Don’t think of it as ‘goodbye”…

alex wave

Ho-Lee crap! I can’t believe it’s been more than six months! So, I finished my Harry Potter story. It’s called Family Ties and it’s on under my profile if anyone’s interested in reading one of my more twisted stories. However since then, I haven’t written anything fan-fic related and that’s the reason for my post today.

With several people encouraging me, I’m trying to focus more on original fiction. I’ve even gone so far as taking some creative writing classes. For the record, the first class (Beginning Writer’s Workshop) was essentially pointless because I’d already learned all those lessons from the incredibly amazing beta skills of RealJena, MissyDee, and Makesmyheadspin. I’m taking an advanced fiction writing class now and find it far more challenging, but I love it.

To be completely honest, I started writing fan fiction three years ago as a form of mental escape from an increasingly unhappy marriage. I don’t have that issue any longer. And while I still love reading about Eric and Sookie or Draco and Hermione (I still blame Meg & Linds for that fascination since I had never heard about Dramione until they teamed up), I’m not too into writing about someone else’s characters anymore. It’s a lot harder than I previously thought, but creating my own characters in surprising satisfying.

I’m about five chapters into my current story (inspired by Dilemma by Nelly). What can I say… my iPod is responsible for a lot of my ideas, fan-fic or not. Every now and then, I get a flash of Eric and Sookie when I hear Neon Trees or maybe some Dramione smut when Christina Aguilera blasts through my headphone. But I toss it aside and keep working on my original story. Only God knows if I’ll ever get around to finishing it, because despite lots of encouragement, I just don’t know if my brain drivel will entertain more than a few.

On that note, I guess I’m announcing (or formalizing) my extended leave of absence from the fan fiction world. But who knows… maybe a song I haven’t heard in a while will spark something that only Eric and Sookie can do justice to. I have the inkling of an idea for them floating around that I was holding off on until IWTS, but it doesn’t look like that competition is taking place this year, so I’m bookmarking it and holding off.

askars crying

It’s been amazing and an honor to write for anyone who felt like giving my stories a chance. To say I won’t miss it would be a total lie, so I’ll simply end by saying ta-ta for now and thank you. Hopefully I’ll see you again soon with some original characters that other inspired writers can play with and make their own.

3 responses to “Don’t think of it as ‘goodbye”…

  1. I was late to the SVM/True Blood world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and wish you the best of luck in you endeavors writing original fiction. Thankyou for altering us of your decision. Please let us know when you have something available. 🙂

  2. I congratulate you on your decision to focus on original stories. I hope you are very successful…alas I guess this means you’ll not be finishing My Immortal,

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