Long time, no post

So, I know it’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve posted here. I don’t plan on making any pointless excuses. I fully blame divorce. UGH! What a total bitch that process is!


Well, since I last posted, I managed to finish “What the Hell” on a totally angsty note and attempt to continue it in “Don’t You Remember”. I have about half of the next chapter on that already written, but I’m stuck. The lack of any lovey-dovey stuff in my own life isn’t giving me much to draw from, inspiration-wise, so… Ick.

I also managed to discover just HOW big a geek I am. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that term; I fully embrace my geekiness. It’s part of what makes me who I am. So, I’ve been a big ol’ Harry Potter geek since “Order of the Phoenix” came out and I was desperate for something new to read. As a birthday gift to myself, I bought all (at the time) 5 books. And, yes, I was at Barnes and Noble for the midnight release of the 6th book and would have been for the 7th if I hadn’t had to stay home with my baby. As it was, when I got the book in the mail later that day, it was the first and only time I used the TV as a babysitter as I refused to put the book down for more than mealtimes. Took me 14 hours, but I read the whole damn thing and started it over again when I woke the next morning from my literature-induced coma. What all that pointless information is leading to is this: combine that with a funny little fandom I leaned about from Makesmyheadspin (she doesn’t even know this) in “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” called Dramione… I have a new second-favorite couple. Damn it.


So I started exploring it. Voraciously. And as most people who read my stories know, I have a BIG thing for mixing things up, taking things out of their nice, normal positions. BIG WARNING: If you care nothing about Harry Potter and/or that universe, you’re about to be either confused or bored. So I thought… What if there were no horcruxes and Voldemort had been truly destroyed when he attacked Harry? What if the Grangers fled to France because of the “serial killer” at large? What if Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange were taken out of the picture before we were introduced to the world when Harry was 11? I wanted to explore what JK Rowling’s world would be like with a cocky Harry (raised by Sirius, not the Dursleys), a poor Draco, and a more sophisticated Hermione with a few other supporting characters coming into play.

hp tampered

I started a story during my down time at work called “Maison du Phénix” about those same ideas. The title comes from the fact that Hermione starts her magical education at Beauxbatons. Since we aren’t given a whole lot of information about that school besides generalities, I decided to make up my own house/sorting system for them. Just go with it.

draco ff

I have already posted the first 3 chapters on FF.net. For three chapters, I’ve only gotten 16 reviews… and am SO disappointed. I know it takes a little time to gain a following, especially in a fandom that has almost half a million stories on that site alone, but still… *sob*… I’m spoiled. Maybe it’s the need for consistent validation. I hold NO illusions about myself. I like knowing my time isn’t being wasted.

If you aren’t interested in reading it on ff, I can post it here… but only if I’m asked, because, honestly, ff.net is a lot easier for me to navigate. I’m still techno-stupid and have to be forced into learning/using new stuff. Until later…

3 responses to “Long time, no post

  1. I’d like to give it a go. I dont generally read the Potter fanfics (mostly because i fear getting sucked into any other fandom–OY), but i like your stuff and would love to see what you can do with it. I’ll go check it out over at FF–even though its a pain in the ass lately.

    and regardless of the circumstances, congratulations on getting through your divorce, its as liberating as it is debilitating. I’ve been there, thankfully didnt have any little ones to pull through it with me, so you’ve got me there. but honestly, you’ll be fine. you’ll be surprised at how you thrive and grow through it if you let yourself.


    • Thanks for your support. The kids are what’s making it suck as much as it does. I don’t think MMHS meant to encourage a HP fandom (seeing as how she’s not into it), but sure enough… *sigh*. I’m so easily influenced. But it’s fun for now. I like twisting it up.

  2. Ahh so i’m not the only one who ship for dramione lol i’ll read it while actually i’m reading it right now so cheers! OHHHH Welcome back lol

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