The longest week ever


I only have 2 more days of work to get through before going to the beach.  The Outer Banks of NC hold many, many precious memories from my childhood and I am so grateful that I get to take my boys to the same area for them to make their own memories.  The entire place, from Corolla to Cape Hatteras, is one of my favorite places on Earth.


Then, 3 weeks after I get back from that trip, I’m taking a train to New Orleans.  A lot of people are pitying me because it’s a 22 hour ride each way.  Here’s the thing though.  I’m bringing my laptop, phone, and notebooks with my rough drafts to be transcribed, so I’ll have lots of time to type.  It’s New Orleans for Fourth of July and get to see fireworks from dueling barges on the Mississippi.  I have a hotel in the French Quarter and my sole goal from the single full day I get to spend in The Big Easy is to get a kick-ass cup of coffee from Cafe Du Monde, drink it in Jackson Square, and find the hole-in-the-wall Cajun place I had lunch at 15 years ago when I last went there for the Sugar Bowl (Go Hokies!  Woo!).  Then I get back on the train and spend another 22 hours typing when I want, napping when I want, and reading when I want because I’ll be totally alone. I love my family and adore my kids, but if I don’t get time alone it’s a very real possibility that I’ll snap and it would be very unpretty.


So that’s my next month in a nutshell.  I know you guys are chomping at the bit for Sookie’s arrival, but I have to get through this chapter first.  Based on the response to the last chapter, I’m guessing there are a few fictional-character crushes on Lex.  Hey, I created him and I’m kinda in love with him myself.  This chapter is a BIG reason why.  I think I might have outdone myself and RealJena deserves major kudos for cheering me on.  Sookie will most likely come to town while I’m enjoying the salt air of Kitty Hawk and… it’s pretty action-packed.  If I let my kids read this, my ten-year old would approve.  (actual quote when I gave him an age-appropriate synopsis of this story: “Why do you have to write all that mushy love stuff.  Write some action stuff that not all kissy!)  So enjoy this little steamy intermission from action and drama and enjoy the serious kissy stuff.

TLRH enter 3

4 responses to “The longest week ever

  1. I share your love for OBX, have been going there nearly all my life. My sons learned to surf down there and we spent many weeks and weekends camping at the Hatteras Sands in Hatteras village. We were in Buxton Memorial Day weekend. It’s like going to another world, the sound of the waves, the light bouncing off the water. It is the kind of place that nurtures your soul. And now we take our grand kids. My 5 year old grand daughter Elizabeth always wants to go to the “little beach”..translation the sound. Hope you have a great time.

  2. I have great childhood memories from Moorehead City area. I spent several summers on the beach there. We lived in Newport which was about 7 miles away. I always loved our field trips there. Tomorrow I am on my way to Orange Beach, Alabama. I love my place there. I am hoping everyone stays home this weekend. I am like you. I m in desperate need of alone time. My Dad gave it to me and my girls last year. Its not on the beach but its right around the corner from my Dad. I have never spent so much time with him. Its been really great.

    While you are in New Orleans you might want to try The Gumbo Pot in Jax’s Brewery. My daughter and I found it by chance one afternoon. The food is to die for. Really good Trout Almondine and Bread Pudding. Don’t forget to have an order of beignets while at Cafe Du Monde. Yummy. Makes me want to drive down and have lunch. then go through the French Market. I’m 80 miles Northeast of New Orleans.

    Have fun on your trips! Enjoy!

  3. 👏👏👏 lex deserves applause for that performance. I imagined it was me the whole time instead of Addie(don’t judge me,lol). It almost here! I’m soo ready for Sookie and Eric to meet. Lord, I wonder what Pam will say when she sees sookie. Lol. “FUCK SOOKIE AND HER PRECIOUS FAIRY CUNT” . One of my favorite Pam quotes.

  4. Love, love the Outer Banks! First trip to Duck was unforgettable & can’t believe how much it’s built since 1985! I laughed wondering if they named it after the bird or by saying “Duck!” when the first planes were being tested. Going to NOLO with no kids? Lucky you! Wish I’d that chance when mine were little or teens! Enjoy every bit of alone time! You’ve earned it! Have fun!

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