Random song title about trains

So I am sitting aboard a southbound train heading for the Big Easy.  The train was half an hour late, but from what I understand, that’s the norm.  I apparently greatly overestimated the size of the seats… and the smoothness of the travel.  Eh, live and learn.  There’s not a stop long enough for a smoke break until 2:30 AM, so I have some time to kill.


I know I said I wouldn’t update until Saturday, but it’s only 40 minutes away, so I’ll consider myself an overachiever.  This is a chapter between Sookie and Addie.  There are a few of these because they are so close and their vampires aren’t able to share the days with them.  However, I have to say that chapter 21 is one of my personal favorites and laughed out loud (spooking the other Starbucks hipsters loitering) while typing.  My darling, lovely beta RealJena said she did too.


I will post again, but I can’t make guarantees when.  Depending on how busy I get, it might not be until Monday when I’m on my way home.  I hope you enjoy this insight into this unique mother-daughter bonding moment.  Love to all.

TLRH enter 3

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