playing around a little with Eric’s human life just a little.  In no way is what I portray for him researched and I give no guarantees of accuracy.  It’s a little bit TB canon, a little SVM canon, and a lot my messed-up mind.  I like what I’ve done and I do look forward on thoughts of what I did with his 1000 year old past.


I think this chapter is worth the wait.  Enjoy!

TLRH enter 3

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