Because I’m an impatient bee-otch

So… my typing day got postponed because Spring Break messed up my kid’s vacation schedule.  I had my Starbucks orders ready and everything.  BUT!  I am taking a train from my home here in Virginia to New Orleans for 4th of July.  22 hours of solitary typing time each way PLUS I get to spend 2 nights in the French Quarter.  I fully intend on getting a coffee at Cafe Du Monde and drinking it in Jackson Square before getting a kick-ass Cajun meal for lunch if it kills me.


The point I fully intended on making is… I am finally starting to post The Long Road Home.  I have posted the first 3 chapters since they’re kind of short and I don’t intend on promising any kind of updating schedule since it depends on work, soccer games, visitation weekends, and various other real life issues that drag me away from my writing.  Anyway, if you want, go ahead and start on

The Long Road Home

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