Yeah it’s filler, but…

Okey dokey… So I hadn’t planned on adding another chapter until next week, but this one is pretty short and kind of filler-ish.  Plus, I have my laptop up and running, so why not?


For those waiting for the Eric-Sookie reunion… well, she’s travelling right now, exploring the East Coast like her daughter suggested, and Eric is still is DC.  She reappears in Chapter 16.  There are some major things that I determined needed to happen before she showed up.  I could also be that I started writing this as a MASSIVE one shot and still kind-of am (164 pages and growing).  I hope that delay doesn’t put you off, because I have to say that the next few chapters are some of my favorites and… well… they are part of the reason I’m not posting this on  As risque and graphic some of my other stories are, I pushed myself on these, mainly to see if I could do it.  I’m almost certain the older ladies I work with (all but 2 are 60+) wonder what on earth I could be writing in my little notebook that would make my face flush so red.  I still blame my conservative, Southern, country upbringing with my level of discomfort at writing lemons.  But I did it anyway.  Boy, did I do it!


But not in this chapter.  Like I said, this is filler to get me to the places I want to go.  Hope your weekend rocks!

TLRH enter 3

One response to “Yeah it’s filler, but…

  1. We “older” ladies don’t mind this stuff at all, honey! We’ve been at it for a good while! Write all you like! 🙂

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