My First full-fledged Dramione

Life is weird. I’m about to be divorced. I’m working in a job that allows me time to write AND spend time with my kids, but had to take a MASSIVE pay-cut to do so. Then again, I’m also not spending $400 a month on gas for commuting 2 hours daily, so I think it pretty much evens out.

However, my mind has been preoccupied with a story since August and I have to get on my knees and thanks RealJena for reading over every chapter I’ve written. It’s in the Harry Potter universe, cuz I’ve been reading the books to my oldest and have been a little sucked in. It’s Dramione… but not. The premise is weirder and darker than anything I’ve written for the SVM universe. And honestly… I love the Malfoys. Lucius is SO much fun to play with and Draco… just… mmmm.

This is getting to be usual for me, but I like test audiences or focus groups. I don’t have any plans of posting this until I have it written out in its entirety. And this is definitely AU/OOC, but canon in a lot of ways too. For HP buffs, there was never a Voldemort in this world, but blood prejudice is just as bad, if not worse that when old Voldy was running the show. I’m posting the first chapter, just to get an opinion. Please let me know what you think, because I’ve been feeling some lack of inspiration lately and have more often than now, just wanted to curl up and play BINGO on my phone.

Proudly introducing the first chapter of “Family Ties”:
Lucius POV (September 1979)

I pace the hall, waiting for the medi-witch to tell me that my child has been born. Narcissa has been through this twice already… but she doesn’t remember that. The power behind my Obliviate is specific enough to erase her previous pregnancies.

Damn my father. His will states that unless a male heir is born first, the entirety of his estate will go to the next eldest male in the Malfoy line, my cousin Tiberius. It’s never been questioned, as my grandfather had the same codicil… and a female hasn’t been born to a Malfoy in five centuries. Until I married.

My faithful house elf Druther tiptoes behind me, shadowing my pacing, waiting for a command. I can’t think of anything I want or need, other than to hear that this child is a male. I don’t know if Narcissa’s mind can handle another Obliviate.

When the door to the mistress suite opens, the medi-witch exits, looking exhausted. “It was a difficult delivery, Lord Malfoy, but you have a beautiful daugh…”

My wand will be figuratively smoking with the number of memories I will have to modify tonight. I curse the memories of the birth from the witch and send her on her way. Narcissa reclines on the bed, cradling the infant in her arms, looking down at the small face with love and adoration. I almost can’t bear to do it, but I remove the child and her entire pregnancy for her mind. A silent Dormio places my wife into a deep sleep and I carefully remove the child from her slack grasp.

The child already takes after the Black family: her head is covered in soft brown curls reminiscent of her aunt Andromeda. The eyes are blue, but I can already see them having the same deep brown of Bella. Taking a deep breath, I hand the baby to Narcissa’s elf Pippy. “Dispose of… this,” I tell her, keeping my voice dry and unemotional. Double damn my father.

Once the elf disappears from the room, I use well-practiced healing spells on my wife’s sleeping form. Our marriage contract states we have five years to produce an heir or the marriage will be void. We’ve been trying for four. Although it was an arranged marriage, I do love Narcissa and I don’t want to find another pureblood bint after nothing more than the Malfoy vaults. Narcissa brought her own fortune into the marriage; she doesn’t need my galleons.

I let my wife rest as the sleeping charm wears off. Tomorrow, I will do everything in my power to help her conceive again, quickly. I send an owl to Severus for another draft of fertility potion. I don’t want to lose my wife or my fortune.

Pippy’s POV

Ooh… I can’t believe Master is making me do this again. Three years ago, I buried the first newborn next to the wall in the Malfoy graveyard. Stillborn. The next day, Mistress acted like nothing had happened and I realized Master used his wand on her mind. I felt it was for the best then, to relieve my Mistress of the heartache.

Then a year and half ago, he handed me a live baby girl, telling me to dispose of that one as well. I shook my head, trying to back away and not follow his order. I would have happily ironed my hands daily for a year if it meant not obeying that single command. Master’s elf took the infant from his arms and told me to follow him. I closed my eyes and whimpered when he covered the baby’s face with a pillow. When he was done, he handed the tiny body to me, telling me to bury it next to the last one.

I can’t do it again. When Master’s elf looks at me with frustration for not following orders, I steel myself and nod. I just can’t bury a third baby, though. Once out of sight of Mistress’ suite, I apparate to Master Sirius, Mistress’ favorite cousin, despite his tolerance for non-purebloods. He jumps hearing the pop of my appearance in his den.
“Pippy, what are you doing here… with that?” he asks incredulously, seeing the newborn in my arms.

I whimper and tell him everything, including the curses on my mistress’ memory. He nods in understanding, but not without a look of disgust at Master’s actions. He paces in thought for the longest time, before sitting at his desk. “Let me send some owls. I might be able to think of something.”

I wander the halls as he writes, bouncing and rocking the baby girl. Her tiny body is so warm and she’s very calm. He eventually calls me back into the den as he reads over a letter.

“There’s a squib and her Muggle husband. She’s distantly related to me. They have been trying to have a child and are not able. My source tells me they would not be averse to taking in the infant. As a squib, the mother would be able to spot the signs of magic and explain it to her spouse when they happen. With Black and Malfoy genes, this little girl is going to be a force to reckon with when she comes of age.”

I nod, so grateful I will not have to bury another baby. He tells me about this family and where I can find them. Master Sirius gives me a mild potion to keep the baby from being hungry and a thicker blanket. I wrap the little girl securely and apparate to the address in Kent.

I kiss the soft brown curls before I rest her on the doorstep of the large house. Apparently the squib and her Muggle husband do well for themselves. This comforts me; the child won’t be deprived. I send a prayer to whatever gods may be out there that two hundred and fifty kilometers will keep the little mistress safe from Master.

Lucius POV (June 1980)

No. This can’t be happening. The medi-witch told us that the baby wouldn’t be born until the beginning of July. It’s only the beginning of June and Narcissa is in labor. It’s too soon.

I follow the path in the halls that has become worn from my pacing during these times, with Druther following in wait. Pippy sits outside Narcissa’s suite, curled in a ball, whimpering softly. She is dreading the same things as me.
After several hours, the worn medi-witch exits the room with a smile. “Congratulations, Lord Malfoy. The baby is small, but otherwise healthy as can be. Lady Malfoy is tired, but waiting to introduce you to your son.”

A son. A healthy son. A healthy wife. I start to rush to Narcissa’s side, but the medi-witch places a hand on my arm to stall me. “Forgive me, Lord, but you should know…” Her face looks uneasy. “The birth was hard on her body. It’s unlikely that she will be able to carry any other children to term. I’ve told her and she’s quite fine with having just the one. I didn’t want you to be disappointed or…” she trails off indecisively.

I have the child required to validate my marriage and the son I need to keep my inheritance. My bride is alive and well. Life is good. I nod to the witch and continue to Narcissa’s bed, where she coos at the blue-swaddled bundle.
“Look at him, Lucius. He looks just like you already,” she whispers, her blue eyes never leaving the newborn’s face. White-blonde peach fuzz covers his head and eyes that blink open and closed sleepily already have hints of my own gray in the dark blue irises. She hands him to me and I cradle him in my arms, unable to take my eyes away from his already aristocratic face. “Draco. Draco Abraxas Malfoy,” she names him.

A name from both of our families: the constellation from the Blacks and the name of my father. I hand the infant back to Narcissa and slide myself behind her in the bed so she can recline against me. “He will be the greatest wizard ever. With the Black and Malfoy genes, he will outshine every wizard at Hogwarts. He will be a testament to the greatness of purebloods, exemplifying our superiority,” I tell her, kissing her neck softly between words.

“Lucius, he’s just a baby. We have years before he’ll even show magic, much less perform it at will. Right now, I will settle for pampering him like the beautiful prince he is. But you are right, my love. He will certainly be superior to any other child. Ever.”

So… the dates are canon. There are tons of “Hermione is a pureblood” stories out there that make her the twin of one of her classmates, usually a Slytherin. I wanted to switch it up a little bit. And yes, Lucius is a bastard. He’s not AS dark as some people make him, probably cuz a tiny part of me adores a twisty man. But any and all thoughts are wanted and appreciated.

And part of me wanted to let you know that I’m not dead or anything. I’m still here.

2 responses to “My First full-fledged Dramione

  1. I liked this. I think you’ve done really well, especially with Lucius. He seems somewhat less dastardly – so far! LOL! My HP canon is a bit rusty so as far as I’m concerned, all that’s fine. I’m not really a HP fan; read the books, loved them but the movies, not so much. I think you’ve got the start of something very interesting & quite unique here.

    Is it sorry about the divorce, or congratulations? It’s wonderful that you get to be at home with your children, reading to them & more. Many years ago, there were those of us who didn’t get the option, nor even the option to stay home with them when they were sick. Society’s changed for the better & it’s much nicer to be a working mommy today.

  2. The story: excellent start. You have set the stage. So Hermione will be his sister. That will certainly corrupt the Malfoy breeding line! Please do continue

    On the personal note. I hope that you have settled into your new life. Support your children. It is easy to forget how happier they now will be without the permanent tension of unhappy parents. Love them & learn to love yourself, enjoy your life. Surround your own family with your family & supportive friends.

    Thanks for the exciting story.

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