I hate traffic…

So I’m sitting playing navigator to my mom as she’s driving the minivan back from the Outer Banks.  I hate playing navigator.  Just once I’d like to stretch out in the back seat, but my dad is a scary driver and thinks his directions are better than GPS, Mom falls asleep when she’s not driving, and neither of the boys are old enough to be trusted.  And I-64 is just a plain nightmare, even for the mere 10-15 miles we have to deal with it.  Ugh.


This week went entirely too fast, but I met my personal goal of returning 3 shades darker and 2 shades blonder.  Both kids are both darker and blonder too.  I’m already mentally counting the days until next year.  It was good to get away.


But up next… in 20 days… NOLA!  I really can’t wait.  That’s going to be an adventure since I’ll be by my lonesome (and loving it) and riding a train for the first time.


I had no motivation whatsoever to type while I could lay by the pool and zone out to the waves, so I have a lot of time to make up for.  However, I really don’t feel like haunting Starbucks tomorrow and hurt to effing much for a typing day (I’m awful about remembering meds when I don’t have a schedule to stick to).  So this is my way to make myself feel better about leaving the salt air and ocean breeze behind.  Hopefully y’all will give me some comments to read for the remaining 5+ hours I have to sit and listen to everyone else bicker.

TLRH enter 3

2 responses to “I hate traffic…

  1. You poor thing! Nothing worse than long car rides when you’re in pain and there’s bickering going on! As for being the navigator, yeah. I get that too whenever the hubs & I travel. No clue as to why he has to do all driving. Must be a man thing… It’s not as if we don’t have GPS or we haven’t taken the same damn trip 10 times before. Now I just make sure I take those meds (maybe an extra one or two) and read. Have a great time in NOLA & on your first train ride! 20 days by yourself! I’m envious, I would have killed for that 25 years ago! LOL! Have fun!

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