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So this is my first try at one of these thingies since I really am techno-stupid.  However, I don’t want anyone to get discouraged if they don’t see an update from me for awhile.  Anyone who knows me and/or my stories knows that I am HEAVILY influenced by music and the I Write the Songs contest seems like it was made for me.  Per the rules, they have to be unposted stories and I don’t want to influence anyone, so I won’t be saying which songs have inspired me, but I can say that I will be submitting more than one.  And you can always count on me to mix things up a little.  For more info about the contest, you can get it at http://i-writethesongs.blogspot.com/ (can I just say how much I LOVE being able to post an actual web address?).

So, just a more personal note, I am also in the process of tentatively separating from my husband.  I am in the process of moving back in with my parents (at age 33 – UGH!) and working to get my kids through the very unpleasant process.  Apparently, as much as my muses like to torture my brain and my readers with angst, they don’t like it when it happens in my personal life.  The little bitches can dish it out, but hide when it comes to taking it.

On a less stressful note… for some… this season of True Blood.  Okay, I can appreciate Alan Ball wanting to do something offbeat so the fans of the books don’t know exactly what is coming.  BUT, to completely disregard the theme of the series that inspired the show is pissing a lot of fans off.  I know I’m not alone in my disappointment of the story this season is going on.

A) Russell Edgington is not some mad, day-walking obsessed 3000 year old vampire.  Based on Club Dead, he may collect pretty boys, but he wasn’t malicious.  He was actually quite nice and generous toward Sookie.

B) While Kristen Bauer van Straten is a great actress and has the snark of Pam down pat, I have a couple of problems.  1-she’s supposed to be 19, 2-she wasn’t a prostitute/madam/whatever, 3-while vampires always came first, she and Sookie were actually friends.  The show’s Pam has such an animosity toward Sook that just seems unnecessarily nasty.

C) While I’m on the note of casting, can I just also say that I also have problems with Sam, Claudine , Crystal (not to mention poor Calvin) and Chow. I know I’m pulling from multiple seasons, but it still irritates me.  Don’t get me started on Stephen Moyer (TOO OLD!) and Anna Paquin (please feed her so she can actually have curves and not show her ribs).  And he cut. Eric’s. Hair. Just WRONG!  However, Ryan Kwantan is a perfect Jason and who I imagine in my head whether I’m writing him or reading him.

D) Starting with season one, they seemed to take the vaguest outline of the story and run with it.  I didn’t like the differences they threw in (except for things like keeping Lafayette alive – score one for HBO), but I could see similarities to the book.  Seasons 2, 3, and 4 were the same way.  This season is so far “off book” that the only similarities are the names of the characters.

Stinking Alan Ball is messing with the central story (at least in my mind): the build-up and eventual relationship between Eric and Sookie.  I won’t go into what I think about what Charlaine Harris is doing to them, except to beg, plead, beseech her: PLEASE FIX IT!!

4 responses to “FF.net delays

    • I’ll be completely honest, I do actually like the haircut, because ASkars looked uncomfortable in the wig and if they are going to give Eric long hair, make it LOOONG, damnit. But there’s a difference. Eric (not Alex) is supposed to have long hair and it pissed me off that they cut it off in the show.

  1. Pretty much totally agree with your assessment of TB. AB has lost the thread, and the show has increasingly gotten worse. Still, I keep hoping that it will get better. *Sigh.

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