So last night I experienced a first.  For the first time since 2008, I forgot that it was a Sunday and True Blood would be coming on at 9:00.  It wasn’t until I was watching the end of “Fast Five” and say my DVR reminder that I remembered.  That is how apathetic I am towards this season and it kinda saddens me.  Alan Ball has destroyed my summertime guilty pleasure.  No, it doesn’t sadden me… it pisses me off.


Combine that lack of enjoyment with a whole bunch of personal drama bullshit, stir well with a pissy soon-to-be-ex who thinks that 4 am is an acceptable time to call and add a generous dash of pain caused by packing and moving after work all week and you know what that equals?  Dead. Mojo.  I am completely blocked on all my stories.  I’m trying to remedy that by loading up all my stories and chapters here to get caught up.  Once done, I intend to post here exclusively… or maybe not.  My decisiveness has been shot all to hell too.


I know that this is nowhere near as happy-go-lucky as I tend to be, and I apologize for my Debbie Downer self.  Hopefully my muses will thrive on life support and come back to me so I can get some new shit out for you guys!

One response to “Eww

  1. I know exactly how you feel about True Blood. I feel the same way. How dare Alan Ball totally ruin a series of books that we all know and love . I truly believe it was the book fans that made the show what it is today and what will eventually break it. For AB to take CH wonderful books and just piss all over them should be a crime. Enough of my ranting. I’m glad you are moving your stories here so they will not be lost. It gives me hope that our favorite couple will last for us anyways.
    As for real life we’ve all been there and it will get better. Take care and hope to see some story updates in the future where ever they are posted.

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