Another little taste

Yummy stuff.  So, this (I think) is the longest chapter so far.  It’s also one of my favorites for a simple reason… my cayenne-sprinkled lemon finally makes an appearance.  It’s not as hot as some of the habanero-citrus stuff in later chapters, but this is a little sample. H-U-G-E thanks to RealJena for cheerleading me through it.  I’m still a little uncomfortable writing graphic lemons.


A lot of people are criticizing Eric for being dense.  Again… he knows Sookie is not the only hybrid in the world.  They were not bonded (in TB-verse) and the scent is similar, but different.  Like oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip.  One makes my mouth water, the other disgusts me (raisins are just sad, sorry excuses for grapes).


On that note, Sookie makes her appearance next chapter and we learn a little more about her present and story after the finale.  Also, don’t forget to make nominations for the You Want Blood awards.  If you feel compelled to nominate this little ditty for anything, you have my huge thanks.  One with the show…

TLRH enter 3

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