Nuthin New…

I really have nothing new to report.  I know it’s silly to say that before posting a blog entry, but I don’t care.  The IWTS contest ended.  While I am still very proud of the stories I wrote for the contest (Mr. Brightside and Possum Kingdom, both listed under the One Shot heading), neither story won.  And I’m surprisingly fine with that.  It was the first time I entered one of the FanFic contests and had a lot of fun.

I’m also a big, fat liar.  I know I said not to expect updates on my multi-chaps anytime soon.  Well, I stepped into an inspirational wasp nest and “What the Hell” has Chapter 29 added and Chapter 30 is in progress.  However, I have been sick as a dog with some sort of weird allergy-sinus infection thing and have not been really motivated to type.  If I’m sitting upright, breathing is hard and I cough constantly.  It’s not really feasible to type while I’m lying on my side.  So I get to it when my medicine kicks in and I have free-and-easy breathing for a few hours.  I takes what I can gets.

Also, you may have noticed a new heading at the top.  I’m going to try to keep up with it… but I plan on putting any teasers for upcoming chapters here.  And… I have two stories that are in progress.  One is based on a song that I’ve wanted to put into story form for a while and the other is my Greek-geek side coming out to play.  I’ve been thinking of teasing them on here to get some general opinions and ideas before I post them.  I’m impatient… and I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do with them yet.

Ok… so my least favorite-favorite subject, because I’m pissed but can’t stop obsessing… True Blood’s Season 5.

The season finale will air this Sunday and I’m kind of excited-pissed over it.  Finally, the end of Alan Ball sharing his Bill hard-on with the viewing public.  I really want to let off fireworks because he’s leaving.  Here’s hoping the person filling his shows will show a little more respect toward the characters that so many of us fell in love with.

First and foremost… I REALLY hate this Nora broad.  I know she’s Eric’s sister…but damn it, every time they eye-fuck (not to mention actual fuck) each other, it makes me a little nauseous. It’s another perfect example of Alan Ball fuckery (thank you fan-fic world for expanding my vocabulary).  It is supposed to be Eric and Sookie.  He screwed all of that in the Season 4 clusterfuck of a finale.

I just counted the number of times I used the “f” word in the previous paragraph… considering I don’t swear when I speak, I’m pretty damn proud of that.

The fae elder was one of the things that made me truly laugh in the last episode.  Considering I have an embarrassing amount of Ke$ha on my iPod, her first question made me giggle.  I was also the first scene I noticed the empire-waist dress and book-Sookie style cleavage that Anna Paquin was sporting.  I have a feeling she will not be in a bikini or lingerie in the finale.  Just a guess…

Am I the only one sick of Russell Effing Edgington?  Yes, he’s a great villain.  Yes, he’s psychotic and has some great lines.  But really?  The whole fairy obsession is boring and we kind of got used to him thinking humans are his personal buffet in Season 3 after Talbot bit it and he pulled out the spine of the poor news anchor.  I’m bored.  I want a Charles Twining or Peter Threadgill or even Freyda show up.  I would have loved to see how a purist would have translated Book Five (Dead as a Doornail) for the show, but, with the Alan Ball fuckery, he screwed that pooch in Season 1.

One thing I am looking forward to in the finale is seeing Jason and Eric interact.  It was funny as hell in Season 2 in Dallas.  It’s been… what… a year and a half Bon Temps time since then?  I don’t know why, but they are my two favorite characters (Lafayette is the third).

But it makes me sad that, with the exception of forcing her to find Russell, Eric and Sookie haven’t shared any scenes.  I want some witch to curse both of them, make them forget Bill and Nora exist, and they can go forth and spend their nights together.  Yeah, I’m a bit sappy… but I don’t know if the last book coming out in May is going to make me happy.

Yes, I am fully aware of how obsessed I sound.  Again, I own my crazy.  At least I’m self-aware.

3 responses to “Nuthin New…

  1. I want some witch to curse both of them, make them forget Bill and Nora exist, and they can go forth and spend their nights together. Yeah, I’m a bit sappy…I couldn’t agree with your statement more! It would be so sweet. I fear that all the writers on the show have swallowed to much of Ballsacks boner for Beehl kool-aid to change anything for the better for us that love Eric and Sookie as a couple.

  2. I love this post and I completely agree with all of it! One thing I REALLY agree on is I hate Nora too. I don’t think I would hate her so much if she wasn’t such a traitorous cunt and I know that she’s supposedly better now that she’s seen the Godric vision, but I still hope something happens in the finale making her unable to return next season. Whether it be her ending up finally dead or ending up silvered in a coffin for the next century… Whatever, I’m not picky! Maybe she’ll try to drain a fairy and they’ll blast her into smithereens!

  3. I randomly found this blogpost and couldn’t help myself from agreeing wholeheartedly… even if it is so many months since the finale… I get it the producers/HBO want a million seasons of a successful series but after the neverending Bill fiasco (still hasn’t end) they have to add Nora too? And for Season 6 there’s some fairydude hooking up with Sookie? I am always torn between watching and getting pissed off and not watching… but yeah, the watching & ranting wins… Love your fanfic by the way!

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