Sure looks perty…

I’ve been working hard on getting this up to scratch.  I’m still working on my current monster, “The Long Road Home”.  I have 22 chapters so far and I’m nowhere near done.  I have the banner ready for it and you can see it at the top.


I’ve loaded 4 of my oneshots and a few other stories.  “What The Hell” is up in its entirety, as is “Come Undone” and “Back 2 Good”.  Next time I get some free time that I don’t promise myself is dedicated to typing, I’ll load some more.


Okay, update over.  I need to get back to typing day so I don’t overstay my welcome at my friendly neighborhood Starbucks, mooching their free wifi.  Enjoy the redesigned page and I will notify all when I start posting TLRH.

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